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Improving financial inclusivity one experience at a time

December 2, 2019

Experience Vanderbilt is a student-led initiative
that provides students with financial need with resources to participate in extra-curricular
activities. So things like clubs, sports, service trips
and Greek life. Opportunity Vanderbilt brought students from
different backgrounds into the classroom, but it wasn’t bringing them onto the soccer
field; it wasn’t bringing them into the cultural organizations; especially wasn’t bringing
them into the Greek organizations or the service trips. All these other experiences that provide such
a meaningful impact on your college experience. The true essence of college is not just the
book knowledge you’ve learned, but the experiences that you gain and opportunity you have to
interact with different people and to learn from different situations. So we worked with the Dell Children’s Hospital
with their toy drive donation. What is important to realize about Experience
Vanderbilt is that it doesn’t just benefit Experience Vanderbilt recipients. It benefits everyone in the Vanderbilt community
because it brings different perspectives together to engage in different organizations and have
meaningful conversations. But for me, Experience Vanderbilt is one of
the most meaningful ways that I can impact other students like me. Other students who have worried about their
financial situation, worried how their financial background might affect their experience at
Vanderbilt. And my goal is to help improve financial inclusively
at Vanderbilt so that when I come back in five years or ten years or twenty years, I
look around and see a community where students are engaging from all sorts of different backgrounds
across every different area of campus.

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