Kitchen Gadget Testing #35 – special

October 6, 2019

(ta-da music) – I’d like to thank Chris from Barshens, who does the sound, who I think, about a
month, maybe six weeks ago, introduced me to This is a special. Everything is sourced from today. Now, if you don’t know what is, I don’t know how to fully describe it, but you can pretty much get anything, and it’s insanely cheap, sometimes free. There was memory cards on there, like, 64 gig memory cards that
apparently aren’t even 64 gig, they’re, like, really tiny, and they’re just, it’s
actually the packaging that’s all you’re buying. So, you have to be careful, and follow someone online, that knows what they’re talking about, to review these things properly. That’s my role today. But, I think there’s enough
weeks before Christmas. If any of you guys didn’t know about this, some of these things might
draw your attention today. You might go, yeah, I’ll get that for a fun
present for someone. You can have a bit of
fun here today as well. Here’s an example of
one thing that I did buy that I just didn’t need. It was just a flash sale, a toy dog poo. That’s it. It’s just literally a squishy, and the dogs don’t even like it. See, it’s a poo. But, as you can see, I’ve got quite a few to get through. First up, something that will probably
end up with the last scene. I’m thinking, if it works
with a cool slow-mo thing. This is a hand grenade, they make some ice cube, basically. It’s got a join here. The reviews on these were
very, very mixed, indeed. It’s very, very flimsy. It’s kind of sealed, but look at that bit there. Looks a bit rubbish doesn’t it. So, someone had a genius hack. Let’s try and get the water
in and see what happens. Going to do this over a bowl. Because I don’t they
it to spill everywhere. That’s quite a small hole for it to go in. I tell you what, oh no. Look, it won’t start right. That’s the bit that I was worried about. Someone had a genius hack on the reviews. Elastic bands. I don’t know what the
kids have done to these. So, if we do that. I’m feeling a bit more
confident about this now. And, there’s still a bit water in there. Right, this is going in the freezer until the end of the video. So, we can finish it with a bang. It’s going next to some frozen fish cakes, and some ice lollies, and
ice pack things as standard. Heh, I need something on my feet. Alright, so these are bacon socks. So, Trevor has given it
a solid five star review. Looks great. With Joshua, “Don’t buy and
took weeks after due date.” Due date, it’s socks, it’s not childbirth. One pair of Personality Pork Pattern. Personality Pork, what a great name. Description, 90% cotton, 9% Polyester, and 1% spandex. You know it’s quality, right. Let’s get these on, I’ve
got quite cold feet anyway. Oh my gosh, it feels
like a 100% polyester. Look at them. Oh my gosh. They don’t even fit me, look. They don’t cover my ankles. I think these are a kid size, but it says they will fit for everyone. Bacon, they do look
pretty good, don’t they? I’ll keep them on, I don’t know why, but I’m
going to keep them on. I’ve just found one other
review, a five star review. “Cool my dog loves them.” Does he put them on his dog? “but they’re tasteless.” They’re not supposed to taste of bacon. That would be amazing, if they did do me. Dearie me. So, it’s literally happening right now. I was hoping to order some skull spoons, but they did not arrive in time, but I did order something else Scully. This awesome DIY skull
head silicon moulding, which is perfect for
soaps and stuff like that. I actually, from the picture, I thought it was going to be pretty big. It’s this size. It’s the tiniest skulls in the world. Is that even silicon? That feels like chewing gum. That feels very unstable,
but there we go, skull heads. Linz from the UK says, “Perfectly sized for making
fridge magnets or inclusions.” I don’t know what an inclusion is, but we should include
that in this reference. It’s funny ’cause there’s a lot of five star reviews saying, a bit small. So, why would you give it five stars, but Lee says, “These
were extremely small.” These are tiny. But, let’s melt some more chocolate. I have washed all the gadgets by the way. I always do that. That’s pretty disappointing ’cause that’s all the
chocolate I can make. But, I’m just going to
give it a little tap tap to set into place, and
in the fridge to set, and we’ll have white skull chocolate. Alright, this next one, I kid you not, arrived in this condition. Look at the corner,
it’s completely warped, and the tamper seal, well
that’s pretty much gone. It’s like a vacuum sealer food
thing, which is pretty good. And, this was really, really cheap. It should hopefully have a UK socket. I haven’t checked it yet, and it’s supposed to come with some bags, but things like sealing your vegetables, your raw meat, all stuff like that. This is the actual description. “Dear friends, Welcome
to buy our beautiful. “and high quality Vacuum Sealer Machine, “which will give your
with a surprised feeling. “I sincerely wish you and
your family with happiness.” It’s like letter to you. It’s like a personal letter
from the person that made it. Thank you, I feel excited about this. One reason this really stood out for me, This guy is really excited as a chef. He’s doing kebabs. It’s got dimensions, all good. There’s a picture, and I
know that people do this. I’ve never done it before, but have actually vacuum
sealed their passport. This is insane. All, the other ones are like, there’s fruit and veg, and meat, and fish, and chorizo, and all, food. But, I want to do it
to my actual passport. This is my actual passport. Look at that face. These are the bags. I see a UK socket. It smells like a really smelly factory. Oh my gosh, that’s light. That is really nimble. Actually says on the top, please don’t touch the heating wire in case you get burned. That’s get advice. Right, so here’s our bags, very nice. Put the end of the specialised bag into middle of the lower packing. Put down the cover. Alright, I think that’s
the black line there. Put down the cover. Yes, okay, but I’m going
to say this, literally, no joke, that says work
button right there. Work, work dammit. (machine buzzing) I need to read ahead, hang on. If the machine stops working, you pull up with this, apparently. How do I know it’s going to stop working? Is it just going to melt? There’s two modes to this. There’s a vacuum setting,
which I think I’m doing. Isn’t that when you suck
all the air out of it? And, there is a seal packaging one, which is the other one I didn’t look at, which is just sealing it. I can’t unclip it. There we go. It’s done it. Look, yes, that’s actually
really, really neat. Although, It didn’t do
what I wanted it to do. I might play around with that again. Alright, so, next up,
and I have to say so far, all of these things I’m getting so far, they just feel so weak, and
nimble, and really poor quality. But, I’ve always wanted
to used a cake slicer. These, legitimately, there are some much more
expensive ones, are good. This one, I don’t know. Nothing too much on
here on the description. It’s pretty interesting things. It just says with the
colour, randomly picked. So, that’s quite a quality about Any colour can actually arrive. It’s a five star review
from Adwoa, five stars. “Haven’t used it yet but it looks great.” I’m finding this a lot. Like, the people who are leaving reviews, on the whole of,
five star, not used it yet. There’s quite a lot of one stars though. “Not good quality.” “Flimsier than I imagined,
but does do the job.” There is a one star though
that says, one star. “I have not used.” Don’t do this, don’t. So, I’ve just given this a wash, and whilst getting excited, the actual second wire’s
got grooves in it, so if you wanted, you could go across. The cakes that I bought were quite thin. So, we’ll just do the one, but look at that, that
looks really flimsy. That could be a paper clip. It feels like a paperclip. It should be sharper. I should be like a cheese wire. I don’t feel like in any
danger whatsoever with this. So, rather than baking a cake,
these were both on offer. No joke, one pound for a cake. I can see why though,
look at the state of that. Maybe I should have baked a cake. It was very hard to buy a ready made cake without a seam down it like that. So, we’re going to try and avoid that. But, I have got more butch
carrot cake from Mary Berry, which was also a pound. So, I have washed this, and I’m going to get my grooves. So, I’m going to pull this through. I’m pushing the cake. That’s not supposed to
work like that, is it? Do you got this? Go on, Oh wow. But, yeah. It sort of works. I think it was like a pound. Lets try with a Mary Berry carrot cake. Let’s just check our, shall
we go for a double, yes. Alright, so this time, I’m
going to hold the cake. We are going to go for a double. This is so tricky. I feel like I’m bending the wires. Oh no, no. But, did it? That’s good. No, that’s pretty pants. But, I’ve legitimately
never tried one of these on it’s own, like a real good quality one. I have one upstairs in the
box for a future gadget video. They do work, this one is
basically better as a coat hanger. But, whilst we’re here, look. These skulls have firmed up already. Look at that. That’s worked alright. (screeching) Do you know what this thing is? Although it does look like a bowl with a smiley face on it, very clever. This is the Multifunction Creative Small Double Layer Fruit Dish Snack Plates Storage Box Trash Can Phone Holder. And, it’s basically a plastic
bowl with a gap in it. Do you know what my favourite thing about the whole of this is? Is the description, the size, Trumpet. Lots of one star reviews. “I’m so sorry, but my item
was ruined what can I do?” Like, this is pretty butch. “Came broken in pieces.” How can that be broke? This is solid stuff. It’s got a bit of a seam. I actually really like
this concept though. It’s kind of like your bin down there. People are saying, they have their breakfast cereal in it. And, it has got a mobile phone holder. Everyone needs a mobile phone holder. You can’t take your eye of your phone for one moment these days. I’ve got some pistachios in this bag. Let’s give this a little try. So, I’ve got a video
playing in the background. My Virgin Kitchen one of course. Have my own barathon,
should we just do that. Pistachio nuts in there. So, we can take it out of the shell. In the bin, that’s alright. This guy’s great. I feel like this is the ultimate bowl for procrastinating, with your
food, in front of the telly. Although, you don’t even need a telly, you’ve just got your phone there. We’ve got three potato gadgets here. One that I’ve actually used before, but a much higher quality one this. We’ll go through first. This is a French Fry maker. So, generally, the reviews
on this seem pretty good. Some people use it for
mangoes, apple, watermelon. Other people are saying, It’s really flimsy. So, let’s just help it out a little bit. We’ll give it a nice flat edge ’cause that’s always good. I’ll just pat some of that starch off, which is what I tend to do anyway, when I’m making chips because I don’t want it to
slip or get stuck in there. I want to help it work, alright. Is that going to fit, no. Need to take a bit off the sides, okay. Pat dry, pat. Nice big stumpy slab of Stonehenge potato. This goes down. It does feel really nimble, look at this. Be careful, I’m talking to myself and you. Oh gosh. That is not sharp at all. It probably is, once I
really get going with this. I don’t want to cut a finger off, but. Not even now. I’m giving it CPR. No, that is pants. Next one. This one looks a bit like a computer mouse except it has a very sharp
blade on the back of it. Now, this is 100% advertised
as a potato cutter to make French Fries. There we go, that is an image of someone using it to grate kernels
of sweetcorn, 100%. Every single image is
of sweetcorn on there. In fact, it’s even got it
going in the housing there, which actually should fill it in there. It should work amazing, but 100% it’s supposed to do French Fries. The reviews are amazing. Everyone is saying it works brilliant, but apart from the old classic, haven’t used it yet. Still five stars, love it. “Works well.” “Nice Kitchen tool.” “Cuts corn like a razor.” What about potatoes. Let’s try it on a potato anyway, and I’ve got some corn. That ain’t that sharp to be honest. What the heck is it doing? It’s just like, okay,
it’s making like grooves. It’s making chips. It’s supposed to come out this bit, okay. It’s ruined my potato. Let’s try it on sweetcorn. Oh my gosh. That is awesome. That’s getting the
sweetcorn right in there. You have to watch your fingers, mind. It’s a bit uneven. I think that’s user error though. You cannot deny that that is
actually really really good. Sweetcorn,
bloke, change the title, and that’s pretty damn awesome. The last one intrigued me. It’s a potato slicer. It’s a rotating slice like this. Gadget looks like something
that should go in your ear. You see them at the fair, when you fry them on a stick, which we put this in oil in a moment. So, there’s different types. Type 1 looks like something
you might put in your ear. Types 2 looks like something
you might put in your ear, but does make some very funky patterns. I might have to get hold of that one. And Type 3, which is of course our
substantial potato slicer. It’s got quite cool kid on there. He’s very excited about this sort of string of potatoes he’s made. There’s loads and loads of pictures. Those instructions are
around the wrong way. I don’t know why you want
to do that with that carrot with that other tool, but I’m
totally going to get that. That looks amazing. Okay, one of these skewers
goes in through there. We then pierce it through
the bum of our potato. So, right through the other end, alright. Right to there. We then stick this through here, okay. And, that’s not gripping
the potato just yet. Okay, there we go. And then, that’s in there. Alright, alright. I think we’re doing this. It’s kind of working, then turn this. There we go. This turns into the potato. It’s going in. Now we’re winding it, okay. We’re going to have to go
like this for a minute. There we go. Have we done it? So, we pull this stick out now. Look at that. I’ve taken it off, whoops. Okay, okay, okay, I’ve
got a xylophone potato. Is that the right musical instrument, I’m not sure. It worked. We’re going to fry this
in just a bit, wow. In the background, you might have spotted, not only my sealed passport, but this bowl today. So, earlier, I found a recipe by Ken Hom, for homemade dumpling pastry. I wanted to get some in the supermarket, but I couldn’t find it, so basically you get some very hot water, and mix it in a bowl with some flour until it gets a dough, and you flour down, flour based style, and you kneed it for a good five minutes, and then you leave it
with a damp cloth over it. I haven’t even looked at this yet. And, boom. Well, there’s no yeast in there, but it’s nice and smooth, and apparently this is what
dumpling dough actually is according to Ken. And, he knows his stuff. Alright, so, just going
to flour down some more. That was, apparently we need to kneed
it down for a little bit, all it was to make this dough. I don’t know if that is 100% authentic, but Ken does know his stuff. (upbeat music) So, this is a dumpling maker. It’s a lot smaller, according to reviews, than people had hoped, but looks a bit mediaeval looking. The cool thing is, you
can use it like that. You turn it upside down. This feels pretty good, I don’t think you could
really get an incredible dumpling making gadget. This feels a bit rustic, authentic, if we can cut it. So, we’ve got a perfect
circle for the dumpling made using the mould that will sit in there like a dream. So, let’s just sit that in there. Now, this isn’t from, but I found it upstairs. Someone sent me, so thank you so much, but I think it’s the same thing. So, push that down, we’re going
to make a bigger dumpling. And, we’ll sit it down there as well. So, we sit it in there. So, I might as well do
that with my other one. I’ll put it in there upside down. Now, I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. And, I’m not going to
completely overfill these, I want it to work. So, I’m going to half fill. It’s about just getting
this thing to work. So, let’s try it with
this big one first of all. So, we just go, like that, I think. I don’t know if I did that right. No, let’s just sort of help it. Press down, that’s crimped like a dream, it’s even got a little hole in it from where it’s like manufactured. Apple pie dumpling. I’m going to really press
this into the sides of this to see if it will grip it a bit. Push it more to one end, and lift over one side. Down, down, down, that’s sharp. Look at that. I don’t know what that line is, maybe got a bit aggressive, dumplings. Alright so, we now are
going to get some oil on. You guys know I hate frying, but we’re going to fry
up the potato strip, and those dumplings. While that’s warming up, I’ve got one little cheeky thing that I thought I’d get for the kids, that’s kind of failed. Now, as you know, I have
got two very excitable kids, so it’s only fair if I get
this novelty thing twice. One for each of them. Now, this is something I’ve
discovered with It’s something called naivety, that’s what I’m going to call it, alright. So, when you look at it, and what you think is what you’re getting, hence the skulls there. I thought they were
going to be a bit bigger. These were going to be
doughnut cushions or pillows, I can’t remember. Donut pillows, there’s a lady there, having a lot of fun with
those donuts right there. Soft Plush Pillow Stuffed Seat Pad. So, alright, stuffed. It’s not stuffed. I’m trying to do what she’s doing, no. But look, there’s so many varieties. It’s like being in a
Dunkin Donuts or something. There’s a lady there, just, sort of, crouching, and being
proud of all her donuts. Her range, it’s huge. And then, there’s just loads of them. Material, high quality plush,
stuffed with PP cotton. Well, I haven’t opened it yet. It could surprise me. It could just be like whoosh. But, then it gets you,
right down the bottom. Package included, one pillow cover. Brilliant, but for 90p, they got me. And, about a billion
dollars delivery charge, whatever it was. Oh my God. Hey, Homer, look it’s your favourite. But, they do look from afar, that does look really realistic. But, there is a project I was going to do, I was going to surprise the kids, and make them a massive stuffed
Teddy Bear for Christmas. I still can, but I have a lot of stuffing. Actually, stuffing from Christmas dinner would be amazing, no. I’ve got some toy
filling, polyester stuff. So, we should be able to
make it look pretty good. Obviously, safety first here guys. Make sure you’ve got your baking socks on, ’cause that oil is hot. In other words, don’t stuff a donut cushion
when there’s hot oil in the vicinity. There we go. So, I’m just going to. When I brought this in
from the garage yesterday, these dogs got well jealous,
so I might let them wear it ’cause they were like
really sniffing them. Even though they were
still in their packaging. We did get them something. We got them a toy balloon like that, but they absolutely hate it. He’s scared of it. That’s a bit lopsided. But, this stuffing stuff
was only two pounds. So, that combined with the donut thing, if it does up, oh come
on, you’ve got to do up, we don’t want fluff, oh no. Shape it out a bit. Flammable, keep away from
heat sources and naked flames. Okay, I was cautious. Do you know what I’ve realised? They’re not cushions for kids, they’re in-flight comfort
cushions for pugs. She likes that. Come on, it comes off, there you go. That can be your new bed, guys. There it goes. So, this seems to be frying really nicely. Just be very careful, have
some kitchen towel to one side. That looks amazing. I feel like I’m at the fair. Right, dumplings. I’m going to lower this
in carefully, if I can. Yes, that big one, got a
little bit of a kink in it. But, the little one is looking good. Just going to let that dumpling cool down ’cause in true McDonald’s Apple pie style, if I bite into it now,
shamone, Michael Jackson. Mc-ael Jackson, why did not collaborate, McDonald’s and Michael Jackson? Don’t answer that. So, there we go, hope
you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to have a barathon now, some of you start your
whole weekend on gadget one, and watch the whole lot. Some of you watch other playlists
to merge it all together. Massive barathon fest, and you chat on social media, and I absolutely love it, so thank you so much for supporting me. I love it. That’s so cool. Ah, yeah. And, the apple pie. That is hot. I want to splurt molten lava at you. Wow, that is really, really good. I think that was a pot sticker
dumpling recipe actually. But, let’s not forget about the grenade. The last thing you’ll see right now is me, hopefully, dunking it in
slow motion into a glass. (upbeat music) So, there we go. I donut believe we had so much fun today. Bye-bye, bye. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your
style the kitchens for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache, goatee ♪ ♪ Maybe all 3 ♪

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