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Is There a Personality Disorder Test? | Mood Disorders

October 11, 2019

Sometimes people are worried that they may
have a personality disorder. And I’m often asked, you know, is there a
test out there that can let me know whether I’m suffering from a particular disorder. So, there are tests that do exist, and they
can be administered by people that are specifically trained to give the test and interpret the
test. And that can reveal if an individual has certain
traits of a personality disorder. But these tests always have to be coupled
with a clinical assessment and an evaluation to see whether or not these traits are actually
manifesting repeatedly, in a way that qualifies for a personality disorder. My advice would be, not to worry so much about
whether or not a simple test can tell you if you have a personality disorder. But rather, if you’re having situations that
seem to keep coming up, and you have certain symptoms, or things that you feel like could
be helped, my advice would be to have an evaluation done with a psychiatrist to help determine
whether there’s a diagnosis there, and more importantly, if there’s treatment out there.

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  • Reply residentpessimist January 2, 2012 at 8:27 pm

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