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My Stepdad Decided His REAL Son Is Better Than Me

October 16, 2019

Hi, I’m Ethan. I know it’s hard to believe, but I am only
fourteen years old. I look a lot older than I am – I inherited
this trait from my father. As for my mothers’ second son, Justin, he
is seven and looks seven. When he was born, my father left Houston,
where we all lived, forever. Maybe you already guessed – Justin was not
his child. But I was six years old and I was too little
to understand what was going on. It just happened like this: my mother told
my father that she would soon have another baby and that she demanded a divorce, because
she wanted to live with another man and raise THEIR child with him. And also, my mother decided that I would stay
with her. And insisted that my father stay away from
me, because her new husband was going to treat me as his child and I was small enough to
accept these changes easily and be happy. And any attempts to “share me” would cause
unwanted stress for everybody. You might be surprised, but she was right. I really easily adapted to the new situation. As a six year old boy, I missed my father
in the beginning, but later on I got used to the thought that my father was gone “up
North” and that now everything would just be the way it is. I think Sean deserves a couple of good words,
he was really trying hard and with great enthusiasm to be a good parent for me. Before Justin was born. His own son. My mother, I guess, treated me the same way,
to her there was no difference between her sons. But not to Sean. He was not rude with me… not at the beginning,
at least. But if there was the slightest chance that
he had a choice, it was always in Justin’s favor. All this little guy’s successes were praised
high above the sky and all his problems were treated with sincere empathy. And my life remained somewhere backstage. Moreover, my brother and I became less and
less alike. Justin was clearly Sean’s son, and I started
to resemble my father more and more every year. Even though I had forgotten what he looked
like. But the more my reflection in the mirror changed,
the more Sean’s attitude toward me changed. He started to nitpick. He made me responsible for every bad thing
that happened in the house and lectured me harshly. When I tried to tell my mother about it, Sean
acted offended and called me ungrateful. And my mom did not take my side. But I was a kid. And I tried hard to be loved by my mother,
and also by Sean. I tried to be the best! In my studies, at home, playing sports… I began to play football, not because I wanted
to, but because Sean was into it a while ago. And I was a big and well-built guy, not like
Sean, who had a smaller build. And I started to succeed. I often talked about it when we had dinner
and they even listened with an interest, but neither my mother nor Sean hurried to come
and to watch a game or see how I trained. But once, when we were getting ready for a
big game, my mother said that they were going to come see it, her and Sean together! I was fired up by these words. I trained like hell. And my excitement about the game was nothing
compared to the fact that I would play in the presence of my family! But on the day before the game Sean said that
they would not be able to make it. They had totally forgotten that Justin had
a dress rehearsal for his school play, and they absolutely could not miss it. Justin would be playing one of the main characters
and he had worked on his role for a long time. I don’t know, maybe it was just my imagination,
but I noticed something strange in Sean’s eyes when he, SEEMINGLY, apologized to me. As if he sincerely enjoyed the way my face
changed with disappointment, as my eyes nearly filled with tears from resentment. You know, that day I played as if it was my
last day, and our team won by a landslide. And to be honest, I contributed a lot to the
score. But the thing is that I had done it for the
last time indeed – right after the game I approached the coach and told him that I was
leaving. I did not want to do something just to earn
the love and attention of the person who took my father’s place… but did not want to
see me as his son.” “I think, from that day on, I became the total
opposite of what I had been before. Before that, I tried really hard to be praised,
but now I couldn’t care less about my parents’ wishes and feelings. Apart from sports, I also abandoned my studies,
especially for the subjects that my parents appreciated. I stopped spending time at home with Justin
– in fact, I started to come home just to sleep. I would openly yawn and call all the family
plans “boring.” And I told my mother to “get lost” when she
tried to ask me what was happening with me.” Don’t you think that that was a stupid question? I mean… did she REALLY not see what the
problem was? And you know what? The more distant I was from them, the better
I understood what was happening: they just stopped paying attention to me. Both of them. And concentrated more and more on Justin,
his problems, and his second year of elementary school endeavors. One evening I was passing by the living room
when I heard my name. Mom said, with a sigh, about how impossible
I had become and Sean replied that my father must have been a nasty and repulsive teenager
like I was and that it seemed like it was all in the genes. “Just genes,” Mom replied with apparent
regret… and added: “Bad genes.” And then they went on talking about how good
Justin was in his drawing class. That night I snuck into the room where my
mother keeps all her important documents, and searched through them, not even caring
if I kept them organized. I got lucky, I found a postcard that my father
had sent to my mother about a year after they divorced. He had written that if she changed her mind
and decided to let him see his son, she could find him at the following address. In Boston. I guess that I could have found his phone
number using the yellow pages or something like that. But that night, it just simply did not come
to my mind. So the next morning I ran away from home. I crossed almost the whole country, and nobody
tried to stop me – thanks to my “bad genes,” which made me look older than fourteen. But “to look like” does not mean “to
be”, and for me it was really hard to travel all alone. It was a long road, and I would not advise
anyone to try this on their own… But, you know, I was not afraid of the police
or bad people. I was only afraid that I wouldn’t find my
father at this address. And also… that he wouldn’t need me. The same as THEM.” “But you know, this story has a happy ending. Yes, it turns out that my father had a new
family. But he was happy to see me and we talked all
day long! And also the following night! He even took a day off from work for me. Of course, he called my mother. And I don’t know what will happen next,
most probably I will come back to her… but I will keep in touch with my father and visit
him on breaks. And my father promised that he would come
to see me for the next big game. So, I am looking forward to an uneasy talk
with my coach… and a hard training afterward!” Thank you for listening to my story! Like it and share it with your friends. And remember how important it is to give your
sincere attention to those who are next to you.

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  • Reply ACTUALLY HAPPENED September 16, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Thank you for listening to this story! Like it and share it with your friends. And remember how important it is to give your sincere attention to those who are next to you.

  • Reply Megatyrannus mongoliensis October 6, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Boston huh??
    In mind:dang, he saw some giant kaiju battles!

  • Reply Trooper October 6, 2019 at 4:10 am

    he has a bad mom my wish he died

  • Reply MusicalArtist25 October 6, 2019 at 6:37 am

    Sometimes my sister really gets on my nerves, because she can be bratty and whiny and completely uncaring towards my feelings. I often chalk it up to her inheriting bad genes from her dad, who can also behave similarly.

    But then I feel bad about it because they're not bad people.

  • Reply Mitch Amurao October 6, 2019 at 8:23 am

    I Love your Stories since We Will know The People who have Ben hurt ito amazing I Will SUB to u

  • Reply Summer Dawn McDaniel October 6, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    My stepdad is way better than my biological dad but he left when I was 6 so I dont really know him but my stepdad used to compare me to my stepbrother every day growing up like I didnt understand what I did wrong and it got annoying but now living by myself I understand why he did it but it still really sucked

  • Reply Kelsey Hoyt October 6, 2019 at 1:52 pm

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