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ISTJ Relationships – As Partners, Parents, Communication Style and Match

October 7, 2019

ISTJ personality type and relationships.
The I stands for introverted S is for sensing T for thinking and J is for
judging. The ISTJ communication style in general means
that they are specific and orientated to details that often communicate primarily
to move a task along their no-nonsense and action orientated in their
communication. ISTJ as partners, they have a strong respect for tradition and
often assume typical gender roles in their relationships they tend to work
hard to ensure that their families are provided for. The ISTJ as parents, they
rarely dote on their children but provides stability structure and the
practical necessities of life they want to pass on traditions and teach their
children how to fit into society the following types are more likely to
share. The ISTJ’s values interests and general approach to life they may not
agree and there’s no guarantee they’ll always get along but they’re more likely
to feel an easy rapport enough plenty of things in common to be the first to see
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    Thanks for watching! What is your experience as an ISTJ or being in a relationship with an ISTJ? Leave your thoughts below.

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