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ISFJ Relationships – As Partners, Parents, Communication Style and Match

October 10, 2019

the ISFJ personality type and
relationships I stands for introverted S is for sensing F is for feeling and J is
for judging. ISFJ communication style and relationships they take a supportive
role in communication and they are listening to tune in to the needs of
others they tend to be sensitive and want to collaborate to support everyone
involved. ISFJ as partners they are dedicated to the task of taking care of
their loved ones and they take their family responsibilities seriously they
enjoy relationships that allow them to be helpful and dutiful in their devotion
to loved ones ISFJ as parents they are firm but loving disciplinarians
and want to teach their children to do the right thing and adhere to the rules
of society they are typically excellent providing for their children’s daily
needs the following types are more likely to share the ISFJ’s values
interests and general approach to life they may not agree and there’s no
guarantee they’ll always get along but they’re more likely to feel an easy
rapport and have plenty of things in common to be the first to see all the
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    Thanks for watching! What is your experience as an ISFJ or being in a relationship with an ISFJ? Leave your thoughts below.

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