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KPI Software for Real-Time insights

January 20, 2020

Kyubit BI now includes significant number
of options to present key performance indicators on the dashboard and give
great insight into important values for your business. Goal meter visualization
renders KPI progress towards its goal. Add goal meter and attach to any existing
KPI to visualize its progress status. Gauge visualization adds new gauge
configuration options that include color meter on the top of the gauge, different
types of pointers. For KPI elements select created KPI definition or you immediately create new one and present it with KPI or gauge tile elements. Creating
new KPI visualization requires definition of KPI thresholds that all
could be based on fixed values or value from created query or analysis. Key
performance indicators could be created while in dashboard design-time or
separately through KPI section available in Kyubit Business Intelligence
application. KPI displays last change value and
optionally line chart that presents changes of KPI value in time recently.

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