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Modern, Efficient Irrigation Systems Save Money For Farmers

December 3, 2019

Georgia farmers depend on the ability to irrigate their crops, and with modern irrigation systems
crops get watered in a timely manner and natural resources are conserved.
[RAY] Yeah, the Monitor’s Mark Wildman visited
one Middle Georgia farm where high tech irrigation saves time and money.
[Montrose, GA – Mark Wildman, Reporting] During the hot dry Georgia summers farmers
depend heavily on their center pivot irrigation systems. Running these systems are very expensive
and they need to operate as efficiently as possible. Here on one of SodMastersGA’s fields
in Montrose Georgia Farm Manager Glynn Solomon uses a system from Reinke Manufacturing.
[Glynn Solomon – Farm Manager, SodmastersGA] Irrigation is probably the only saving grace
we have in the farm community now. Without irrigation it is just really tough to grow
a quality product especially when you start talking turf grass. Turf grass just really
can’t be grown unless you can irrigate. [Wildman]
Modern Irrigation systems use computer technology so the farmer can customize irrigation, which
saves the farm time and money. [Solomon]
Most of these pivots I have got on the farm I can turn them on remotely from my cell phone
now. I can change the direction, stop them at any time, I think one of the favorite things
is the guys when they are out spraying or working they call me and tell me to move the
pivot a little bit so they do not have to get out of the tractor that is air conditioned.
[Wildman] Glynn works close with his local dealer Jaye
Brown to make sure he has the right system and it is operating at peak efficiency.
[Jaye Brown – Chauncey Farm Supply Company] We really push the technology side for farmers
like Mr. Glynn and all here that can really take this to their advantage. It allows them
to focus more on other things that need to be done around the farm and get more done
with the same amount of effort. We really like the technology there is a lot of simple
aspects of it that can save you time and keep you from having to go do a lot of struggling
and all. [Wildman]
Mike Mills is the Southeast Territory Manager for Reinke Manufacturing and he works close
with dealers to help educate them on new technologies that are changing all the time.
[Mike Mills – Southeast Territory Manager, Reinke Manufacturing]
It is amazing to see what’s happening just in the last decade where we have gone from
manual switches and push buttons to touch screen computerized control panels, GPS guidance
on components, as well as remote control remote monitoring operations. We can now monitor
temperature, soil moisture, leaf wetness, humidity, and report that directly to the
grower on anyone of a number of mobile devices and then allow that grower to make real time
changes to their irrigation scheduling and operation with out ever having to come out
to the field. That has just been a tremendous boost for the efficacy of the farmer, the
yield boost, as well as being a better steward of the water and the natural resources.
[Wildman] If a farm has an irrigation system in place
it can be fitted with new technologies. This pivot at Sod Masters is a good example of
that, but the real challenge for Irrigation professional is communication with the famers.
[Mills] You know it’s a slow process but don’t lose
site of the fact that it is here, so it may not be something that every grower is comfortable
with today, everybody has to find their own comfort level, but prepare for it because
it is coming and so if it is not you if it is your next generation at least prepare yourself
when you are making your equipment and product selections.
[Wildman] So as the summer heats up in Middle Georgia
farms like this one in Montrose can utilize high tech tools to not only save time, but
money as well. I’m Mark Wildman for the Georgia Farm Monitor.

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