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September 11, 2019

hello everyone it’s been a really long
time since I’ve talked to you or recorded any videos or thought about any
training material that I wanted to teach you I got a job as a training and
development professional and the reason I decided to do that is because trying
to do my own thing I ended up doing things I don’t really like doing like
marketing and sending out emails and it seemed like I was begging people so that
I could help them and that’s just not who I am so huh I like my job I like
what I do but I miss YouTube and I missed the connection and I missed the
comments so I was trying to think about what I could do to get back into YouTube
what should I teach what do you want to learn how do I even find out and then I
thought about something that I really like and I was googling it and and
looking on YouTube the search engine it’s this program real appeal that I’ve
been involved with for a year now and don’t worry in case you’re like oh here
she’s trying to sell something she’s sold out I didn’t I can’t sell it to you
I don’t work for them I got it through my insurance when I had United
Healthcare and it just was one of those things where you got you know an email
saying hey if you enroll you could win $75 gift card and I was thinking okay
that sounds good to me so I I enrolled and then I got this big box over here
shipped to my house you know I’m not giving any credit card information they
already have all my healthcare information
because in my health care provider and they said it was completely free and
that I could participate so I want to show you what I got in the box and I
decided to unbox it for you because apparently that’s a lot of fun on
YouTube and a lot of people are doing that so when you first open this box up
you know it says welcome to the brand new you right can you see that yeah and
then you get this these books and what they have in them is you know all these
things on I have the other box so I I don’t I don’t want to open this one but
it’s it’s a recipe guide there’s sessions there’s two booklets full of
sessions that you do with them they also have these DVDs in here and with little
moves and what they are is workout DVDs so you know there’s strength training
and there’s also cardio and there’s a bunch of them in there I think like
seven or eight there’s a lot in there then they’ve got a tape measure you can
measure yourself see ya how many inches you lost or you know your starting point
as opposed to once you’ve gotten done I know you’re probably thinking well why
don’t I talk about what I’ve done I lost approximately 20 pounds ton of
inches but the main thing that I loved about it is that well I loved that it
was free and or I was already paying for it with my health insurance however you
want to look at that and I love the way I don’t obsess about food anymore I
worked with a nutritionist because you have these weekly meetings and you talk
to somebody who really understand nutrition and they talked to you about
like for example when I’m tracking my food they noticed that I wasn’t eating
enough calories in the morning I always eat breakfast but you know I tough fruit
or you know something small and coffee I make my coffee almond milk with a shot
of expresso that I make myself and then I make it like a cafe con leche
but with almond milk it’s only really sixty-two calories total I don’t usually
use sugar or any type of sweetener so I love it and but that wasn’t enough I
wasn’t eating enough protein according to my nutritionist now I say that and I
want to let you know that I am NOT a nutritionist and I don’t have any
credibility to be teaching anyone else what you should or shouldn’t be doing
with regard for your health I’m just sharing my experiences so I want to make
that really clear um yeah and I found out it wasn’t eating enough protein in
the morning that’s why I was having these cravings at night they also give
you this type of pedometer and I didn’t use mine because I I was into that whole
Fitbit craze back in 2012 and yeah it’s just I’m over it so I already memorized
everything how long it takes to walk and how many calories I can burn in a Zumba
class and all that good stuff yeah so let’s see what else do we have in here
oh we have a scale an electronic scale where you can weigh your food and that
was really helpful too so I could understand but you know I’m one of those
where I quickly memorize things so I memorize how much you know meat looks
like in that these guides that I was telling you about the the books that
they have all these different books one of the things they teach you is how to
use your hand as a guide I think this also comes with a blender so you can
make smoothies and then there’s recipes in that book
I already showed you you know so there’s the blender here they have the these are
a water bottle workout bands that Fitbit that I was telling you about the
measuring tool and yeah it’s really good um the things they have in here to help
you – oh measuring cups yeah that’s cool so it really is helpful and then finally
they have the electronic scale and that’s for you to weight yourself not
just your food but and that’s the whole box right it’s got the electronic
bathroom scale okay so I just realized I don’t really like unboxing I’m gonna
save that for other channels but what I did want to talk about is what real
appeal has done for me and you know what I really enjoyed about it and then what
I really love to do is is just create group here on YouTube where we could
talk because I did it for a year and my new employer I’ve already talked to them
about you know using first of all they have to convert to United Healthcare
from another health care provider and they’re in the process of doing that so
in the meantime I went looking all over YouTube and Facebook to try to find some
places where you know maybe I could get that weekly meeting that we used to have
so we talked to coach a health coach for half an hour and mainly what that was
was chatting in and then the some of them would read off every chat yeah that
was not fun and and then comments but we couldn’t talk to each other so I would
really like to create a space here and see how interested you are in doing that
here now knowing I am NOT a health coach but I have had success in
losing weight I have tried everything I thought I knew everything there was to
know about food and calorie counting and fat grams and protein and carbs
carbohydrates and all that but I learned so much in the last year but the main
thing that I I can’t express to you enough is that the cravings at night
gone obsessing over food and getting I don’t know a few experiences but getting
a visual tour you’re watching TV you’re talking on the phone you’re distracted
in some way shape or form and yet if you’re like me you have the ability to
see your entire kitchen cabinet and all the contents of your refrigerator
parading in front of you and then you’re trying to picture what would be the most
delicious until you finally can’t stand it anymore and you’re totally not paying
attention to whatever you’re watching or the conversation you may be in and then
you get up and you make a snack and it’s usually something that’s very high in
calories you probably can’t afford those calories if you want to think about it
like a bank account or a checking account and I know some of you might be
thinking what’s a checking account ok bank account and you want to use your
calories wisely because if you eat too much then you don’t have enough you
didn’t burn enough and that’s gonna get stored as fat and you don’t want that so
yeah all those things um another thing that’s really wild for me that you know
no one else wants to hear about this so I’m hoping you do and that you you’ll be
really happy to be here with me um I can look at food now and just like my
stomach will kind of turn a little bit and I’ll think oh that’s kind of mmm I
don’t want that you know or I could look at food and know that you know what
that’s gonna be delicious that small portion or whatever it is is
going to be enough and I’m gonna want to search for the next snack
because I’m not eating I’m not eating for a couple of reasons I’m not eating
to award myself anymore I have other ways to reward myself and
that’s something I learned from real appeal I am NOT eating because I’m bored
because I’m lonely because I’m sad because I’m depressed because I just
need to distract myself from whatever challenges I happen to be dealing with
yeah a lot of that is gone I wouldn’t say I’m a little afraid to say it’s
completely gone but I’ll put it to you this way I don’t remember the last time
okay I do remember but it was a long time ago it was probably about five
months ago you know that I did something like that where I stress was eating out
of stress or stress eating so once again I at the risk of repeating myself I just
want to share with you that I would like to create a community here on this
channel and just talk to you about health-related issues from the
standpoint of just a regular human being who has struggled with weight all my
life I don’t know if you saw one of my videos somebody wrote I don’t want to
listen to this fat lady and I was like fat lady and then I went back and I
looked at the video and you could see I have like a little double chin thing
going on there and I don’t know it was definitely a catalyst to make me wanna
lose weight and you know take care of myself and look better so I hope you do
too I hope you want to share your ideas I hope you want to share your success
stories I don’t want people to try to advertise things where they’re trying to
get other people to buy stuff and I you know whether you do real appeal or not
you know it doesn’t make any difference to me but I would like to share what
I’ve learned from this particular program and if you want to check it out
I’ll put some information in the description down below so that you can
check with your health care and you don’t even have to talk to
anybody at work you either get it or you don’t
and you just check and then if you do there’s no cost they’re not gonna get
any credit card information or anything like that and then you can be on the
program and then I hope you still stay with me and and login because like I
said what real appeal does is they have a health coach that talks to you for a
half an hour once a week and then everyone in your group is chatting in
and the health coach may be reading off what they’re writing but there isn’t
really that back and forth that I’m hoping happens here where we get to
really talk to each other maybe you’ll make videos and I’ll be able to post
them but you know so I have a full-time job I am gonna be doing this you know
when I have time I depending also on you like how often you communicate with me
or let me know that this is something that really matters to you and really
have a community where I wasn’t really doing that before with with YouTube I’ve
tried over the years and now I’m like let’s just do it I’ve got nothing to
lose but wait ah alright thank you for watching and if you haven’t already
subscribed I hope you subscribed and if you liked the video click like thanks

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