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It’s time to talk about Mental Health – Joe Meggetto

November 30, 2019

My biggest concern was what people thought.
Um, you grow up with all your mates and you grow up with your family and you think well,
you know what are they going to think? They’re going to think well I’m weak.
You know you’re weak. I thought negative thoughts a lot. There was a couple of times there that I I wanted to end my life. My name’s Joe Meggetto.
I’m a dairy farmer at Warragul South. I milk 250 cows and I’ve been doing that for about 28 years. I’ve had some challenges the last few years in regards to mental health. It’s been a tough couple of years with the
dairy industry that we are in ….the prices, the weather and those type of things. They are all, they are all challenges that all add up. The bad thoughts, the dark holes I was thinking of, I was always thinking no one deserves to find me, if I do take my own life. In the early days, I was really touching base with a lot of my friends. They didn’t know what I was going through but I was always texting them saying; “how you going?” and “what are you up to?” because I wanted to probably open up about it, but I wasn’t getting there. I wasn’t getting there to
open up about it. And the turning point for me was… my wife’s family is very close and every year we go away and they were all having a great time and I’m thinking they are all really happy and cheery and I’m just you know, down in
the dumps and thinking negative about myself. I ended up going to bed and then when my wife Michelle was coming to bed I just broke down in tears, I just broke down in tears and that’s when I sort of started to umm think, you know, well this might be the right time to really
go and source some help. Managing it to a day to day basis since I’ve been to see my GP, I’m on medication and um before I opened up about it, it was all
bottling up inside and I think once you open up about it, it’s just a total weight off
your shoulders. I think the more, the more talking of it the
more um things we can do as a community that can help people in the mental health side
of things well that can slowly break the stigma. If you are really struggling with it, seek
help and take that first step. We’ve gotta be prepared to open up about it. It took me two or three years to take that first step, but at the end of the day you’re number one. I still get bad days don’t get me wrong.
I’ve been fortunate enough and strong enough to open up about it and it’s made my life a lot easier so there’s help out there. There’re all these different organisations
that are really willing to help. And don’t be scared to talk to your mates about it and ring me! I don’t care, ring me! I’ll talk to ya.

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