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Legacies 2×10 “This is Why We Don’t Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies” Trailer & photos Breakdown

January 21, 2020

In this video, I’ll read the 10th episode’s
Synopsis and will discuss the trailer and Promo pictures in detail. I’ll also discuss a hint about Kai’s return
which was shown in the last episode. So stay tuned for that… Hello Everyone. Welcome to UBM. Your one stop for book and TV series reviews. Before we get to the synopsis of episode 10
“This is why we don’t entrust plans to Muppet babies,” which as I’d discussed
in my Episode 9, 10 & 11 Title Breakdown video, I think Lizzie will say this about Landon,
let’s take a quick look at what happened in the last episode of Legacies. After The Necromancer returned the knife to
Malivore, Malivore turned him into a human and sent him to Texas. But since he was born with these powers, he
slowly got them back. He found new acolytes and returned to Mystic
falls. He had said Acolytes, which means he has someone
other than Chad who is helping him. I wonder if he also has someone from the school
now? Maybe someone we would never expect? Someone like Wade? You must be wondering why Wade? I’ll come to that later. As I’d explained in my previous Legacies
videos, the Red Robes had kept Ryan’s real body at the Salvatore Mausoleum. The Necromancer uses Ryan’s real body to
create a new Malivore pit and summons his first monster slave to bring him the Mora
Miserium in exchange for immortality. He wants to use Mora Miserium’s magic to
restore his powers. And Speaking of Mora Miserium, did you notice
the surroundings of the place where someone broke it? It had tables and everything was red. In my “Legacies Episode 8 trailer breakdown
video”, I discussed where Kai was and his possible connection to the sphinx’s prophecy
in detail. You can watch this video by clicking to the
Endscreen at the End of this video. If you can see the surroundings of his prison
world, which was basically a bar, it also had tables and red everywhere. So my guess is, Kai’s prison world is where
someone would break the Mora Miserium. It could be Kai or the Necromancer or maybe
even one of the twins. And if the hourglass breaks, Josie would go
dark and the Salvatore school will burn. Who do you think would break it? Alaric found out a book about Sebastian the
Merciless and caught him when he was trying to feed on a human. Alaric said he believes in second chances
probably because he has seen Damon change. For now, I think he might have either kept
him in a box or some other dungeon or a secret place away from his students. BTW, did you notice Lizzie was reading Crisis
on Infinite earths? In a way, she has also been to several alternative
worlds or rather realities with the Genie and have forgotten everything when she got
back. Hope mentioned how Vincent had told her about the Mora Miserium, indicating they are still
in touch. Hope has a new roommate named Alyssa Chang,
who is also a Wickery player. Lizzie and Josie mentioned her to Raf in the
first episode So that’s what had happened in the last
episode. Let’s take a look at the next episode’s
synopsis now. HAPPY COVEN DAY — As the witches of the
Salvatore School come together to celebrate Coven Day, the latest monster to infiltrate
the school targets Alyssa Chang and the other students by spreading discord and creating
chaos among the covens. Elsewhere, Alaric, Lizzie and Josie search
for a solution that keeps Josie protected from the dark magic brewing inside the mora
miserium. Fed up with feeling powerless alongside Hope,
Landon asks her to give him self-defense training. Finally, Alaric’s past (Kai?) comes back
to haunt him. MG and Kaleb also appear. As you can see from the trailer and the synopsis,
the latest monster, whose name is Kareem would spread discord and create chaos. You can see him standing behind Hope, Alyssa
& another witch in the trailer. Hope tells Landon “Your advice was useless,
just like you.” Judging from these pictures, it seems like
there is some sort of fight taking place in the lobby and everyone has gathered around
to watch it. You can see Landon and Wade standing on the
steps, which means only two things. Either Sebastian didn’t kill Wade, OR The
necromancer brought him back, turned him into his acolyte and is using him as his spy too. The Way Landon is standing there, my guess
is he might be a part of this fight. Judging from Hope and Josie’s expressions,
it seems like he might be winning in the beginning but will eventually lose. Maybe this would lead him to ask Hope to give
him self-defense training? Either that or Sebastian’s constant taunting
had it’s effect and Landon decides to learn self-defense and would ask Hope to train him,
and this scene might take place AFTER he begins his training. What do you think? It seems like Alaric would find out about
the Mora Miserium. My guess is, either the girls would notice
it has gone missing or has started cracking and they would go to Alaric for help. According to the synopsis, Alaric’s past
will catch up with him. My guess is, it’s Kai. Another part of the Sphinx’s prophecy, which
I discussed in my episode 7 breakdown video, is about to come true. Alaric, Josie and Lizzie would get in trouble,
at least according to the episode 11’s synopsis. I’ll post my “Legacies episode 11 “What
Cupid Problem?” Synopsis Breakdown” video soon. This episode would air on 23rd January, 2020. If you liked this video, and if you like episode
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  • Reply Ultimate Book Maniacs January 18, 2020 at 5:33 pm

    Hey guys, did you notice the hints about Kai's return in the last episode? Who do you think would break the hourglass? Who do you think will have a fight in the next episode?

    I'll post my Legacies S02E11 "What Cupid Problems" Synopsis & Promotional Photos Breakdown video soon. So make sure to subscribe to this channel and also click on the bell icon to get notifications for my next videos.

  • Reply Deimantė Adamonytė January 18, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    Sebastian said to MG and Kaleb that he didn’t kill him sooo

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