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Kumail Nanjiani Has Pizza & Cake for First Time in a Year

January 26, 2020

Hi, how are you? I can see that
you’re ripped now. The last time I saw
you, you were not. And now you are. Yeah. It didn’t happen overnight. HOST: I guess it didn’t, huh?
– No. You had to do, like, exercise
and that sort of thing. That’s the biggest
problem with it. HOST: Yeah. You know what, no, the biggest
problem is once you get there, you don’t stop exercising.
HOST: Right. I wish it was just
like a video game where you just, like,
hit “save” and then like, all right, now I
look like this every day. You have to keep it up now.
Yeah, you’ve– you know what? You’ve gone too far
is what has happened. Well, I’ll tell you
when I saw– because I follow you on Twitter, and I– I saw the photograph. And I thought– honestly, I
thought you were making fun of Donald Trump because he
had posted a photo of his head on, like, Sylvester
Stallone’s body. And I saw it. And I was like,
oh, that’s funny, and I just kinda kept going. And then I started reading
all these stories about, “oh my god, Kumail’s body.” And I’m like they
found Kumail’s body? Oh my–
[LAUGHTER] –you know. But it became, like, a
worldwide viral sensation– your body. Yeah! Super weird, man! [LAUGHTER] It was a weird couple days. HOST: I have the photograph here
in case you haven’t seen it– Oh my god. HOST: And I couldn’t
imagine that [INAUDIBLE].. [APPLAUSE] Now, I mean, look at the– this is the part that’s
absolutely ridiculous. It’s like– KUMAIL NANJIANI:
Yeah, it’s actually the streets that lead to my home
that I grew up in in Karachi. [LAUGHTER] That’s the map of Karachi. HOST: I did not know veins
went in that direction. I thought they
only went this way. I had no idea. KUMAIL NANJIANI: Yeah,
no, I think I messed up my veins by working out. Those aren’t going anywhere. Where are those going?
HOST: They should– KUMAIL NANJIANI: Shouldn’t
they be going to the heart? Aren’t they supposed
to go to the heart? They are supposed to
go– they’re lost veins. So take me through
this photograph. And who took the
photograph, first of all? KUMAIL NANJIANI: So the trainer
who trained me for this– his buddy took the photo. OK. And what happened
was so– so this was right before Christmas. Uh huh. We were shooting this movie– “Eternals.” It’s Marvel– A Marvel movie coming
out called “Eternals” and– [APPLAUSE] They’re already– they’re
already fans of the movie. [LAUGHTER] I’ll just look at it myself. It was like– it was like the week
before Christmas. And I was like I
don’t know if I’m ever gonna look like this again. Who knows what I’m gonna
look like after Christmas? So I was like I want to take
a picture just so I have it. Then as soon as I
saw the picture, I was like the
world must see this. [LAUGHTER] And so I was shooting. I was on set shooting, and I
just put it on my Instagram. HOST: Uh huh. And then I checked
an hour later, and it was like,
fine, some likes. I was like, “cool.” And then I checked again,
and it had exploded. On my Twitter, I was scrolling,
and it was just like my torso, torso, torso, torso. It was like over
and over and over. It really got out of control. HOST: And it did. It was like, I mean, it
was shocking to people because it’s like, it’s not–
you didn’t give us any warning that this was gonna happen. Well, I– you know– it’s a little bit– it was covered a lot. The story that I didn’t like was
a lot of people would do, like, two side by side pictures. HOST: Oh, yeah. Can you believe
this turned into this? [LAUGHTER] And it’s just a picture of
me from a year and a half ago looking how I’ve
looked my entire life. You find out what
people really– Yeah! And they’re like, can you
believe this garbage pooping sea monster turned into this? Like, was I, like, leaving
a trail of slime behind me? [LAUGHTER] HOST: Maybe so, maybe so. I was normal looking! HOST: What did your
parents think about this? And your family? So this– it exploded, right? I didn’t know– it exploded. I freaked out. I called my brother. I was, like, are
they, like, upset? What’s going on? HOST: Uh huh. And my brother
said, “Dad has already sent your naked pics to both
family Whatsapp groups.” HOST: Oh. Both of them. And then it got in
newspapers in Pakistan. And so I had all my aunts
texting me pictures of myself. Like “So proud of you. So proud of you, son.” Yeah. HOST: Wow. It’s weird to have
your aunt sending you naked pictures of yourself. HOST: Yeah. It was like
anything but shame. Usually that stops when
you turn three, you know? [LAUGHTER] They were like,
wow, well done. So tell me about,
and I’m sure you’re tired of talking about this–
– No, I’m not. I’ll talk about it. But tell me about– I’m very excited
to talk about it. You must have–
I mean, because you really did. I mean, this is ridiculous. Like Dwayne Johnson weighed
in on your body, right? Yeah! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. HOST: Yeah, and that’s, uh, you
know, that’s a big compliment. Yeah, yeah.
Yeah. He said– he said,
“Dense muscle is hard to achieve, my brother.” He thinks my muscle is dense! HOST: Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know how he could
see that because that’s, like, dense– he didn’t touch me or anything. HOST: And is that a thing even? Is there, like,
a density to mu– aren’t they, like, I
didn’t know some muscles were denser than others. I didn’t know, but
if the Rock says it– HOST: It must be true. Who knows better? I think it’d be hilarious
if you touched the Rock and all his muscles
are super soft. [LAUGHTER] Like they look hard,
but when you touch them, they’re like marshmallows. HOST: By the way,
I’ve touched him. He’s– it’s not–
he’s not soft at all. – Yeah.
– There’s no softness. He’s like this. Yes, it’s like banging against
Mount Rushmore or something. Yeah. HOST: So as far as,
like, diet goes, have– Oh, it’s been– Have you gone
back off the wagon? Yeah. So I finished– I got
back day before yesterday. And I honestly,
like, the hardest– you work out every day, and
you sort of learn to enjoy it. But I– the diet is
the hardest thing. I have not had pizza or
a donut in over a year! HOST: No sugar. No su– no, I’ve had no
refined sugar in a year. I’ve had almost no carbs at all. I basically– you
know what my snack is? You know what my snack has
been that I tell people– I tell people, like,
actually it’s not bad. You know what my snack is? I get a bag of sugar snap
peas, and I eat them. HOST: Oh my god. That’s what I’ve been
doing at night when I’m, like, I’m a little hungry. I’m gonna treat myself. Crunch, crunch. So is it OK now? Are you all ready to enjoy some
of the things you used to love? I haven’t done it yet,
but I’m like, I will. Yeah, I cannot wait. We have something
special for you. Please go ahead and be
careful of your head. There’s– – What?
– Now this is– Ah! [LAUGHTER] –a mobile. Are you serious? HOST: This is good stuff too.
This is– Are you joking?
HOST: –not decorative. No, this is– Oh my god. –all for you– This is for me? – Have whatever you like.
– For me, Kumail? – You can eat all of those–
– I can have this? – –if you want.
– Are you serious? We got you– Guillermo got you a pizza, too.
KUMAIL NANJIANI: It’s pizza! Oh!
Are you kidding? Are you really serious? Yes, yes, so
feel free to enjoy. Oh, oh. I–I–I– I’m literally
gonna cry right now. [LAUGHTER] I’m not joking. I’m glad I could
do this with you. Oh my god. [APPLAUSE] HOST: Wow. I think I saw a tremble. I’m shaking. This is the [MUTED]. [HOST LAUGHS] Hey, pizza’s really good! HOST: Yeah. So–
– Oh my god. You know what we’ll do. We’ll take a break. And during the commercial,
try to eat all this stuff. Kumail Nanjiani is here. “Little America”
is his new show. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] SALESMAN: That’s a 10
gallon, cattle man, gosh, cutter, brick, gambler. What you looking for? I want the hat
that is strongest. [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] BYSTANDER: Now that’s the one. That’s the one. This is the price? That is the “Little
America” by Kumail Nanjiani, who’s got a lot of treats here. Don’t worry.
We’ll wrap that. You can take a doggy bag, and
you can take all of this home. What’s that? I’ve been looking
at this cheesecake. Is that the one that
you have your eye on? No, the one I’m most
excited about is that. So I’m trying to save it. Oh yeah, build up to it. Wouldn’t it have been great
if somehow you gained, like, 30 pounds
during the commercial? Dude, I– [LAUGHTER] I’ve been terrified
for a year that I’m gonna sneeze and,
like, lose it like it’s some great dream I’ve had. But I want to talk about
that show, “Little America,” which you executive produce. It is a great show. My wife and I watched a
bunch of them this weekend, and I love the idea of the
show, too, which is they’re true stories about immigrants. And where did these
stories come from? So the other show, that
anthology show, about– they’re based on true
stories of immigrants who’ve moved to America. And there’s this magazine– “Epic Magazine.” They’ve been
collecting stories– [LAUGHTER] –of real immigrants
that came here. And then they contacted
us, and they were like this could be a good TV show. And we were like, yeah,
it’ll be a great show. And, um, what are
we talking about? We’re talking about your show. And so, yeah, it’s basically
eight different episodes, all based on real
stories of people who have moved to
America set over, you know, all
different time periods. With a lot of famous
actors and actors from all over the world. Oh, they’re actors
from all over the world, yeah, because we
really wanted it to be authentic to the people who– you know, the characters
that they’re playing. We wanted them to
speak the language that the characters speak. So we really, like, sort of
found a lot of great people. I love that you’re
just eating right now. I don’t think I’ve ever
had this experience where someone’s just eating
throughout the interview. It’s– You don’t understand.
HOST: Oh. [LAUGHS] I’m lit– I’m, like, shaking.
HOST: I could see that. I’m so excited. I noticed your
hand was trembling. My heart is beating so fast. You know, a couple
of years ago, I was– my wife and I made a movie
called “The Big Sick”– HOST: Yes, “The Big Sick.”
– –that was about– HOST: It was a great movie. People who don’t know–
my wife was in a coma, and we didn’t know
what was gonna happen. And I remember very
specifically the day. We were, like, is
she gonna make it? Is she gonna make it? And I remember when I got to
the hospital one of those days and went in, and she was
up and sitting on her bed. I’m happier right now. [LAUGHTER] Kumail Nanjiani, everyone. He will soon be in a food
coma so– but watch his show. It’s called “Little America.” It’s available now on Apple TV+. We’ll be right back with Sting.

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