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MOOC USSV101x | Veteran Voices: Effective Time Management | Balancing School and Life

August 26, 2019

– I think continuing your
education is really important, however, for many students
like myself, it is not the only thing that we’re trying to
manage or work on in our lives. During my undergraduate
studies, I was also a single mom and so I found time management
for me that much more difficult as opposed to perhaps my peers, because I not only had
to find time to manage all of my academic
requirements, but I also still needed to find a way that I
could still be a good mom. So, I found that what
worked for me was having very clear boundaries
and being honest with my professors, as far
as what my status is. Hey, I’m a mom and I can’t predict what kids are going to do. I may get that phone call
and I’m not going to make class today, but I promise
I will get that work in. I think most of it is just
being very upfront with people so they have real
expectations for you and most importantly, setting real
expectations for yourself. That is probably the most
difficult part about trying to be a student and a
family person and that’s because we always probably
underestimate the time that we will take to
get things done, always. We always underestimate that. And so you feel like you can
be Wonder Woman or Superwoman and you’re like, no,
there’s 24 hours in a day, of course I can get all these things done. And we tend to overload
ourselves and we put too much on the plate, under
estimating probably the time that we have and
really just the skill set that we have, just the
strength to do that. So I would just recommend and
say, as far as time management goes set realistic goals for yourself. Give yourself realistic expectations and have a very open line of communication with your support systems
and the people around you.

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