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#LifeReady – Employers are Looking for Soft Skills – Brad Tanner

September 12, 2019

In my situation as a civilian, I’m not looking for people with firefighter experience. That’s great, especially for the community outreach component – can you go out and teach fire safety – but really anybody can because when I came in out of UMBC I was a mass media communications major with a minor in psychology and they said, “Hey can you come and teach our CPR program?” I said, “I have no idea about anything about CPR.” They said, “Good because we’ll teach you.” So it is good to come in with a blank slate sometimes but if you’re looking for something – a specific thing – to come in at least to my office what I want to see is just the things that we talked about. Can you stand up in front of a crowd and talk to people? Are you going to be able to connect with someone whether it’s a group at any age and any demographic to say that this is why this subject matter is important whether it’s CPR, fire safety, fall safety, whatever it is, car seat installations. Here’s why this is important and why you need to know this information.

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