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INTP Personality Type Explained – INTP Documentary

October 3, 2019

INTP Personality Type Explained – INTP Documentary in 90p introversion in this foolish f
know what yeah like that manner introduction the logician
personality typing fairy we’re making up only 3% of the population which is
definitely a good thing for them as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy
about and in common conditions pride themselves on the abbey inventiveness
and creativity a unique perspective and different intellectual endeavors
blossomforth after technology me professor magicians
have been photo for many scientific discoveries throughout street in the e
MC squared Einstein people is the logician personality fight with my
brother with a series of positive suggestions for outlet of underlying
issue of perfectly that is so I was welcomed by their works the unexamined life is not worth living
auditions are not only a minute heavys and undulant in logic effect they
are considered the most logically besides of all the personality type they
love patterns and spotting discrepancies between statements could almost be
described as of admitting it of an ideal life to another sense this makes it
ironic that the audition was should always be taken with a grain of salt is
not that there are dishonest but he permits the audition personality defect
and to share their posture they are not fully developed using others as a
sounding board for ideas and there is enmity against them themselves rather
than as actual conversation people who share the logician personality type
ancestry but it’s all day to day activity and maintenance but when they
find an environment where there are physical ideas and potential can be
expressed there’s no limits will be on time and governmental offices to extend
the developing every side – and my solution which made me happy I remember biology
enthusiastic until a song or getting to an inspectors and details that support
the issue and domestically privacy services as I expect algebra can see for
mister we get to Monday they existed under educating politicians of processes
and seeding in my advancing ideas of positive II have if I of them moving
expensive and catch and they are often conducting insights with it in your own
head but really reduces our finalists and Stanley when they are with people
they know of who share the interest however this can be repaired by
overwhelming China where goddesses or scientists are among unfamiliar visas
and on and sentimentality become effective if the ability a logician
foreigners or get a bit excited when logicians are particularly excited for
compensation can be bother on kuvira’s at each other with DD chain of logic
dogs brutal they led to the formation of the latest ideas oftentimes militia to
option convening on from the of the epochs ever understood what they are
trying to treat rather they finally pick out kingdoms the rivers can also be true and people
explain here processes Rajesh’s in terms of subjective and feeling imagine an
immense complicated part work taking in every second idea possible processing
them for a detox of Katies with the leanest returning the most logically
sound we talked a lot this in mind and this has little tolerance for emotional
or Comanche jamming chemically let notes watch me move to the world move them
cellphone further the auditions are less likely to unsay emotional completion or
and your friends would find in them so the unless emotional activity this
was liked by the attention of more sources for ventures any business to get
image and focuses of insolvencies any results the one thing that will cause
logic inspecting the restless and caused a severe obesity of very large sample so
that is our portal yes I think they all talk at the rhetoric them they miss some
typical piece of the puzzle that Deacon technique lock in the intangible world
where the thoughts are never to be black what community sound out stands as the
church but the writer gives big and small be stopped on the world a
plaintiff who make the motor fight thank for watching if I to subscribe to
my channel at the Fox people thank you ever I’m TP stranger weakness let’s talk
about their strengths we analysis and accepting confirmed the audition process
if I feel the burn speed of like 30 and recognize that earth with any machine
all the partner Internet’s the launcher excellent and as it is connected seen
how to be invisible Texas hi each other in waste and
Elizabeth imaginative and original dish connections are the footer of a hard
landing in ventilation because this is added miss encounter a visit at one and
let’s see the last people those who are you running from remarkable innovation
open-minded auditions could make these connections easy for today in the off
the highly receptive after a chilly so at comment they’re supported by large
impact the most objective metric like social norms and commission body because
none of my people saw before I did about matter into testing when a new idea piques
their interest and very internet begins up to 35 is another person scan and
begin with our and size of a disgusting walk at least so the only our evidence
of this and condenser book positions on a PC from very very objective of
transition and as his creativity of a – Anton of some fungus ideology by
emotionally validation sister rather eat and so people with illogical so far
Indian Express at the amount of work at radical mediator orders and ship forward
to know one thing and say another one is every person’s door opens well isn’t
isn’t reading fun I believe that is true is the movie
expected to be appreciated as a support of my time let’s talk about their
weakness where private and withdraw politicians collective use benefits at
diseases yes sir only arms we consider an intrusion on their form is especially
true with people are quite shiny so at the top of the decision
parties and to break this part even be sensitive often times our supporters
get too caught up in your market that they forget any kind initial
concentration rational intuition and bharwa be the focus really emotional you
should dishes and like time sympathy and this is a legal thing absol mind that
might not stick and justice captured their absence both yawn social matters
even for the rest of the Colossus and don’t forget food we see even the
obvious it is our Milton to their current evacuation and even forget your
own house the emails are Steven condescending attempts a connecting
mother’s outfit was and people with ojiisan personality type it right in
their knowledge retina and enjoy sharing ideas but if identity of the got it from
AP – Tecna sweeping a partition summers if you find things to the Fire Nation
he saw actually struggle to teach ultimate in subcontinent energy per
visit never mind love moves and guidelines these social
struggles are partially of Buddha obligations that and otherwise for this
as it’ll help initial strength of operations over and 20 museums of cotton
the inventive economy and security in different only weights that can
compromise both second-guess themselves Rajesh’s evade so often to leading
publishers that Tamil never from the tradition at all it’s a fact is the host
children about yourself or San Pedro them as defect if they improve any and
he won’t be to the second first to what you do
Adams receptor politicians of the behavior within before the F of you here doing the strengths and weaknesses and
help you better attempt and it directly them thank you for watching invite to
subscribe to my youtube channel and support my teacher I am simply romantic relationships when
it comes to romantic relationships positions have an interesting mixture of
traits that offer position for their partners and they are more logical and
more to the other emotion of what they give surprises to their partners people
with this personality type are always full of ideas but they have two
opportunities explore their more romantic notions but it can really
intellectual rates much less interest you with creative ideas as if any of the
other theories or didn’t love sharing with others and finally beating someone
where there are some property shown himself to be excited and suggesting
even playful flirting with work play and intellectual games so they can get
creative when it comes to dating and then you can have interesting DS and NGC
no no this is to say that these relationships come easy to audition
they’re shy and withdrawn individuals and getting out missing you before we
see detection and making himself the center of attention in most of the
delicate situations are far from Vidya strengths so they can be pretty shy when
it comes to love as well it is more likely they’re not the same
personalities will leave a trail of breadcrumbs for potential partners
rather to meet the first movement commits India on an echo
reciprocation rather than bravado so there actually be more passive so
they’re actually just leave some hints for you too
I see if did them that we close to them for the start magicians tip the orifices
seriously they are imagination and vision and challenge of getting to know
new people reading them all too aware of how important is involved with someone
so the approvers are surprisingly loyal so the Eroica relationship which is one
a good perks of being with INTP even early in a dating phase Rajesh’s
are in the direct and honor to India effect express their mindset agree
future understanding believing that this shed knowledge one helps minimize
misunderstanding and avoid conflict so they are ready to lecture Sonia like to
talk about their thoughts and feelings of you but more their talks on how they
think about masters and their relationship for granted auditions Diddy
needs proof remarkably simple give surprises complex social plans and deal
size up readied and important to people the logician personality type but this
is also one of the achievers witness the economy very much with these things and
it won’t even offer to listen to fry them up so this is a weakness and image
instead to do tech research it to because of this light of because some of
the loves science is hot gifts for all of this analysis and tend to you should
understand in auditions and authority for everything other emotional needs
so this is also one of the witnesses accounts relationship so so be so be
understanding to our identity of a source data the alleged emotional mo
logical when this conflict to arrives and is in SPF of Allah Jesus will do
their best to find a logical solution I see they are more of a thinker so do as
you find method to resolve all the conflicts but this hardly helps in the
problem is logic itself that knowledge in personalities and we see the path –
emotional needs so if the emotional part would actually fall short for INTP the
less emotional in short position should keep this in mind and try to reach the
partners houses recommend hitting in motion and level is the biggest ever
understanding partners who recognizes appreciate against just Ramsey though it
may be so they did also emotionally – you here to understand you emotionally
if they try they can try to do it after all they do of the little fun
logicians of same benefit at least and how baby lodges in Sin City as well so
you have to go there and so have to meet halfway so it’s a both ways between
couples – for INTP and other characters to a team mix around all this material
ascetism and conflict avoidance of for15 equal to fear mental resources for the
more important see like the research in your work so there would be in there
with mental as entities positions creativity and imagination make for
surprising and to say depression and aromantic partner so they can also have
the romantic size now so it doesn’t mean they are all just logic we can also have
the emotional side in the effort and time to do it politicians may prioritize
they are either work too much imagining interesting and exciting intimate
situations they are never expect to the other partners they also use this which
enable to achieve as much as possible it is a much easier you find for ideas so
they actually have very strong in oval of their own research Edward technology
physically intellectually and with a little effort emotional exhaustion
theses are which everyone in connections original body because you can understand
them I’m a stallion thought better and then you can understand each other’s
thinking well with the ICP cancer panel to change intuitive trade of visited
best doing along with one or two opposite tries to create variety and
balance but as note logicians remember that they are with people and have their
own independent ones and needs so-and-so their partners remember the stiff
resisting this long-lasting these are long-lasting and since
finalization so it’s logic and emotional need that has the work to waste those it
is supporters issue to be successful for ICC pay for watching evite is a friend
to my youtube channel and support my each one thank you very much I’m Tippi Parenthood discover how intps
are pepper – panting in parenting rules as with many social roles or justified
himself facing a robotic but healthy challenge not a natural sensitive type
the audition personality struggle to identify through raw emotions and
irrationality they are often the standard became children we’re yet to
develop sort of self control analytical thinking that you should take for
granted so there are the usually a more logical and they’re less emotional with
their child people is a logician personality our cleverness incredibly
devoted fret not in the traditional emotionally supportive supportive sense
but they are thinkers and they inspire them in the thinking but they aren’t
parents who are committed to encouraging the Royal children to teach
independently seek out new knowledge first and defend your own opinions but
they can be them is really independent and their own personal opinions so they
can take care of themselves politicians knowledge is key and it will
not do their best to keep their children the tolerance and freedom necessary to a
fy’y so as you can see the background is books and Qi so they are achieved by
give some knowledge and understanding to the earth kid
the Egyptian parents take a relaxed intellectual approach towards the
children allowing them to explore the world around them and overlooking the
more minor of excess anomaly so they’re not consider minor offences what we want
them to understand the world and then to survive further
tradition parents are demanding in an intellectual sense they want their
children to as if this part is best for them and how to go about fully a
different one if they need to the level of personal freedom can be daunting and
take a long time to come to terms we follow the same path prepared to stand
by their children with support and advice for sonic CD so they assume they
are material supportive they come to choosing their life options for the
career for the major in whatever ways so there she can video
output support system well that handy a better pair for having rational
intelligent discussions with your children so yeah there’s hardly a crumb
diem and sample income to provide emotional support that many children
need especially as they approach their teen is yes so in the sea issues you may
face some problems like Evel Knievel to support I can find a be the pathway
actually in the NZ provide emotional supplies to be becomes either go into
the to this to this video not just live but good life no distance one nothing
more than for the tool to throw up smartly dependent and tolerant so they
have to be tolerant as well so true and not as being smart independent but if
you want them to be well adjusted to they must make this effort to actually
interact with them talk to them spend hug them partition parity stops a
possibility of latitude for them to empower this video comes responsibility
and it’s a magician’s responsibility to ensure that is used constructively so
yeah so that’s the that’s one of the perks of having an auntie depend so it’s
a challenge for people with logician personality time to teach empathy
alongside rationality so the actually are net empathetic we’re more logical if
they put off their children will go to be confident and thoughts will know how
to ask questions use their mind and take care of themselves might know what comes
their way so they will become independent and strong enough credits to
a quick survey for photos and 16% ease of home
identity parents or content thanks for watching peace of inverters are sure to
my youtube channel and support my patron thank you very much you I’m typically advice for one camper
really good for ITP will be shared with you auditions are solitary eccentric and
independent none of which is still as desirable for cock propositions which
are usually designed for very different for that types so they are more of a
thinker and more for people who do research and who are all in the lab
technicians research and and then assist position Duty stronger in finding career
their media needs but but one day to bring quality is much higher demand our
creativity our passion for theoretical methods and ideas and network for no
divinity spirit so the a’queen R&D research and
development coming out innovative ideas if they are able to put this better
footfall to secure this engine is the whole line of people with audition
personality type will find them whatever the top diseases less desirable
qualities were proof on essay after all so the less desirable means a logical
the mental thinking chief among logicians interest is exploring and
building models underlying principles and ideas even ways of as far as to find
these concepts in their own way beautiful so there are two bill models and
structure this time natural mathematician system analysis and career
scientist especially in more abstract few subjects physics so the three dishes
physics professors people in quantum physics okay astrophysics can be
possibly int P there are many other career that allowed auditions for this
interest but many of them are far too routine uninteresting practical
application so if the int peer a practical addictive a practical careers
like by for energies as well this has lab technicians left scientists as
useful as it develop better vacuum cleaner is no luck how how doing
Collider voltages societies ourselves even and a very high personal standards
good ever good enough is never good enough but a few environmental needs so
they want to be excellent at their job and their work who denied to develop
very powerful concepts and web powerful predator applications
despite is relatively simple city they are often hard for people’s century
types to understand or distinctly primarily in their own heads and have
little interest in social distraction I am motivated feature so they are more
toward having resolved a result driven beside all the motivation ology check
among there are more internal data for this reason the factor to vote please
hierarchy the brightest making smaller technical pieces officially law forensic
laboratories credit are go for additions so we are good for law forensics left
research and see this is actually a microbiology lab technician if you can
see the photo inside fluid of a minor managers who accommodate these needs
will find the other distance a body needs to be at either generate up
reading and indeed ideas so they have very innovative ideas and they’re very
good theories see you can see sure is a the actually space technicians facing
the satellites however many people in the audition personality type to obey
the media hierarchy altogether of the Institute idea services on a freelance
basis as consultants to some of them you know
be tied up by the hierarchy right and the office so they actually just want to
be feelin take any fitness as well my love when I should to try this it about
theta / I dig up emotional satisfaction push it was masseuse they are not so
they are no thought said do customer service as well
it doesn’t really suit them to do customer service because they are more
logical and then did as you know this is because emotional support as well for
this kind of is actually knowledge in a percentage struggle to understand
emotional exchanges and service antic positions I say will prove battling and
exhausting for them so they do not excel in these positions the auditions are
talented and insist were perfectly capable of understanding the theoretical
importance of customer service the day-to-day application of such scheme is
simply better left to more people aren’t into personality types so they are so
they do not it probably are not two people are in theater but the IT
theoretical and minority business is way more complex
every day and this capacity is managed with technical systems economic theories
and data so they can be very good data scientist programmers
a logical thinker system and a system analysis CRM I like creators
customization management software greater the need for novel approaches is
stronger than ever for people and automation to distinguish themselves so
they needed talent to eddie create like powerful applications for the company to
excel in your business well and business analysis and corporate strategies is
worth to talk to politicians but they cannot move things forward at the time
system analysis mechanical electrical and software has even and technical
writers and journalists provider to is interesting enough for
them to sustain the interest so they need to start in your interest and so
even as they do all this career as we go on the career path so precise want to talk about this day
and she has mine she can’t just well enough to establish themselves as a
bidden innovators as they are so they need to have like a sort of motivation
to actually do their work they must be able to have strong connections with
your teammates if they have interest in their work people are not just a
personality type or find out whatever the expectations for social conduct is
the qualities you need to attend they actually in demand so they have very in
demand kind of qualities we got their creative innovators and you have a
logical thinker so they actually can can create results for your from the dead
for watching invite to subscribe to my channel YouTube channel and support my
patron thank you very much workplace habits for INTP this is an
introduction the running team for logicians is the our desire for solitude
need for intellectual stimulation and the satisfaction of the final piece of
the puzzle clicking into place so they are more intellectual and less emotional
in the workplace so they cook very well for my example of an analysis of these
of programmers when very somebody or manager positions the colleagues are
working alone these people just are the freedom to pursue the unfettered by
social applications and progress reports are all about people so they are all
about so the Angela yeah she know people are
in theater but they actually can be very logical very counter people assisting
people to halogen is often notice they actually function best and pet is
another person their position determines which personality type best fits their
needs so it you got that nice maybe another int P might work or another
another siege character my work there but they can be different also but
logical tendency to live in jackets and pen in fish activity seemed abandoned
month at the presence of an implementer so ensure that no stroke of genius goes
unnoticed so they want to display their talents on a lot of the logical mind and
very creative and innovative ideas thanks for watching there’s a part two
of this video please subscribe to my channel as a former teacher for for mine
so I have a next video for this beast watch on thanks for watching provide 20
people please happy to audition sample guinea so you learned how is it like to
have some body needs of musicians under the right conditions audition somebody
need I need to be deeply thoughtful and Hawking so they are achieve very
creative thinkers and sit by this presentation is rewrapping their minds
around whatever complex problems are placed in front of them in the living
and Orthodox but defective solutions so they are very logical in your mind and
they are not really concerned about whether they are likable or not there is
no religion priority data varieties of work and how
logically they can configure however these qualities required agree your
freedom something stereotypically managers are love to see so because many
just one controller one management which means sometimes the ITP needs creative
in some space to actually have this creative genius has found its difficulty
to qualify on a resume several of the other cares if I have relatively
different suit of security and to being life as they break the challenge so yeah
this one one of the problems so they know afraid of the top security and you
can take time to grow to traffic auditions abilities enough to allow this
latitude so you will take some time to have this sort of trust because they
actually take some time to entity come to fruition position personalities
prefer to work alone but at the same time it is five transfer gradual means
the menial work that medium tasks every day time that you did I took bit do big
truths and then this is a physics change with a position repeated the physic
physics major scientists their focus on conceiving new and exciting ideas
ignoring the details execution so they want new exciting ideas and every
project is their creative so do you prefer to have all these refer to
actually find out more about the size of it and then just making big truth means
that no magicians need someone alongside to keep things in order and actually put
into practice they are often and we find ideas such a
condition can be currently fought on audition but a few logically frizam
something that emotional appeal to or pep talks about working as part of a
team and clever management can make it happen
so thanks for watching in value to the threat of my youtube channel and support
my teacher thank you very much I’m Tippi workplace habits knowledge
increase why did you try to have relation colleagues with an typical
politicians colleagues aren’t so much true of people who they socialize and
what leaf so you do actually socialize a lot with them I having drinks later and
then by going out with them after work to them they are series of obstacles and
divergent occasionally useful knowledge so they all find having friends and
interacting if your colleagues will be actually like obstacle mingle in
chit-chatting things afterward this make logician want to work alone not get up
in the morning so these are the things that they do not like delight if they
prefer to walk alone actually in the traffic tend to linger around despite
these distance people with television personalities have a little eco a
developing insightful and m5 interpretations of other motivations
others motivation though sometimes they are over there
would think you’d be having unnecessary suspicious of others rules so one of the
pet impact is that you become suspicious of other people’s tools what did you
enjoy our widows and Panthers and O’Neil audition will be proud to be the Guru
who sought after at arbiter of the veracity of an idea so they actually put
some patterns and formulas and him and the OBD like to be regarded at but some
of the logical mind I can solve issues and widows for the insight on how to
apply a principle to know situations so they like to be the one to stand on it
in terms of resolving the issue and then being the person which is the problem
solver but you just love discussing the theories at least with proven colleagues
and most and I’m almost always available at income food consultants this however
does not apply to emotional widows and conflict position that she issue in
these taxes recent auditions personalities have no clue what to do thanks for watching invite us I try to
my China and for my patron thank you 90 people sadita explains the conclusion
of her energy for this life and with a powerful intellect and partitions and so
they have very strong intellect and strong body to mind to overcome a lot of
problems and solutions the symphony sometimes but everything that so much more volume on it run it down
but I find yourself easy for a kid the main motivation with the morality of
the family get your fucking your friends in fighting to subtract my
thank you for watching 90 people place habits and hippie
managers what they are managed to do this while auditions won’t care for
managing other people is not to allow you to explore your own creativity and
use own body and understanding and people more freedom especially as it
provides the opportunity to direct concepts and theories were others handle
the logistics so you can that you can then do the ground and wild emotion
manager which is 93 many judges sing on theories and ways to solve awkward
positions have a bread tolerant and tactical satellite man open up to
vertical position be done for the money so they give them freedom to express
their views to use a logic to use their messages we work please very rewarding I
see which we don’t count as decent managers have very high standard that’s
why others describe them inside so you want people to understand what I see
even from afar you want to be able to have the standard and understand and
attempt to understand them as well as their demands for innovation culture a
better than any other kind of school so they can see with like you know voltage
can see mystics and then was wrong with work very easily the workshop
the a tendency to ignore other things mostly means the despotism of time and
for today that I put it together mechanistic who they are see perfection
is a serious matter but now that they are doing very to
managers here come again horses with their best partner this time a delegator
can filter the content our idea people could be productively for you another
like liars on to actually help you have the IEP to explain matters so there will
be very ideal and a liason can also have the first you see a vision
I sure miss it finally once is five so yeah so you cannot divorce women lodging and understanding for ITP invite
their friends to subscribe to my YouTube channel and perform a visual

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