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Internship Insight: Avier Flight School with Mark Specia ’19

August 9, 2019

This is Mark and Javier
here at AVIER Flight School. We are senior business management students
doing their semester-long internship here and helping out with social media and marketing and we’d like to take you through a
day at AVIER Flight School. [plane engine revving] I’m here at AVIER Flight School. We’ve helped out with social media, marketing,
merchandising, and branding. We made our own apparel line. We’ve helped out making brochures and pamphlets. The most important thing I’ve learned here at AVIER
is all the hard work and dedication it takes to make a small business like this operate and
I think this internship will be valuable in my future. It taught me a lot about
time management skills. It’s also taught me a great work ethic that
I can use in the future. I see how hard both my bosses
Paul and Esteban work on a daily basis and that kind of motivates
me to work just as hard. I hope you enjoyed our inside look at our internship
and we’ll see you around campus.

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