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Navigate Course Planning and Registration

December 6, 2019

Welcome to this video on course planning and
registration in Navigate. Now that you have successfully
downloaded Navigate, it’s time to start exploring what this
platform can do for you! On the left sidebar of your
Explore screen, you’ll see a ton of options that can help you
accomplish important tasks, like scheduling an
advising appointment, finding useful
resources on campus, or even viewing
your class schedule. However, in this video,
we want to show you how to plan your schedule
and register for courses. Click the Planner tab at the top
of your screen to get started. This screen helps you
plan and register for your courses
in Navigate. On the left side of the
screen is your Academic Plan. This is the overview of the
courses you are required to take in order to graduate,
based on your academic program. You may see one or more
descriptors next to each course. These descriptors tell you if
you have already completed the course, if you are currently
in progress of taking the course, if you have
planned the course, or if the course has a
prerequisite you must meet prior to enrolling. If you need more
information, just click the course
to see more details. If you want to explore
courses that are not listed in your
Academic Plan, you can search for a course
by title or course ID. Click on the course to
plan it in your schedule, or click the heart button
to keep it as a favorite. You can easily access
your Favorites tab on the left side
of your screen. In Navigate, planning
your schedule is easy! First, add a term in which
you want to take classes. You can even plan
future semesters to create your
ideal schedule. Next, use the Drag
and Drop feature to place each course in whatever
term is right for you. Navigate also allows your
advisor to send you feedback on your plan. If you
have any feedback, you’ll find it
above your plan on the right-side
of your screen. Once you have
planned the courses that you want to take,
it’s time to register! Click on the Pick Times
button to continue. Start by editing your
preferences at the top-left of your screen. If you are only open to taking
classes in certain locations, for example, you can
select the locations where you are able
to take classes. You can indicate your
weekly outside commitments and you can even indicate
times when you are busy, so you do not select
classes during these times. Be careful—these preferences
may mean that you see fewer course sections, so try
not to limit yourself too much. Now you will create
your schedule. On the left-side of your
screen, click a course to view the sections offered
for that particular semester. Please note that certain
sections will be available, while others may conflict
with other courses or already be full. Browse the options
of course sections, and click the Add button to add
the course to your schedule. Do this for all
of your courses. Your schedule on
the right-hand side will show your
semester at a glance. On top, you see your
monthly timeline, which shows the date that each
of your courses starts and ends. Next it shows your
weekly schedule— —the time and days
your courses are held. Below, you get to see more
details about each course, including the date, time,
location, and room number. But you’re not registered yet! Once you have your schedule,
click the Register button on the bottom-right
of your screen. You will then see
when your registration is officially
processed! After that, click on
the Pay Tuition button, where you can pay your bill,
sign up for our payment plan or check the status
of your financial aid. If you have any issues
or need additional help you can always schedule an
appointment with an advisor who can assist you
through this process. PGCC is here to
help you navigate your journey to
academic success!

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