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My dog devours every time [Dogs are incredible/ENG/2019.12.31]

January 6, 2020

I notice a few problems. This is a terrible spot for feeding him. Because, look. There’s too much foot traffic here. You two are always walking around here. I’ll tell you the best place to put his bowl. It has to be far from the bathroom and far from the front door. So the best spot here is in front of your fridge. Put his bowl in front of the fridge to feed him. And I noticed another mistake. Well, you just didn’t know better. As you can see… You filled his bowl after putting it down. That’s not what you do. You feed him like this. (Put the bowl down after filling it) (Oh… I see) If you don’t do that, you’re always going to drop some food. The area around the food will become the territory that he’ll aggressively want to take over. There’s another thing you should remember. I watched the footage… I watched the footage… You really talk a lot. You really talk a lot. Sit. Sit. Wait. Wait. Wait. Eat when I tell you to. Wait! Wait! Don’t! Eat slowly! Slowly! Wait. Finish what’s in your mouth first. Yulmu, wait! Wait! “Sit! Hey, you!” (Dropping fact bombs on the owner…) “You! That’s it…” And what is that? Come on! Get this out of here… (He doesn’t get why this is needed) Get this out of here… Are you kidding me? How could you invite me here with that thing in the house? You should’ve hid it or something. That’s the only thing that scares Yulmu. He gets so aggressive, so we use it to protect ourselves. He scare us sometimes. We never hit him with it though. It’s the only thing that used to scare him, but he doesn’t scared anymore when he eats. He tried to bite your roommate when she had it. So now, the stick doesn’t even work. I’m going to give you a rule that I want you both to stick to. If you want him to sit still, you have to let him know clearly. If you follow my rules, you will definitely be rewarded. Got that? (Yes, sir) As you can see, I’m holding his bowl, yet he’s sitting. I’ll feed him from my hand. I’m holding a treat. I fed him. He knows I have treats. I’ll just stand still now. When he starts jumping, don’t say a thing. But he’s sitting now. He gets a treat for a job well done. While it’s good to bend over to feed him, I’m going to kneel to feed him. Because when you bend over, some dogs can think you might threaten them. Because he’s being rewarded while being cautious, that could make your relationship unhealthy. (I see) (Sits) He’s sitting. Don’t talk to him. Now I’ll sit. I’m holding my hand out. I’ll take the treat away if he tries to get closer. (I got a treat for doing this last time…) I’m taking it away. Yes, now he gets one for sitting still. (I see) And this is important. Be concise and don’t talk. I’m teaching this one person. (Who?) This person is very active, but he also talks a lot. (One person feels guilty…) – He means me. / – Oh… When he tries to train a dog… “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!” I don’t know how to fix that habit. But he’s probably watching this. (That’s me) (The tough guy) I left three pieces in here and I’m holding the rest. I’m going to put this down. And take it away if he tries to get to it. (Give it to me) (He keeps doing it until Yulmu sits still) I’ll put it back down. Now I’ll take it away. (Come on, just give it to me) (No! You need to be cold) And this is important. I have to keep my knees, waist and shoulders still. Basically, I’m telling him this. This is mine. But I’m going to share. (Totally focused) How does that sound? Good, right? Wow, I’ve never seen… A dog just sit still and stare at the food. This is what’s probably going through his mind. He’s looking at me as he moves his nose. Basically, he’s thinking, “Do I have to fight this guy?” That’s what he’s thinking now. Just a bit. Because he’s never been treated this way. This makes me think that you’ve been very lenient with your dog. Overprotectiveness. (Right…) (Will you sit still?) (Yes, please believe me) (Yulmu) (Doesn’t move) Yes! I’ll let him eat now. (He finally gets to eat…) (It’s all gone already…) (Of course… Because…) I left three pieces in here and I’m holding the rest. I’ll let him eat now. (Clears it in no time) Now I’ll just sit here. He’s coming to me because he’s out of food. (Yulmu tries jumping for the food) (I don’t want you to jump!) I don’t want him to jump. (So you want me to sit?) He’s sitting. So now… Remember the rule I made? He gets a treat if he sits. (Nom, nom! Hurray) Now I’ll lift his bowl up. (Training Yulmu with this rule again and again) (Three pieces of dog food) (Okay! Let me move back) He moved back. Good dog. (But he ran at the bowl again) He tried to get to the bowl when I put it down, so I took it away. (Trying to get Yulmu to understand the rule) (Thinking again) (And again…) (He stops) Yes! (Good boy) (We’ve never seen Yulmu behave like this!) Yes, that’s what I want. He’s sitting. (Her jaw drops) Look, he’s sitting. – Isn’t that amazing? / – Yes. We can do all that too. Really? It’s just that we never showed anyone. I’ll do the opposite now. Since he’s looking this way. (Step 1) (Step 2) (Step 3, he waited) You can eat now. You can eat now. (Using signals is twice as effective) Yes! Good boy. Such a good boy! (Twice the happiness for the dog) Good, good. Yes! Now he knows he’ll be fed if he sits. Should I be honest? (Hyungwook has a confession?) He totally loves me now. I bet once I leave, he’ll be depressed for 3 days. (That sounded a bit cheesy) He wouldn’t have said that… He’s doing what I want. He’s sitting. (On to the next lesson) Good. I’m going to touch the bowl. (He suddenly goes for Yulmu’s bowl!) I’m taking your bowl. (Taking his bowl was another problem) (This even surprised the students) (Yulmu’s big appetite makes him aggressive) (Even if he’s a great dog trainer…) (Nervous) (Nervous) (What will happen?) (Sitting still) (He got Yulmu to sit still!) Very good. Yes! Yes! I can’t believe it. (Yulmu has changed) Good. Now I’ll throw a treat and stand back up again. Look. I make rules when I train dogs. And if the owners follow these rules well, the dogs won’t feel anxious. I don’t think he’s an aggressive dog. He just wanted rules. (He knows that he’ll be rewarded for waiting now) If he waits, he gets food. That’s fair. He’s a very rational dog. (Yulmu is actually a very clever dog) I know you and your roommate gave him a lot of love, but you also yelled at him because you didn’t know better. That’s why when you tried to teach him a rule, things didn’t work out when he got angry. And to enforce that rule you kept telling him, “No! Stop!” But he had trouble reverting back to that rule. If you keep sticking to this rule, your dog won’t get angry about food anymore. 1, 2, 3. Give it to him. (Now the owner will try this rule!) (He jumps like he normally does) You forgot something. He didn’t sit. He broke the rule. He jumped to take the treat. So this is what you do. You have the treats and he’s sitting. (She puts the bowl down) Show him your hand. Take your hand off the bowl and tell him to eat. Good job. Let him smell the food. He has to sit. Take his bowl away and feed him. Excellent! Great job. Let’s try one more time. You got it. But you forgot something. Show him your hand when you put the bowl down. Then let him eat after you take your hand away. (Got it) (Dog training) Eat. (Is up the owner) Take his bowl. Yes! Take his bowl. Yes! Excellent! Yay! That was great! Great job! (Happy thanks to Hyungwook) (Even they’re pleased) Is he a human trainer? A human trainer… He’s not a dog trainer. Dogs are incredible. (A month later at Yulmu’s house) It’s been a little over a month. I’m trying to follow the things that Mr. Kang told me to do. He doesn’t eat as fast now. And I’m so happy that I get to hear him chew now. (Crunch) (Crunch) When I first heard him chew his food, I was so impressed with him. I want to thank you all again. Mr. Kang, I’ll keep doing what you told me to and live with Yulmu happily for the rest of my life.

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