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Introduction to school scheduling software – Prime Timetable

October 15, 2019

Hello, my name is Mija and I will quickly
guide you through Prime Timetable a school scheduling software designed for
both automatic and manual timetabling on any device. On the website you can
read testimonials, browse features, contact support and create a free school
account: enter your email and password, click Start my free month and a blank
timetable will be created for you. I will use the data provided in the User guide
to import school activities from the spreadsheet app. The owl opens the main
menu and from there I will import all activities at once along with subjects,
rooms, teachers, classes and groups. I can sort, reorder, filter any resource and
view statistics. Imported activities are displayed as unscheduled cards that you
can freely drag, or you can hit play to let the automatic generator create a
valid timetable. The owl is jumping for joy and the bell shows no errors. Now I’m
going to pick the red marker to forbid the last periods for all classes on
Monday and Friday, forbid slots for part-time teachers, already scheduled
rooms and difficult subjects such as Math and Science. Finally I will pick the
pin to fix the cards I don’t want to be moved by the generator. Currently, there
are lots of errors, so I will start the generation to resolve them and get a
perfectly valid timetable. Let’s switch to individual view to make some manual
adjustments and while I’m at it I want to customize cards to display more info.
I will add teachers names to all individual class views, and room short
names in the teachers view. That way I can customize any other view as well. To
avoid conflicts open the teacher and room extra views to see the whole timetable
in one screen. The shadow of the dragged card will appear in all views so I’m able to
find an empty slot without creating a conflict. Select multiple cards in order
to perform bulk actions such as substitute a teacher, or change the room, or just drag them elsewhere. If you’ve
made a mistake click undo or open the History panel to undo or redo multiple
actions at once. In order to manage days click any day and for let’s say a two
week schedule you will want to add 5 more days. To manage periods click a
period and add as many as you need. Here you can also add custom period intervals
for a specific day or resource. You can invite your colleagues to collaborate
with you on any timetable. Once you save changes everything will be
seamlessly synced and merged across any device you might be using. Finally, you
may want to print, export to other formats, or publish the timetable online.
You can choose a different skin, set period format and visit the published
web page. Any teacher or student can bookmark their timetables and check them
anytime they want even offline. For inspiration you can browse automatically
generated examples. For instance K-5 shows different period intervals for a
specific day and resource, and the US International example shows
clipped electives which are always scheduled together. To explore more read
user guide and watch video tutorials which cover specific topics in detail. Once you’ve finished evaluating the
software you can purchase it online. Choose Basic or Premium plan based on
the number of teachers you are scheduling, optionally drag the year slider to get
special discounts and proceed with payment.

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