Jennifer Dulski Discusses Soft Skills

August 28, 2019

I think that it is very rare that a specific
skill you are going to learn in school is going to be the thing that most prepares you
for a job. And as someone who hires lots of people, and has been for twenty years, it
is very rare that I would say I’m going to hire you for this job because you learned
that exact thing in school. What I look for in people that I hire are things like patterns
of accomplishment. I want to know that people have passion and that they follow those passions
and that they can get things done and that they can drive towards achievement because
that shows me that they can then do that at work. Whether it happens to be the exact thing
they have done before or learned before matters less than the fact that they’re passionate
and achievement oriented. So I…my advice to people is generally challenge yourself
as much as you can. Do the things that feel hard now. Because what I find with people
is when they get into interviews they often feel insecure and unprepared. And the thing
that can help you feel most prepared is having pushed yourself to do other things that you
didn’t think you could do. Once you do a bunch of those things then going into that interview
just gives you that extra vote of confidence in yourself.

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