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LARGE Farm Shop Full Time-Lapse Construction: BONUS TRUSS FLY THRU

December 9, 2019

welcome back to the channel everybody
this is Kyle and we’ve got a 60 by 120 farm shop full time-lapse build for you
guys the trusses are just now getting dropped off and this is day one of
framing make sure if you haven’t you hit that subscribe button so you follow
along with the channel but we’re gonna get into this with building our walls
you’ve seen us do this many times I recommend highly that if you’re building
a structure and do as much work on the ground it’s safer it’s easier you’ll be
more efficient and probably a lot more accurate for us once we build all these
walls we’re gonna stand them with our machinery this is the JCB Telus kit I’ve
had great luck with it so far this season but once it’s up there we use
that stimula plate level make sure it’s as plumb as possible and then we go
ahead and fasten those wall posts right to our Midwest perma columns I’m always
getting questions about those brackets you can buy them Midwest per McCown if
you go ahead and mention my name or rural renovators or our buildings
they’re gonna throw you a discount and they’ll ship them directly to you man that was a one heck of a first day
you can’t ask for a whole lot more but man on our second day we sure get hit in
the face with a pretty horrible truth here and that has been our trusses we’re
not made to the correct dimension so you’ll see us put our first one up we
realize it and then we go ahead and take it down but fear not our supplier got
right on it and we were able to get new trusses within less than a week actually
I think ended up being about four days so here they are coming back to drop off
the new ones which were made to spec and good and we just helped them go ahead
and load up the old ones they took them out of there I don’t know what they did
with them but thankfully we had that JCB telehandler there otherwise it might
have been quite difficult but no rest were right into installing our trusses a
key thing here is that telehandler once we get into that 60 wide 18 foot tall
building it’s definitely a lot easier with a telehandler than it is with our
skid loader another thing is obviously having those scissor lifts I spent quite
a bit of money to invest in those scissor lifts but they provide us the
ability to work out of them instead of up on the trusses where it’s a lot less
safe one thing that’s pretty cool about this
project is it’s kind of first for us we’ve never done a 40-foot overhead door
opening we’ve we’ve done 40-foot Hydra swings but never a sectional overhead so
we’ve got this custom eye beam it’s a six and a half by 21 and a half 55 pound
eye beam and it goes up pretty easy when you’ve got the right machinery but it is
by far the largest opening I’ve ever had to do on a building of this size so it’s
pretty cool to be able to do this and I can’t wait to share with you guys some
pictures of the door when it’s up make sure you’re following along on the
Instagram feed at our our buildings and I’ll definitely post some updates
probably over that way because at the end of this video I don’t have the
overhead doors installed at this point I went ahead and left this clip in here
just because I wanted to show you guys all these chains those are what is
holding up our building while we’re installing all of these trusses and they
are a key component to us making strong straight buildings that will stand up to
the weather while we’re in the process of constructing it’s always a sad day when we finish up
trusting because honestly that’s probably my favorite part of the job but
take a look at these views and the clouds just rolling through sometimes I wonder if I’m just weird or
what but all of the lines and the geometry and just kind of the overall
view of that frame when it’s all kind of put together and I just find it so
fascinating and something about all the lines the shapes I don’t know maybe
maybe I’m crazy but drop me a comment down below guys if you share the same I
guess love for the art of the framing it’s just by far my favorite part as you
can see we really didn’t get any rest we had a little bit of snow come in at the
beginning of the job and we just had another snowfall so we went from pretty
decent weather to pretty crummy weather not only is it cold we got snow but the
wind is blowing but we fight through it we start doing all of our soffit and
facia and we try to prep for roofing man we give pretty lucky because today
we came to the job site and even though the clouds are moving it was fairly calm
the wind was in the right direction and we didn’t waste any time we got right to
putting up our steel so what you’re seeing here is all in one day we’re able
to get the east side of the roof installed which is what we’re on right
now and we get to the west side and get almost half of the roof done before we
have to call it a day I just got a little bit too dark and we knew we
weren’t gonna be able to get too much more installed before we got all screws
in and I don’t like to leave a lot of steel up without the screws in it is that not a killer view I just love
that so now that the roof is installed we
know our building isn’t really going anywhere we leave those chains up but we
more or less use them to make sure that our building stays straight and true and
on everything stays plumb so that we can start working on our wall finishes now
for us this house wrap is really cool for two reasons one because I mean we’re
pretty fortunate we get our logo on it and obviously if you’re interested in
that kimberly-clark will print you your logo you just have to buy one pail at a
time and we use house wrap mainly as an air barrier not a moisture barrier
obviously it’s gonna help us with that but it’s so important for us especially
out here in the middle of the Midwest we got all this open ground and the wind is
always blowing it truly helps with the efficiency of your building
and it’s just so important for us and we try to use it on every job that’s
possible one thing I always try to do is get
color matched doors and windows so right here you’ll see we’ve got the color
matched ply code or an assignment in window and this job actually I talked to
the client into using some windows I just think it’s a very important thing
to do especially a building of this size you know windows are fairly cheap and I
love the windows up high at the eave a let a lot of light in but you don’t have
to worry about the security of people breaking into your shop so it’s kind of
a win-win I believe now I know you’re probably asking about
the house rabbit why don’t we install it up in the gables basically because we’re
using it as an air barrier and I’m trying to prevent hair from penetrating
into our heated area of the building which is the four walls and the ceiling
in this building so I’m not really too concerned with a little bit of air leak
into my attic space one thing is true about the Midwest this time of year you
get some beautiful sunsets but man is it tough to work a full day because it’s
dark before five o’clock after we wrapped up some interior
bracing that had to be installed in the trusses which is gonna be a permanent
bracing we got right into the ceiling and debride busted our tails on this day
because we had to install this entire ceiling as there were some 60 mile an
hour winds headed the next day and we knew that the ceiling would add a ton of
rigidity and strength and allow the air to basically come in one door and go out
the other without going up into the roof but this was a lot of work it was a
monster ceiling and it was really just a team effort and everybody pulled their
weight and did a great job you’ll see here that we worked into the night a
couple hours but we got it done and that was the important thing one thing I always do is order some flat
coil from metal sales manufacturing which is our metal supplier and that’s
gonna be color matched perfectly to our spiel on the interior and that’s we can
wrap all of our door jams and headers and it just really finishes things off
and I know that it’s important to do before that door is installed because
it’s never going to be done later here you can see I’m cutting open the attic
access which we framed in prior to the steel ceiling and that’s really just so
the insulator can get up there otherwise you’re never gonna get up there now you
can really see the size of that opening it’s monster and I really am glad that
you guys hung out with me for just a little bit watch my video and really I’m
just looking to hopefully you know maybe inspire somebody to do a project educate
somebody that’s looking to learn something or hey maybe you’re just
looking for entertainment whatever it is I appreciate it if you enjoyed it hit
that subscribe button smash the like button all those great things I truly do
appreciate it and if you think maybe one of your friends might enjoy this video
go ahead and share it I mean that’s totally cool with me and I greatly
appreciate that as well but for now I’ll go ahead and say goodbye we’ll catch you
guys on the next video have a great one and once again thank you so much for the

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    I have watched a bunch of your vids and put up some tin between the shop and house. Basically closing in a large carport.
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