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Learn how to use a personality quiz

October 11, 2019

One of the most important things to think
about on your college prep journey is this: your personality. You’ll want to make sure
that there’s a good match between your personality, and the major you choose – and especially
with the college that you attend. Believe it not, there are students who major
in a particular subject, to pursue a career in that field — only to find that the major
was the furthest thing from their personality. To make sure you’re on the right track in
choosing a college, and major, I highly recommended that you take something called a “personality
quiz”. In the next video, you’ll see how some of
the most popular quizzes work. Without getting too technical, let me describe what you can
expect when taking one of these quizzes. First, you’ll answer a series of questions,
each of which is designed to measure some aspect of your personality. When you’re
done taking the test, you’ll get a detailed analysis, describing what kind of personality
you have. For example, you may fall into something called
the “INVESTIGATIVE CATEGORY”, which means you’re a person who enjoys science, and
doing research – so you’d probably do well as an engineer, or maybe doing something
in the medical field. Or maybe you fall into the ”SOCIAL CATEGORY”,
in which case you’d enjoy a career where you help others.
But when you think about personality, don’t just think of your own.
You also need to think about the personality of the college you’re going to go to. Because,
believe it or not, many colleges have a certain personality of their own, as well. A certain
type of student may attend a college based on what they see in the students, and how
the students conduct themselves. You’ll understand this better when you visit
a college — and will be able to look at the way students dress, talk, and generally conduct
themselves. All of those aspects will tell you something about the college’s personality,
and if that college matches YOU, and your personality.
You may have heard those horror stories about kids who go away to college, but end up coming
home after their first semester, or their first year, completely unhappy with their
college experience. Well, the truth is, this can happen. And when it does, the cause is
usually pretty simple: there’s a poor fit between the student’s personality, and the
college’s personality – or with the major that the student is pursuing.
So make sure that you don’t become another statistic.
Take some time at this early stage to take at least one of these quizzes, and get a feeling
for your “kind” of personality. This will be really helpful as you continue your college
prep journey. In the next video, you’ll learn about four
of the best quizzes. Choose one or more that look the most interesting to you, and take
them. It may take you an hour or two — but you’ll probably have some fun taking the
quiz, and you’ll most certainly be interested, in seeing the results.

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