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Leading the Way to Energy Efficiency

November 30, 2019

Eversource works with builders to build houses
more energy efficient and to build them to ENERGY STAR standards. Chinburg has won the EPA’s Energy Star Home
Builder of the Year award. It’s a very prestigious award; there’s only
about 20 or so builders that win this. Eric Chinburg started Chinburg Builders, and
it grew from being a single-family residential home company into property development, property
management. In 2012, we made the decision to build all
of our homes, all of our single-family residential homes and many of our multi-unit homes with
the ENERGY STAR program. There are several components of it: there’s
energy, there’s water conservation, there’s conservation within appliances and specific
components of the house. We provide a HERS rater, which is GDS Associates. They also won an ENERGY STAR award for all
the work that they’re doing with, not only Chinburg, but with all the builders that they
work with in the state of NH. We do it to help our customers and also to
help the environment and make houses more energy efficient. They use less power and less energy for future
generations. But we feel like we try to stay a step or
two ahead. In this subdivision, in our Lorden Commons
subdivision, we use a type of sheathing that prevents the thermal transfer of heat throughout
the frame, which saves about 20% more energy throughout our houses than many other builders. It is very comfortable, for sure. During the build process, I came and visited
the house a lot. Once they put in the insulation and the drywall
I realized a huge difference. Coming from 900-square-foot condo with very
low bills, just being myself, I didn’t want to have astronomical bills and one of the
things that attracted me to this community was the ENERGY STAR. And I was pleasantly surprised that in the last
2 months that I’ve been in the home, my bill has only been $55, which is almost the same
as what it was in my 900-square-foot condo. I think it’s amazing; I think they serve it,
I have loved working with Chinburg and I definitely think that the quality of the build is far
beyond any of the other homes that I’ve seen. They’re basically transforming the market
of home building in the state of NH. They are leading the way on building houses
to be more energy efficient and a lot of other builders are following suit because of what
Chinburg is doing.

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