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Marian Moment: What is one of Mary’s greatest qualities?

September 29, 2019

One of Mary’s greatest qualities would be her simplicity. Mary was a very quiet, humble, reticent, behind the scenes, not putting herself forward kind of person and we don’t know anything about her childhood. Basically, in the Gospel all we know is that she was married to a carpenter, she lived in Nazareth, led a quiet life cooking, cleaning, taking care of her only child. So she didn’t even have like the glory of you know, a big family so to speak. So in Nazareth very quiet very simple saying her prayers doing God’s will and then fast forward now to the cross, Jesus’ crucifixion. Even at the most dramatic moment of her life, which would be the death of her innocent son. We don’t see her pulling her hair out. She’s not ripping her garments She’s not wailing and passing out in the arms of Mary Magdalene. The song goes Stabat Mater, which is Mary standing at the cross. She was standing at the cross weeping in deep sorrow, but peaceful, peaceful and trusting in God and so even in that she’s not making a scene, you know, she’s not drawing attention to herself. The attention is still on her son Jesus then fast-forward again to Pentecost. She’s in the midst of the Apostles in the upper room praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit comes as a giant wind and tongues of fire and then Peter goes out and he preaches the first great homily. Inviting people to be baptized and come to Christ and there she is, in the midst of them, and no one knows. No one even recognizes her we don’t even hear her you know, throwing in her two cents about why people should believe in Jesus. So once again, just very quiet, very consistent and present; yet behind the scenes and working great miracles as the spouse of the Holy Spirit and this is what God wants of us. God wants us to be interiorly on fire, have that interior burning, because a lot of times we’re tempted to have, to define ourselves exteriorly and say I want to have these clothes or say this or have that and do that and be this, and God really wants our hearts to be like the Blessed Virgin Mary’s where we’re not exteriorly doing anything significant like miracles or all-night prayer vigils or writing theology. But, we’re giving our hearts to him so that he can work his miracles through us; and that’s why we want to consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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