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InFocus Growth Planning: Padstow Gallery

November 30, 2019

I’m Liz Francis, my business is
Padstow Gallery Ltd. and we are an art gallery in Padstow in the heart of
Cornwall. We specialise selling independent, hand-selected painting
straight from the the artists and the makers directly, so there’s absolutely no
wholesale it’s all independent and we absolutely love what we do. I guess we’ve
been in business now for about 18 months and I really wanted a bit of reassurance
that was going in the right direction a little bit of help with the growth and
the tweaking of things make sure that we are kind of doing everything that we can
to to get ahead of the game, stay where we want to be and basically make sure
that we’re giving our customers and also our artists the best possible experience,
so that’s why we’re here. Things that I’ve taken away from this Growth workshop are
probably that planning is everything; making sure that we actually we have a clear
idea of who we’re targeting and how we’re going to do it and have a plan
that everyone’s on board with branding and raising kind of the credibility of
the company but also the visibility of the company, those are definitely key
things and delegation; for me I’d need to let somebody else do some stuff for me. I’ll make sure that we’re pulling together as a team, but
also having enough down time to actually enjoy life and enjoy this amazing
sunshine. I’d recommend coming on to the Growth Planning Day because the the
expertise that you get here is absolutely fantastic, everyone’s really
helpful really friendly, no question is too silly or too small and it’s a really
friendly environment to kind of bounce ideas around and to to get that help

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