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MyPlan Personality Test

October 11, 2019

As with the interest inventory that you
took in an earlier module it’s important to understand the results of all your
assessments in my plan. Let’s take a minute and look at the results of the
personality test. Here you will find a description of the personality type
report. According to the work of Carl Jung people exhibit tendencies towards
certain personality types. His model looks at personality tendencies across
four distinct bipolar scales. Everyone can see themselves on each scale but to
different degrees or strength of preference. The first criterion,
extroverted and intervention signifies the source and direction of a person’s
energy expression. An extrovert source and direction of energy is mainly in the
external world of people and things while an introvert has a source of
energy mainly in their own internal world, which means they like to process. The second criterion sensing and intuition represents the method by which
someone perceives information. Sensing means that a person mainly believes
information he or she receives directly from the external world. They must hear
it, see it, taste it, smell it. or touch it. Intuition means that a person believes
information he or she receives from seeing relationships via insight and
intuition. The third criterion decision-making has the bipolar scale of
thinking and feeling. This represents how a person processes information. Thinking means that a person makes a decision mainly through logic and objective data.
Feeling means that as a rule, he or she will make a decision based on their own
personal value system. In reality, based on what they feel they should do. The fourth
criterion judging and perceiving reflects how a person implements the
information he or she has processed. Judging means that a person organizes
all aspects of his or her life and as a rule sticks to the plan. Perceiving means that he or she is inclined to improvise and explore
options; they go with the flow. All possible variations of preferences and
the four dichotomies yield sixteen different personality types. This will
represent which area of the two poles that each of the dichotomies dominate,
and you will be assigned a four letter acronym. For example in this case ENFP,
which means this person is an extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiver.
Let’s take a minute and scroll down the page so that you can see that this
assessment will be explained in a little more detail going through each of those
four poles. So as an extroverted person it will tell you the percentage of
your extraversion. It will give you an explanation of what that means, plus it
will give you words that other people might describe you with. It will also
tell you your strengths and some possible weaknesses of being an
extrovert. In this case it will go through the sensing and intuition scale,
thinking and feeling, and finally judging and perceiving. If we scroll back to the
top you will see that there are other links displayed here, What we are going
to ask you to do in all four of your assessment is to go in and review the
report and then click on Career Match. Within career match you need to verify
the degree that you are thinking you want to get. So in this case the
person said they are willing to get a graduate degree or higher. If you are
thinking you might stop at only a bachelor’s degree then you would click
on that… if you are thinking you are only going to get a two-year associate’s
degree then you would click on that. What will happen is based on what level
of education you have selected and based on the results of that particular inventory, when you click “go” it will give you a list of possible careers that you might
enjoy and that might be a good match for you based on the particular inventory. In
this case your personality and on the level of your education. Let’s take a
minute and look at if I had stopped at a two-year degree, these might be possible
careers that I might enjoy. If I click up to graduate degree and click go, you can
say that they change dramatically. You are to go through the Career Match for
your personality assessment, but then you are to go back to all of your
assessments and take a look at the Career Match for those also. Be careful to make sure, right that you have the level of education set correctly on each of
the assessments. If you need to change it remember to click “go”
Here you can see all possible careers., that in this case are my results that indicate,um that I might enjoy. Going through here I might look at something like audiologist and
think, “Oh I don’t know if I’d like being an audiologist because in reality maybe
I don’t know what an audiologist does.” Each of these are linked so that if you
click it it will give you additional information about that particular degree.
…gives you a summary, job requirements some significant points, sometimes it
will give you related degrees in majors some may include videos,
similar careers and salaries. As you review the information for all your
assessments it is time to start looking at, do you start to see trends in the
careers that are generated? Maybe you will see the same career come up over
and over again or maybe you might see a specific industry or field. Looking down
my list you can see that counseling and social work shows up quite a lot as does
education. If I was to click on my interest test, and click on career match
here you will see that some of the same types of careers
pop up; counseling and Social Work and also education. I’ve just clicked on
skills and if I click on career match again some of the similar ones come up. But here I start to see a lot more medical fields, which in reality I was
never interested in. If I go to values and click career match, you will start to
see the same counseling type of positions, and if you go down far enough
you will start to find education. So I can go to the next list. Just to restate
it is very important that you look at all four of your assessments, read about
the report so that you can understand the results, and then check the career
matches. Again being sure that the level of education that you wish to pursue is
correct, because later in this module you will be
giving me an evaluation of your reports and then start to evaluate the list of
simple careers.

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