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Managing Time | Personality Development | #Timemanagement

October 11, 2019

David Allen, one of the Guru’s of time
management has said achieving a certain state of mind as the ultimate goal of
time management techniques. He describes the state as mind like water. Mind like
water means a state in which one you know where you are going in life – you
are not worried about whether you will manage the daily challenges you confront
as you know you will be able to deal with them at least as well as the other
people do and three you have a functioning system so that you don’t
have to continuously or subconsciously make efforts to remember all your tasks
and duties. This way your mind also gets some rest. This can lead to a popular
assumption the time management is a sort of preventive stress management, time
management, however, consists of many other things as well. An updated work
efficiency can also improve your coping mechanism. At this stage, you will notice
that you are getting an extra portion of satisfaction out of time management into
your daily life. What time management skills do you need to feel like you have
more hours in the day, we believe there are four core time management skills
that you need to develop. These skills are like a foundation. There are other
tools and techniques that you will use depending on your personal style and
preferences, we strongly advocate that you need to create your own system of
structure that suits you, what is best for you may be very different from what
suits your friend your boss or your parents. Here are what we believe the
four core time management skills – 1- a mindset of self management not time
management, 2- use a structure, 3- hole in one and 4 use a trigger.

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