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Jason Greer – Soft Skills Training Approach to Diversity Training (Employee & Labor Relations)

October 17, 2019 Motivational
speaker Jason Greer expert in employee relations, labor relations, diversity training & equality
discusses soft skills training approach to diversity. Greer Consulting 314-643-NLRB (6572). Hi my name is Jason Greer, a motivational
speaker who specializes in equality and diversity training, soft skills training and motivational
speeches. In this day and age, it almost seems like
there’s a high tech gadget everywhere you look. Whether it’s some one connecting to
the internet via their cell phone or even in the fact that you are looking at this video.
Technology has changed the way we think, act and even communicate. But there is one that
has remained universal throughout time. That is our need to build relationships. Soft skills
such as verbal and non-verbal communication, understanding what is communication, and how
to get along with people are critical to success in the workplace. I am frequently asked, “what is diversity
training in the workplace”? Well, it’s definitely considered to be a form of business training
and cultural awareness training, but in reality my approach is way more diverse than the typical
diversity training. My diversity training is predicated upon teaching
soft skills training that enhances the benefit of diversity in the workplace. I literally
teach people how to look beyond surface level details like race and gender and to tap into
a better understanding of their co-worker’s behaviors as well as their own. This type
of professional training has been described as leadership skills training specifically
because I move people toward a greater understanding of how to communicate, relate and more importantly
drive the financial bottom line by increasing productivity and commitment to the work place. When all is said and done, the soft skills
training approach to diversity is an effective tool to get as much work done with your existing
talent pool. The diverse training will serve to minimize conflict, which often leads to
unnecessary lawsuits and organizational tension. And as an added bonus, I am a motivational
speaker so I go out of my way to ensure that we have as much fun as possible during the
training sessions. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me!

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