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Morning Conversations – What is Time?

December 1, 2019

Jim, it feels like we were just
here a moment ago. We were. Doing this same thing. We were, so it’s really one
of those things if you just close your eyes and you think about, I was just here,
you are in the same place. It’s a time thing. More and more people
are emailing and asking about this time thing, so let’s talk about it. We’ve
talked about time, numbers of times. Time is really an interesting thing and
it has a lot to do with what do
you want to experience. I talk a lot about time. People say time is going
faster. You know, I’m running out of time, I don’t have enough time. Actually, time
is slowing down. And it takes a little bit, you’ve got to hear this logic or
illogic, depending on how you hear it. I use this example, often in the work.
If every day of your life, you walk from point A to point B, and it takes you
five minutes. You can do it with your eyes closed, you know where you are virtually
anywhere along that little path. And as time begins to slow down, what happens is;
what took five minutes to get from A to B, now you have less time. You have
four minutes. In order to get to that point, you have a sense of; I have to
hurry up, I don’t have enough time. And that’s where it feels like time is going
faster. So, I’m moving faster or I’m running out of time. Both those
statements are right. I’m running out of time, but I feel like I don’t have enough
time. That’s true too. The brain, or the logic says, I have to hurry up, I have
to hurry up, in order to experience this. The day is just disappearing.
I’m working harder. How is it slowing down? As you begin to get into present
time, because this transition that we’re in, we’re all moving from this
third dimensional, linear time game that we play, into present time. Everything
exists in present time. There is no past. You had a past, present time moment. Like
right now, we’re having this moment, that moment now is in the past.
Well, that’s a concept that is hard for people to understand. They say, well, I
lived in the past, the past exists. Well, the past, present moment is no longer a
present moment. That past, present moment is just simply a memory, let’s call it a
memory. It’s a piece of information. And your future doesn’t exist either,
except there is a future, present time moment, that you’ll step into. One of
the things that happens, as you start to get into present time, as you start to
become more conscious, as you start to simply begin to have more awareness.
We’ve talked about certain and capable, and all of the internal guidance in
the heart. When you start to basically be right here, you start to find that time
plays out in your head, differently. It’s very real, but you start to perceive it
differently. If what usually takes five minutes to walk from A to B,
and time is slowing down, that means it’s gonna take me only four minutes. Well,
you only have four minutes to get to five minute point. To B.
Right. So, I just lost twenty percent of my time, I have to go twenty percent
faster, from five minutes to four minutes. Well, that would be time is speeding
up. No, time is getting smaller and shorter, and sure I’m only in present
time. To get to that place out here, my brain says I have to run, because I’m
running out of time. I have to go faster. I feel like I’m going faster.
Does that make any sense? Really what’s happening is, it’s
when you try to play the game in 3D, where I have to go to everything, where I
have to hurry up to get here, and hurry up to get there. When you
don’t have enough time, you only did six things in your day, and you really had ten
things on your plate. I ran out of time. It’s exactly right, you ran out of time.
When you begin to get into present time, something really changes. You start
to find that things just take care of themselves. When you stop stressing and
you stop worrying, and you stop holding your attention out into, oh my gosh I
don’t have enough time. You start to find that things just take care of themselves.
That’s some of the feedback, that’s some of what people are saying,
that they have a to-do list and they have ten things on their to-do list and
they get them all done before noon. That actually gets very
interesting, because as you really get into present time, and you start to just
not put your attention out there, not worry out there, not be in fear out there.
You find that not only did you do the ten things on your list and
it’s only noon, you actually begin to have a whole lot of time on your hands.
It’s like, well I don’t know what to do myself. I am right here in present time.
That’s something I’m noticing in my own work day, is that for the first
time ever, my list is accomplished, earlier in the day.
You’re right, it’s a very present time moment.
I’m just taking one step in front of the other and I’m not worried about how
much am I gonna get done. I’m not worried about anything, I’m just okay,
this is what it is today, and surprise, it’s done early. And when you really take
a look at a person who’s in 3D, in their normal world, the amount of time you
spend at getting something done, is you spend a lot of time, but there’s so many
intervals where the phone rings, I answer a different email, I start thinking
about, I begin to be… So you’re constantly in this distraction, not doing the thing
that’s on the plate, more often than not, you’re in distraction.
Well distraction is that third dimensional world that we’ve all grown
up in. And in the third dimensional world, we believe that there’s a future, that we
have to do something about and a past, that we either don’t want to deal
with or we hope doesn’t come and bite us in the butt. That sense of motion is
really about this linear time. It’s tremendously full of distraction.
Most of the distraction is simply noise. When a person starts to say, and
virtually everybody has done this, it’s like, okay,
I have to get myself together. And what they’re really saying is, okay, I’ve
got to be right here. Alright, here’s my list of six things and I’ve
got to get them done, so I’m going to really pay attention and I’m going to do these. And
inevitably, if you pay attention in present time, the list pretty much gets
done. Sometimes you bump into things, that now I have to wait for somebody to get
back to me. You can scratch it off your list, I did that. Now I have it on
my to-do list for when they get back to me. You said something
though, you said distractions. Is it the distractions that make you feel
like you’re running out of time? No. It’s actually time is
slowing down. We’ve been playing a game, that we’ve all grown up in, linear
time. If you ask a hundred people on the street, is there
any other kind of time? One hundred people will tell you, no, of course, in
fact, nobody even pays attention to time because it just is. When you start
to get into this present time space, and for those that are really becoming more
spiritual; what begins to happen in some point, that noise, that distraction,
you start to realize I am fine right here. I’m in
present time and things are working. There’s a huge shift that occurs. And
this is for people, if you’re really serious about this spiritual space, this
is a key fundamental piece. Most people will intellectualize this.
But when you begin to live in present time, instead of needing to go to
everything, everything begins to come to you. It’s that oddity, that
problem I had, just somehow got solved. Or I had this thought about going to the
movies, and somebody just called me and said I want to go to the movies. You begin
to first have these coincidences. It’s like oh, this is kind of fun, coincidence. And then
it happens again, and again, and again. And for a person that’s paying attention, all of a
sudden you say, wow, this is really interesting. Now in present time,
you begin to have a thought, or an intention. And you don’t need it, or you
don’t hurry up, where I put my attention into the future, and it’s got to happen
this way. As soon as you put, I got to have it, or I lean into it, or I move
towards it, you’re in the future. Once you begin to just allow it, in present
time, you start to find that time works very differently. In that space, there’s
five different configurations of present time. Happens differently, each one
happens differently. To a great extent, a person who’s basically
understanding and living in present time, all of a sudden starts to have a whole
different access to consciousness. Because they’re no longer fighting, or
worrying about, or leaning into that third dimensional distraction. When you
begin to get into present time, without the need and the worry, and have a sense
of yourself. You begin to start to remember yourself. You begin to start to access from these different layers of consciousness. How
things work in different layers of consciousness,
that you don’t pay any attention to when you’re running around in need and
fear. I understand present time, and I understand linear time. What are the five
aspects of present time. Let me just give you two, because the two can be somewhat
heard. There’s a spiral time, spiraling time, or circular time. And one of the
things that happens, you’ve had experiences in your past, a lot of times
those experiences come around. You ever hear people say, oh no, not this again.
When you begin to understand how to use circular time, there are things that
happened in your past that become information or history that you can draw
from. When you start to have an intention, oh I did this once, I would
like to use that to make this happen in my future, you start to draw from this
past information. Not past time, just past information. You create a circular
set of events that allow that information, and from that point of past
time, to be drawn into this current time to be used as an application of creation.
Rather than an event that accidentally jumps up and bites you in the butt. An example
would be, in the past I made a really good chocolate cake, and I want to
make a chocolate cake now. So access that moment, when I made the chocolate cake so I
can repeat it. Sure, if that’s a piece of information from the past that you’ve
drawn, that’s really being very simple, it gets more involved, and more fascinating,
but yeah, that works. So I draw that event from my past into my present and I get
to utilize it. Then there’s a place when you really begin to have an
understanding, this is more conceptual, but in that very present spiritual space,
where you start to turn yourself back on, you remember yourself,
there’s simultaneous time. Everything happens in simultaneous time.
When people start talking about past lives and future lives for example. Let’s just say they’re real, but they’re happening right now. That really begins
to be very interesting when you have access to aspects of yourself that are
happening in other frames of reference, other configurations of consciousness.
And it’s not so much, oh, was I the king, or the prostitute.
It’s, I need a piece of information on how to, in present time.
Let’s call it a library of life times. You begin to draw from
those libraries and you start to say, how does this work? That begins to be really
fascinating because that’s the space where you hold out your hand, and the
apple appears. It’s a whole different frame of physics that begins to happen.
It all happens from this configuration of time. Like you said
right at the beginning of this, didn’t we just do this? Well, here’s a great game to
play. Basically somewhere you’ve sat in the same chair, and if you just
sit in the chair and say isn’t this where I was the other day, it is exactly
the other day. Now, you have to kind of play with that and allow it as a concept,
but feel it. It’s like yeah, I was just here. You and I go to Belize in
the winter time and we sometimes, like you said last night when we went to bed,
let’s just be in our bed in Belize. And close your eyes and there you are. It’s
not even a question, there you are now. You could say no, I’m not there. So that’s
the 3D piece. If you just simply close your eyes and feel that bed, and
there’s the door, and there’s the window, and there’s the gecko up on the
wall. And you hear birds. And you hear the birds. And you
have complete present time awareness right here, right there.
That gets to be a whole other part of time. The ability to be in two places
simultaneously. Stay out of taking two bodies, making two physical bodies.
This becomes really valuable because understanding it, not logically thinking
it, but simply being able to be in the bed in Belize, and in the bed right
here. If you can start to be right here, and have a consideration of a
future moment or something that you would like to see happen in a future
moment, and start to create it as if it’s happening,
you will surprise yourself. When you step into that event, it
happens, let’s just say, pretty much like you had. Play with
it and it starts to happen. Let’s play with that.
So time, in present time, is different. When you’re worried about, or leaning,
right now, because time is slowing down. To get everybody into
present time, it’s a whole shift of consciousness, it’s a huge piece of this
spiritual transition. If you’ll just play with it, you’ll start to find that
you begin to have time on your hands. Versus hurry up, I’m running out of time,
in fear, in the third dimension. That’s what people are saying they’re
experiencing. You have to be intentional. It’s not an intellectual, oh
I’ll see if he’s right. No, it’s not I’m right or wrong, it’s simply, it’s all
about you. How do you choose? Play with this, and you’ll start to surprise yourself
with different outcomes than may typically be your case.
Good, play. Play.

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  • Reply Nusrat Meem Dighol NUSI November 27, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    That's what i am 100% doing like perfectly sound so simple and easy rather than rushing all the way with my mind, i hate that in a matter of being with the moment and etc. Isnt more easy and cool if we all stop thinking and worry about our thinking that supposed to be right and wrong for me except the( positive and negative feelings) as well ? Bcz i my mind once i realized i have to focus focus on positive positive etc that's when i really got some sort of rush/paranoia/out of my kind of vibe like cool and easy.things thoughts should be keep going working & as the mind moods and a self get sync by itself in the same time.
    Maaan this what i am really facing all the way excatly "oh no not again" where i have this sudden comfort or belief system as in word that yeah things shall be done when the divine time shows up,
    But yeah i still do worry at certain point when it comes to earthy and human issues. .. i do really get confused ….
    So yeah wprds do matters i guess bt rather making it more light and easier, at least that's how i think i have developed my own built in system while in a way of being positive wise and spread and keep creating good moments and good vibes .

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    Fascinating. Thank you!

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    God is inside… Spirit is real Jim… You can say it without religious ties…

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    Thank you so much for such a SUPERB video . VVVV valuable information. Much love from the UK xxx Rubina

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    Yes? where ever i go there i am ?
    Thank U 2 so much

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    Is this where time moves thru us? We do not move the time? Right? Simultaneous time, wish you could elaborate more on Jim.

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