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Moodle ISU Tutorial – Completion Progress Block

August 16, 2019

Welcome to this tutorial for setting up the
Completion Progress block in your Moodle ISU course. The Completion Progress block is a time-management
and retention tool for students it can visually be described as a set of color-coded symbols
that represent completion status of activities or resources. It allows you, the instructor to view the
progression of each student as they engage with the course content. Not only does the tool help students keep
track of their progress, it allows you to send messages or take notes on students who
are falling behind in the course. To begin using the completion progress block,
turn completion tracking on at the course level by finding the administration block, and click
edit settings. Scroll down to find completion tracking and
toggle “no” to “yes”. Click save and display. For activities like assignments, quizzes,
and forms. Have editing turned on and go to “edit”, “edit
settings”. Locate Activity completion menu item. Identify the completion tracking option. Select manually or automatically base on certain
conditions. Within the quiz edit settings the “require
passing grade” is currently in development and should be ignored for the present time. It is recommended to set an expected date
the same as the open date. This allows the progress bar to remind and
warn students what they need to accomplish before the activity closes. Save and return to course. For resources like files, pages, and books. Have editing turned on and go to “Edit”, “Edit
Settings”. Locate the activity completion menu. Identify the Completion Tracking option. Select either manually or automatically based
on your desired conditions. Save and return to course. Once you have identified all your actives
and resources you wish to track and display in the completion progress block, you can
add the completion progress block by clicking on the drop down menu in the “Add a Block”
option area of your course. Select the completion progress option. Move the block to the desired location. Once you have added the block and have editing
turned on you may begin to configure the block by clicking on the gear icon. We recommend the following settings: Set the
present bars to wrap, this setting presents a clean and simple interface; toggle use icons
to “yes”, this increases the accessibility for those with visual impairments; Toggle
show percentages to “yes”, this visually reiterates the need for students to complete all course
material. Complete configuration and save. Facility have access to see the overall progress
of each student go the completion progress block and find the “overview of students”
button and click on it to begin tracking all of your students. The progress bar is color coded: Blue – represent
that an activity or resources is listed as incomplete; Yellow – represent that an activity
which has been submitted but requires grading; Green – represents that an activity or resource
is completed; Red – represent that an activity or resource is incomplete and passed a specified
due date. Even though an assignment is colored red students
can still turn the activity or resource green once the specified conditions are met. From this view, you will see the students
who are falling behind. As the instructor you have the following tools:
you can send a message to one or more of your students. You can create a new note which is a note
about a “single” student, or you can create a common note which is a note regarding “multiple”
students. Once you’ve created a note and would like
to review it, go to the Navigation block, expand the participants link, and select notes. If you run into any errors or have any questions
regarding the completion progress block, feel free to contact the ITRC.

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  • Reply pheyee June 18, 2019 at 12:10 pm

    Hello. Please how are you able to select students from the overview page? The Plugin I installed does not give me that chance. I can only view the students but I cannot select them to send a message or anything. Kindly shed more light and possibly the link from which you downloaded the plugin. Thanks

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