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Mastering Customer Communication Skills | Fordify Ep. 010 Ford Saeks

September 23, 2019

– You ready to go, Sean? You really are? Really? Are you in a good mood? Are you ready to do this? Are you recording? We’re doing a quick video on
how important communication is to our customer. (upbeat music) Welcome to Fordify, where we
help you Fordify your business. Now, each week, we cover a different topic randomly chosen by this Fordify button, so let’s see what this week’s
topic’s gonna be about. (bit music) Mastering customer communication. Now, do you ever get so busy
that it just seems impossible to focus on delivering
great customer service? It’s so important in today’s
fast-paced information overloaded world that you
maximize the customer experience. Now, what is that, exactly? Well, a great customer
experience covers everything in your business from
before, during, and after you deliver your products and services. It covers your digital footprint. It covers your website. It covers your social media influence. It covers any touchpoint you have with you and your customer. Now, I know it seems like a
lot, but, if you’re not covering all those bases and keeping
your customer’s best interest at heart, you’re just going
to lose your customers, and you’re gonna create a
ton of negative feedback. Now, you may think, “Ah, this
doesn’t even really matter”. Now, in the short term, you may be right, but, over long term, you
will certainly be impacted with negative reviews on
social media that you just can’t afford that will hurt and
kill your online reputation. Let’s start with your website. You see, I think you should
probably welcome your visitors maybe with a video
message, but it’s not just, “Hey, welcome to my website”. It’s gonna be whatever the key message is that you want to give to those visitors. I want you to clearly
show and tell the benefits of your products and services. You need to make it super easy
for people to contact you. What does that mean? That means you need to have
your contact information above the header, maybe in
the lower right hand corner, ’cause that’s the hot area. Make sure you have clear
call to action buttons, and, of course, make it easy
for people to contact you. How can you maximize
customer communications on social media? Well, you wanna engage your followers by asking and answering questions. Now, this seems pretty
common, but you oughta see the crap that people
put up on social media. Even the stuff that I put
up, sometimes I’m like, “Why am I posting this? “Nobody cares if I’m at Starbucks, right”. You need to really think
about how can you add value? How can you influence, how can you engage, and how can you convert? Another thing you can do
is you can share answers to frequently asked questions. Now, you can either do
that through text, a post, or, of course, using video. I highly recommend video. All of you know that. I wanna make it really easy
for people to contact me, and you need to make it
really easy for your visitors to contact you, too. Don’t be overly stylesy on social media, but you do need to give
them a way to learn more. Big one: I want you to respond quickly to comments and complaints. Make sure you’re paying attention
to your online reputation. If you’re not monitoring at least daily, at minimum weekly, you could
have a disaster starting that you could have avoided if
you’re just paying attention. I want you to quickly celebrate your wins as they relate to your
products and services. For example, if you have a case study or a testimonial, or you have
your clients do pictures. I have a lady I was
consulting with this morning who created this really neat
wall rack for arts and crafts, and she sold a ton of ’em,
but she has no pictures of it, and I’m like, “You should
engage your customers, “because this is a perfect
thing where customers “would wanna show off how
they’ve used your product”. Do shout outs and things like that. Now, let’s look at the
most important one I think is one-on-one conversations
using the phone. First, answer the phone, will you? Answer promptly, and be respectful. You know, even though in
this high-technology age, information overload, you still need to use the freaking phone. Answer it when people call. Listen to and understand
the customer’s needs. Make sure you’re speaking
to them at their level. If you’re doing something
that’s kind of technical, give them an opportunity
to express themselves on what they think their problem is. Even though you already
know what the answer is, you need to give them time to get it out. Be helpful: educate them on the difference of your different products
and services if need be. I want you to be courteous. Make sure you do what
you say you’re gonna do. If you say you’re gonna call, follow up. Now, if you fumble, and
I fumble a lot, I get it. I’m a type A personality. I get overloaded. I have too much to do. I get it, but, if I fumble,
best thing you can do is take ownership of it. Call the person up. Hey, I got double-booked. I didn’t mean to. I missed a timezone. Whatever the reason was,
just take ownership of it, be authentic, and communicate
as clearly as possible, and I also want you to consider what is the person’s primary communication method. Do they want a text? Do they want a email? Do they wanna use video? What is it? Now, let’s move on to
the customer experience and mastering communications in person. What can you do? Well, first you wanna
greet them with a smile and a handshake. If you’re a retail
organization or whatever type of business you’re in,
if you have customers that come in and meet
with you, smile more. I look at my videos sometimes. I’m like, “He looks so stern”. Smile more, right? Use a firm handshake. Provide accurate information. If you’re not sure, say, “I don’t know”. If you do say I don’t
know, say, “I don’t know, “but I will get that answer for you”. People will be okay if they think that you’re actually gonna take action. Where people are gonna get disgruntled is if they feel like they’ve hit a dead end. Make sure your estimates, your invoices, anything that you put in
writing is clear, legible, and professionally presented. Take the time to do it right. Be willing, and be prepared
to also show examples of your products and services. Now, it goes without saying,
but, of course, be honest and be fair, and don’t leave
without a clear understanding and a clear expectation
between you and your customer. Here’s your action step
for this week’s episode: jot down one way that
you’re going to improve the customer communications
through each of the following. How can you improve through your website, your social media, on
the phone, and in person? That’s it for this week’s
episode of Fordify. Comment below with your best
customer communications tip. Share this video with
anyone that interacts with your customers. Like what you see? Of course, subscribe
to the Youtube channel to be notified of upcoming episodes, and, again, thank you all for watching. See you next time on Fordify where we help you Fordify your business.

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  • Reply Michael Hudson June 9, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    An outstanding primer on the process we all need to do better. I feel Fordified and ready to go…THANKS FORD! My best tip…find ways to express gratitude to your customers…handwritten notes, personalized quick videos, shout-outs on social media, email…AND if their family was impacted by the time they spent with you, send a thank you note to the family.

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