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Jam Jam’s first time at a daycare! [The Return of Superman/2020.01.26]

January 28, 2020

Jam Jam’s house is filled with silence. What is going on? What do I do if I miss you, Dad? What do I do if I miss you, Mom? I know. What will I do? I don’t know. Is Jam Jam going somewhere? Let’s go slowly. (Is Jam Jam really leaving?) She looks so sad. What on earth happened to Jam Jam? The Return of Superman, episode 313. “Love Is Beautiful, Childrearing Is Wonderful”. I’m up. Good morning. – How sweet. / – Did you sleep well, Uncle? So she was happy in the morning. My goodness. Did you sleep well? Good morning. (After saying good morning to the uncles,) (she lifts the table.) Good girl. When I saw her in person, I realized how pretty she was. I want to see her in person too. Hi, Pheasant. – Pheasant? / – Play with me. Why is she so busy moving things around in the morning? (What is she going to do?) (All her stuffed animals are here.) – She brought everyone out. / – Enjoy your breakfast. I made this pizza. (The cheese stretches out.) She’s playing house with her stuffed animals. She plays well on her own. It’s fun. (This is so fun.) Doesn’t it sound a bit sad? My friend. No friend. I have no friends. It’s fun. She’s having fun, but something is missing. Playing alone is boring. That’s why she brought her stuffed animals. Wake up, it’s morning. – Should we get up? / – Get up. – Should we get up? / – Should we get up? Is it morning? Mom is my friend. Is Mom your friend? (My friends are awake!) Watch my Spider-Man dance. Good job. Watch me. Jam Jam looks livelier now that her parents are out. The problem is, how long will this last? They need to be able to keep up. – You’re so good. / – See? They get tired quickly. There’s a rainbow. A rainbow! – Is there a rainbow? / – Yes. You’re right. They’re tired. This is fun. This is fun. It’s almost like she’s putting a spell on herself. Call for me. Call who? Ben. – Do you want me to call Ben? / – Ben? Yes. – Hi, Ben. / – Bentley. – He’s Jam Jam’s best friend. / – Yes. They’re the same age, so they get along really well. Heeyul, we’re calling Ben right now. (Are we calling Ben?) Ben, pick up. Jam Jam isn’t scary. – Sam. / – Heejun. What are you doing? Me? I’m just at home. Ben! Ben! Hi, Jam Jam. – What is Ben doing? / – Ben. Where is he? – Where’s Ben? / – Can you hear them? – Ben! / – Ben! Bentley. – It’s William. / – William is there too. Come visit me. Monster. (Let’s play monsters.) I guess Jam Jam wants friends to play with. Ben, what are you doing? – Why… / – I miss you. – Do you miss him? / – Hurry over. – We’re going out soon. / – Where are you going? Jam Jam is bored by herself. – Boo-boo. / – Boo-boo. (See you next time.) – If she’s bored, there’s a way. / – What way? Have another kid. – He’s right. / – That’s one way. It’s actually the best way. (Startled) William. (Please give Jam Jam a little sibling like Ben.) If you have the time, let’s meet up again. Okay. Take care. You too. Bye. Bye. Is Ben coming over? – Ben? They have to go somewhere. / – Yes. (Then!) That’s cool. Where’s Ben? Ben. Gosh, is she taking that – She really wants to go. / – to see Ben? – Exactly. / – Jam Jam. Get on. Get on. (Crashing) – She got too excited. / – Are you okay? I was trying to go and see my friend. Gosh. – Ride carefully. / – She needs friends at that age. That’s right. I think it’s time for Heeyul to start making friends. Jam Jam spends a lot of time by herself. She can get lonely. That’s why we thought she might get along with other kids if we send her to daycare. – Hello. / – Do you want to meet friends? What do I do if I miss you, Dad? You’re so sweet. – That’s why they’re affectionate. / – I’m worried too. Will you be okay? What do I do if I miss you, Mom? I know. What will I do? I don’t know. (Will she get along with new friends?) We’re going to meet some new friends. How exciting. – I love it. / – I love it. This must be the place. (They’re trying out daycare for the day.) They’re here to experience a daycare. – Gosh, hello. / – Hello. Hello. Good job. You’re good at greeting others. (Where are my friends?) Actually, she’s a little late compared to other kids. Right. I’m worried her feelings might get hurt. Maybe she’ll suddenly turn quiet. Those are the things we are worried about. Is it okay for us to not worry about it? If you worry, the child will worry more. You should trust her. Show her that you trust her and that you’ll be behind her to support her. Jam Jam will grow as much as your trust in her. You don’t have to worry. Please take good care of our child today. – I’m sure Jam Jam will do well. / – Can you do well? Let’s do this. – Let’s do this. / – Let’s do this. – Good job. / – Kids are – more resilient than we think. / – You’re so cool. Of course. Let’s try going into a classroom. Mom will go later. – What will they do? / – Tell Mom to stay here. – Go and play. / – Go and play. I’ll see you later. – See you. / – Go and play. It looks like they’re separating for good. Thank you. (Dad will show her to the classroom.) We’ll go slowly. It’s because she’s somewhere she has never been to. She can’t help feeling nervous. You’re right. This might be tough. Will she be okay? – There are so many friends. / – Shall we go in? Look, your friends are here. Hello. Your friends. She just went in right away. – She let go of me. / – Heejun must feel awkward. Hello. She went into a classroom with kids older than her. (She has stepped in for now.) (This place looks unfamiliar, so she goes to a corner.) She came in, but it must still feel awkward. (Will she fail to make friends?) – Hello. / – Hello. The older kids are approaching her first. How old are you? – Hello. / – Let’s play. (How old are you?) Jam Jam is so popular. She’s cute. Is she cute? (Jam Jam is still a little lost.) A baby is calling another baby cute. – You’re cute. / – Is she? Gosh. The older girls like her. How cute. I think the girl with the pretty pins in her hair – likes Jam Jam. / – I think so. – I’m glad. / – Yes. I think she’s adjusting really well. – Why aren’t her parents leaving? / – I’m so worried. I think they can go now. I’m wearing orange today. Can’t I watch her from over there? Can’t I? Please entrust her to us. Of course. – But… / – You two should go on a date. Okay. We’ll go. Mom can’t take her eyes off Jam Jam either. – Let’s go. Bye. / – I want to watch her for longer. It’s hard to leave. Hello. Her parents are watching through a monitor. (It’s Jam Jam’s first class.) Rotate your knees slowly. – That’s it. / – She’s really enthusiastic. – She’s in the front row. / – Do it slowly. She’s good. She’s adjusted 100 percent. Shall we try jumping on the spot? – Jump. / – Get ready, get ready. Go. One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two… (She’s jumping higher than others.) – One, two. One, two… / – She jumps well. (It’s her first time jumping in a group of friends.) – She’s in first place. / – Everyone, stand straight. You did very well. Let’s clap. She’s playing so well. It’s time to eat now. – Okay. / – Okay. – Baby. / – Let’s wash your hands with your friends. Gosh. She called her a baby and is looking after her. Jam Jam is bad at standing in line. – She’s impatient. / – Yes. She always says she wants to go first. – Dry them. / – Kids learn how to be social – at places like this. / – Try washing your hands. (Her mom or dad always washed them for her.) You can wash them after Heeyul is done. Heeyul, turn the pipe on and wash your hands. (Lifting) That’s it. Rub your hands. – Is she done already? / – Goodness. The water barely brushed her. (I’m going to put soap on my hands.) She was saving water. Here you go. (The teacher helps her out.) (She can wash them by herself!) – She did it by herself. / – When did she grow so much? Hold on a minute. How cute. (Take your time.) She saw her friends waiting behind her. – She knows how to be considerate. / – Thank you. She even cleaned up after herself. She’s good. (Thank you, Jam Jam.) She’s adjusted and is looking more cheerful now. Yunah, take your lunchbox. What about Jam Jam? Bring your bag, please. – Bag. / – Here’s your lunchbox. Shall we open your bag? Okay. (What is this inside my bag?) What is that? That doll is… It’s my dad. Moon Heejun. – It’s me. It’s a Heejun doll. / – What is it? What? Did she take it with her? It’s not a security doll. It’s an obsession doll. What is it? – This isn’t a lunch box. / – She threw it away. Why did she throw a doll of her dad away? There we go. – What? Your dad is inside. / – What is that? Jam Jam, think of Dad. It’s my picture. (Is it Dad again?) – What is this? / – Who is it? – Dad. / – Is it Dad? – She’s taking them all out. / – Gosh, Heejun. Archaeopteryx. (She’s introducing her dad.) Is your dad a bird? (It’s not the same thing.) (Giggling) – He asked if I’m a bird. / – What’s this? It’s cute. – Please give me a lot. / – Okay. I’ll give you some. Please give me some too. – You too. / – That’s a lot of food. Will she be able to eat by herself? Eat it with your spoon. Do you want a different spoon? – Can you eat with chopsticks? / – She’s eating. She’s using the chopsticks well. (Is she saving the grain of rice for tomorrow?) It’s delicious. She says it’s delicious. He’s eating kimchi. It’s red kimchi. They’re eating kimchi already. Can you eat kimchi? Kimchi? She’s never had it before. It’s going to be spicy. (Jam Jam is trying her very first kimchi!) – It’s spicy. / – Let’s see. – Is it too spicy? / – She’s surprised. – It’s spicy. / – It must be too spicy. (Burning) Why did you give me something spicy? (She experienced her very first spicy food.) Exactly. Is she making an official complaint? – Is it spicy? / – It’ll be okay if she eats rice. She should face obstacles and resolve them. That’s how they grow. Is it good? Yes. (You’re eating so well.) She likes him. Gosh, look at them. (They’re looking romantic.) What is that? Is that rice? (Why is there rice here?) – Goodness. / – Did you pick off the rice for him? Hold on a second. Why is she taking his spoon? You should have some soup too. She talks like her mom. “You should have some soup too.” (She’s copying her mom and dad.) She’s playing house here. Jam Jam is full of love. – Jam Jam is so cute. / – Is she cute? – What do we do? / – Thank you for feeding me. – Is it good? / – Jam Jam is full of love. Let’s go for a walk. – Shall we go for a walk? / – Yes. It’s because she fed him earlier. He’s looking after her. (Jam Jam, let’s go.) (Wow, I like it.) Jam Jam looks like she’s been attending this daycare for a while. – You’re right. / – Are we going for a walk? What is that? (Running) – What is that? / – Leaves! – It’s red. / – Yes, it’s red. – She loves it. She’s so happy. / – Yes. There’s a yellow one too. (Why is she putting a leaf on her head?) Why is she putting it on her head? Hello. Hello. Hello. (There are leaves falling from the sky.) What is she doing? Jam Jam! This leaf is as pretty as you. (This leaf is as pretty as you.) Oh, my. I guess they’re close already. Thank you. (Jam Jam and her friend are so sweet together.) Just this morning, Jam Jam was feeling lonely. – She looks so happy right now. / – I know. She’s so happy. (She gives her friend a bouquet of leaves as a gift.) It dropped. (I’m running away because I’m shy.) Fly, fly, fly. (She only skips like this when she’s excited.) She’s so excited. It’s her first time. She likes it because it’s new. – She’s so happy. / – Yes. (Sometimes, she leads her friends.) Her parents were worried at first, – but it wasn’t necessary. / – No. – Kids need friends. / – Come here. (Sometimes, she follows her friends.) (She learned what togetherness is.) Heeyul, let’s set down the blanket here. – It’s nap time. / – Lie down. I’ll cover you with the blanket. Go right in. She never listens when we tell her to lie down. I know. I’m surprised too. (They’re surprised by their daughter’s behavior.) I’m turning off the lights. See you when we wake up. Sleep well. (Patting) – She’s kissing her friends. / – She kissed them. She kissed her on the forehead. – She’s doing exactly what we do to her. / – I know. (We thought she’d fallen asleep, but…) – What is that sound? / – What? What is that sound? – Did you ask what that sound is? / – Yes. – It’s music. / – Why is the music playing – when we’re sleeping? / – You can listen to music as you take your nap. This is a culture Jam Jam never experienced before. (Just like that, everyone fell asleep.) – She’s never slept by herself before. / – No. – Did she fall asleep? / – When? Let’s turn on the lights. (One hour later) Their sweet naptime ended. Who is this? Get up, it’s morning! – Get up. / – There’s always one kid like her. (They look like a family now.) Get up, Rabbit. She’s up. Jam Jam slept so well too. She’s even folding her blanket. You folded it by yourself. – I wonder if she had a good time. / – Hello. – Are you back to get Heeyul? / – Yes. – Mom and Dad are here. Let’s go. / – Heeyul. – I’m not going. / – She doesn’t want to leave. – She doesn’t want to leave. / – She won’t go. – I’m not going. / – Heeyul, you have to go home now. Let’s put your bag on and go home. – Okay. / – Gosh. – I had fun. / – She had fun. I had fun. – They got close in just one day. / – Goodbye. (The kids are sad to say goodbye.) (Thank you for today, everyone.) See you again. Jam Jam grew up a bit more with her friends. She had such a fun day.

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    Our Jam Jam grew up so fast, she already went to a daycare!
    Hope you will always stay healthy, happy as a ball of sunshine like you always do Jam Jam. Thank u so much for existing :* <3

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  • Reply BTSARMYFOREVER January 28, 2020 at 5:21 am

    Isn't it unsafe to eat from a plate where a sticker was peeled?..Jam Jam's plate had those stickers before she peeled them…the glue would be on the plate. It needs to be washed before eating from it.

  • Reply Valeria Anais Reyes Martìnez January 28, 2020 at 5:22 am

    The sweetest girl i've ever seen, she's so full of love and happiness, i just can't help but adore Jam Jam ❤

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    Jam Jam is a very special girl. She has such a loving heart and an uncanny ability to be incredibly charming to everyone. It’s truly a blessing to witness her growing up. Kamsahamnida Heejun, Soyul, & TROS for sharing her with us! ❤️

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    – Sam Hammington, 2020

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    But my parents is far from hers. My parents shut me down and I became shy and stay indoors unlike others around my age.

    I hope that'll give other parents lesson. Let the child grow in their ways and be whoever they want to be, guide them but please please don't ever change them into someone they are not supposed to be

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