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Kronos Training: Hourly Employees

October 10, 2019

Welcome to another Pasadena City College training screencast. In this screencast we’ll cover the Kronos Time Tracking System for hourly employees. This short tutorial will be divided into 3 brief sections: Let’s get started. The first thing you want to do is open up an Internet browser on a campus computer. Once there, you’ll want to go to Pasadena City College’s website at and then you’ll want to scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “Staff Services” link. Click that, and once on the Staff Services page focus on the Login box, the upper left corner of the page. And then find the Kronos link there and click that. Here we are on the Kronos Log On page where you simply need to enter your username and password. Your username is… So let’s say your name was Larry A. Lancer, like this guy… [crowd cheers] Then your username would simply be “lalancer” As simple as that. Let’s go ahead and enter that into the username field. Now your password, the first time you log in, is going to be the word “welcome” You’ll be required to change this password the first time you log in so as always, choose something only you know and keep it safe. If you have any problems logging in, talk to your supervisor for help. What would he use for a middle initial? My name’s Larry Lancer! The answer, again, is quite simple: we’ll just use the letter “x” Then your username would simply be… lxlancer, as simple as that. Once your logged on to Kronos you’ll be presented with this TIME STAMP page and the only 2 things you really need to concern yourself with here are the “Log off after stamping” box and this “Record Time Stamp” button. The easiest way to punch in or punch out of your timecard is to leave this box checked and click the “Record Time Stamp” button. You’ll be immediately logged off of Kronos – and your done. You’ve just punched in for your shift. To punch out, just log back in to Kronos and click the “Record Time Stamp” button again. Now if you’d like to stay logged in after punching in or punching out you have the option of actually unchecking this “Log off after stamping” box Now when you punch in or punch out of Kronos you’ll remain logged in. Now you can review your timecard by going to the MY INFORMATION menu and then selecting “My Timecard” You’ll then be presented with the MY TIMECARD screen where you can review your timecard. Before we can approve our timecard we going to need to check to make sure that all our hours are accurate and that there are no errors in the timecard such as this red block here which indicates that Larry forgot to punch out on Wednesday He’s going to have to ask his supervisor to correct that before he can approve his timecard. Also, notice on Monday Larry worked from 7am to 12pm Or did he? It looks like he actually worked until 12:01 pm One minute over 5 hours. Why is this important? Because if you work one minute over 5 hours the system will automatically subtract 30 minutes from your timecard. Notice here, Larry’s only going to get paid for 4.52 hours. So Larry’s going to have to talk to his supervisor if he wants to resolve this and so will you. Now that we’ve had a chance to resolve all our issues, approving our timecard is quite simple. Simply select the “Approvals” menu and then click “Approve” You can verify that your timecard was actually approved by checking under the MY TIMECARD title – you’ll notice that the time of your approval has been stamped.

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