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It’s A Major Thing – Geography and Planning

December 2, 2019

Hi guys. My name is Wesley Lloyd. I’m a
senior geography and planning major here at West Liberty and today I’ll show you
what’s like in this program. Today in my geography’s of pop culture class I’m
leading a discussion about a movie called monsters. The geography and
planning program basically starts out as a small overview. You start off with
classes like world regional geography where you learn about the different
regions of the world and then you go into intro to geography which
explains basic concepts like what the difference between space and place and
then once you get into the upper levels you get more in-depth into those topics
like physical geography which explains why the world is as it is culture of geography the impact of the people on where they are. Now we’re gonna
head into my seminar in urban world geography with Dr. Kruse Have you found the sources that you
need to answer the question? Within the program we do a
decent amount of field trips and this year we got to meet an extension agent
from West Virginia University. We got to meet the mayor of Wheeling and last year we
got to meet the head of tourism development for Marshall County and we
got to meet the head of branding for uh Oglebay Resorts so you get to meet a lot
of people within the field within the various parts of the field and see how
you can grow later Now we’re gonna go meet with Professor Massey to talk about
my internship. So some ideas about sustainability internship this semester. I
have two kind of main projects I think we want you to work on the first one
deals with a partnership with the city of Wheeling. There is a required
internship part with this program. It’s 120 hours. I myself I am focusing on the
sustainability Council here on campus where I help them overview the recycling
procedures, the environmental education week and currently I’m doing a survey
with the city who want to get more into recycling and sustainability. Today what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
take our drones out and get some video and pictures of the campus with some
snow cover on just test them out for a while. In this program you get to use a
drone and some of the fun stuff you’ll get to do with that is you’ll get to
take like overview pictures of the campus. After we get those shots they’re
usually downloaded into a software called GIS which is a geographic
information systems and from there we can manipulate it into showing various
different types of data. The Geography and Planning degree is actually very
wide-ranging. After graduation students in the geography and planning program
will often go into nonprofit organizations tourism economic
development and recreation. I myself I’m going into a city and regional planning. I
actually got accepted into the Ohio State University Milton School of
Architecture. I really feel like the programming here at West Liberty in the
geography and planning department well prepares you to go into something like a
master’s program at a large University. Hopefully this gave you more information
into the major. If you have any questions check out the website

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