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January 21, 2020

Today, we’re worrying about the little things so stick around Hi, everyone. I’m Rachel from Pencil Stash This is a weekly show about adult coloring colored pencils tips and tricks if you’re new to the channel hit the subscribe button or better yet the bell button to be [notified] when new content is uploaded and Also, don’t forget to [hit] that like button if you’re enjoying my videos. It helps new folks to find my channel Today, we’re going to be worrying about the little things We’re going to be going into a page with a lot of little tiny details and tackling them one by one in real time So head over to my desk with me and we’ll get started Today we are tackling some details and this page is perfect it’s from Romantic Country second tale And it’s chock full of tiny little details all of which can be pretty overwhelming And tedious if you look at them in the context of the whole page But [I’ll] take you through my process and I’ll do it in real [time] so the first thing I’ll say is that if you do not have patience then pages with lots of little details like this will [probably] drive you crazy So aside for maybe a cohesive color story I find it best not to look at the picture as a whole but instead Looking at the page in terms of groupings of objects and treating them with their own little picture inside the page The other thing I’ll tell you is [that] even though an item may be small That doesn’t mean you can’t pack in lots of color and texture [to] bring these objects to life So even on the tiniest detail you’ll see me using four or more colors, so let’s jump into this one as an example Let’s do this basket of apples. [I] find it always good to start with my shiny highlight So I’ll take my white pencil and I’ll put in a circular highlight where the light would bounce off of that shiny apple And I not try to tell [them] the video, but you should be able to see where it is on your own page This white will act as a resist as you lay down more color next to it Then I’ll go in with a light red or an orange red and I’ll Encircle the white with this color to act as a transition to my deeper reds And I’ll build outward from the white spot to some of those deeper reds, and that’s really what you’re doing You’re [just] building and layer in color and shadow until it looks just right you [oh] you Now I’ll take my dark brown And I’ll use this to shadow in areas where it might be shadowed from the shelf on top some of the apples underneath and That’s really what I’m doing. I’m just building and layering color and shadow until it looks just right you Going back in with a few of [my] reds to add some additional layers Now I’m going to blend not with my blending pencil, but with my white pencil Using this white will keep the white highlight white as well as add some shiny texture to this apple to make it look more authentic If I use my blender pencil on this I would have had to steer clear From that white highlight spot as the red would have been pushed into it a bit more than I want Now for these pumpkins which can be a lot of fun as many of them. Have a lot of colors in them such as orange yellows Greens and Browns I’ll start with the lightest areas which will act as our highlight, and [this] is this sand color Then build up layers of oranges and browns around it you oh And finally add some fun spots of green you you On these bottles laying on their sides So what we’re looking at is actually that curved bottom That I honestly don’t know enough from memory to really do justice. So here’s another great tip I have for you if you’re struggling for reference use Google images or pinterest or anything else you’d be able to search and get lots of reference pictures to Assist you this will help a ton especially when seeing how to highlight and shade an object that [has] an unusual shape Such as the bottom of a wine [bottle] you Moving on to these loaves of french bread we’ll start with our lightest color our ginger root to highlight Placing it right along the top face of the loaf Then we’ll build and build on that trying to achieve that crisp oven baked bread look you you I didn’t quite know what this basket was of so I’ve decided it’s wheat and I’m coloring it accordingly using lots of warm yellows and beiges to build up my base layer I Also thought, this was a great place to add some texture, so I’m taking my bronze and adding some lines Just to give it a little bit of a more interesting look you In [my] [sand] color too and soften some of those lines Now I’m going to start this grouping of cheeses in this cabinet and with a large grouping like this I want to make them all different But at the same time want to pull together some colors that [I] want to use just to make sure that my cheese story is consistent yet multi-layered, and they all kind of have a life of their own and It’s kind of the same story with this one. Just lots of layered Sandy colors and warm yellows and even some Browns you you Under these hanging hams and have to be honest again this was another one that I’m not [very] familiar with so I use google images to help me choose and place my colors and What you found? Is that hams have kind of a warm pinkish tone to them so I’m going to start with this henna color With just real light pressure in certain areas you you Now hands also have a real fatty layer down at the bottom of this cut So I’m going to line the bottom of each of these with my ginger root color It will have some layers of bronze and some browns and even go back in with [that] Henna color Then blend it all together for good measure Now this lettuce and I really wanted to capture that white Light green stalk that usually runs up the middle [and] then gets to [a] richer deeper green outward from there so the colors have chosen really lend itself to that and Again if you’re not familiar with what these look like use a reference just pull it up You know you might think that lettuce is just one green and it’s so not it’s so multi-dimensional Multicolored don’t be afraid to to look for a reference photo to help you out This page also has a ton of little cloths in it, and I’ve chosen [one] to show you how I would color this Now I’ve got my denim blue here, and I’m just using it to match the outline lines of my checked cloth And I could just leave it like [this] to simulate a striped or checked kind of cloth look [and] I’d be just fine doing that but I’m going to take it Just a step further and use my blender to push around this blue a bit I Really like the look that I get by doing this it just gives it a little bit more of an interesting look of that same Denim blue without adding a secondary blue as that sort of fill in lighter area Now this page is a ton of basket so I’ll show you one of those [two] same sort of principle as everything else starting with my lightest color and building from there you I Hope you like this tutorial this page is enormous, so I just kind of wanted to isolate some of the little details here I’m probably going to finish it up in a future video. So if you wanted a more sort of color along Kind of approach hand tight there there might be more to come on this one Here’s some amazing featured work from our talented coloring book artists from this week you too Can share your work with me in our creative community by joining our pencil stash adult coloring group on? Facebook or you can act pencil stash or Hashtag pencil stash me on instagram if you [like] this video and want to see more Hit the like and subscribe button and share with your coloring buddies on Social Media Check out the rest of my tutorials on my Youtube channel and visit pencil stash column to visit my blog Thanks so much for watching this week, and I will see you next time

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  • Reply anng2113 May 6, 2017 at 1:52 am

    Great video. I've been trying to figure out how to get the shine on apples, and now I know. I think this is my favorite video of yours. I'm going to watch it again!

  • Reply Margaret S. May 6, 2017 at 3:41 am

    Aww, your little dog is adorable!! Looks sorta like my little dog. 😀 What breed is he/she? Love your videos, btw!

  • Reply Sing Gal May 6, 2017 at 6:55 am

    Lovely video and very helpful.Could you tell us what sharpner you use to sharpen your Prismas?

  • Reply Michael Smith May 6, 2017 at 7:22 am

    This was great; very instructive. You are very good at explaining technique and color choices as well as coloring. You have good energy not too much not too little. Please keep going on this. The small stuff helps a lot when you are learning. thanks

  • Reply Janelle • ArganPrincess May 6, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Beautiful work here Rachel! Love the color along in real time & would Love even more if u do the entire page spread here as u mentioned as a possibility 4 a future video or 2 videos if necessary. Not only is it relaxing 2 color, it's even more relaxing watching u color, especially since ur voice is soft & tranquil. Pls continue ur wonderful work that I didn't discover until just a couple weeks ago. So glad I found ur channel & blog!

  • Reply Andrea Longobardi May 7, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    I really enjoy your videos. Your coloring techniques are amazing.

  • Reply lisa Anne May 12, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Really enjoy your channel and FB group. I appreciate that you explain to us what you're thinking along the way in your tutorials. For me, I learn so much more that way than from watching a strictly visual tutorial.

  • Reply jsscraphappy May 13, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Excellent video! Thanks so much for these details. They are wonderful for the Romantic Country books (my favorites as well). Love your videos 🙂

  • Reply themachuse May 17, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Thanks for reminding me about the bronze pencil.  I don't often think to use it but will have to try it as you did.  I was also glad to see you coloring the wine bottle bottoms–I think it would have taken me a long time to figure out what they were.  Now to figure out what all the little things are in all the jars.  The one next to the basket on the shelf with the pumpkins–looks to me like giant wood ticks!

  • Reply Sean Mooney May 20, 2017 at 8:58 am

    I really like your choices of color. The techniques are great especially in real time. I find it much easier to learn. I think I color with heavier pressure. Thanks for sharing. Sean

  • Reply Robin Jones July 7, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    The item you didnt know what it was is called Pain'd Epi Bread or Wheat stock bread. It is at 20:44 on the video. Just but I would share that

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    I just found your channel and wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your detailed tutorials. I"ve been looking for ways to raise my coloring to the next level and you have shown me how.
    I do have one question…lol. Have you tried oil based colored pencils? I saw that you had tried many different wax based ones, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the Marco Raffine oil based pencils. I love their translucent quality and ability to layer color with the underlayers showing better than the wax based pencils I've used. Thanks again!

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    love all the goodies you are coloring! do you ever use gamsol with a stubbies to blend? also… you frame your work when done? it's so beautiful. j am a card maker and I a. learning to better myself with my pencil. I mostly use water color pencils. love the white blending pencil. need to get one. thanks so much Rachael for sharing. your work is amazing. lj live just about one and a half hours west of you in Rochelle Illinois.

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    Thank you for this video. I really enjoy colouring all the little details the best. I also enjoy drawing pictures and the little details of things are my favourite. I also really want to buy this book, but am trying to have self control also, as I just got the first one =)

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