If You Have Moles on One of These Places, It Has Surprising Meaning

September 29, 2019

Moles on these places on your body say surprising truths about you Average human has between 10 and 40 of them Some people see them as blemishes, but for most they are beauty marks. Yes. We are talking about moles Do you have at least one of those then hit the like button to join our club? Brightside has done some research for you to explain the meaning of moles on different parts of your body Temples moles in certain places on your body promise you extraordinary wealth a successful career and family life some moles speak of good health of a person who has them a Mole on your temple indicates that you’re a person who not only loves to travel But will have a lot of opportunities to do it We all mentioned travelling as our hobby on all possible profiles. We create, but you get to do it that is the cool part You might find yourself traveling for the sake of exploring the world and making your friends jealous or for your future exciting job Which one would you prefer both sound good to me? Between the eyebrows the Area between the eyebrows is the career sector of your face a mole here means professional development and promotion New exciting career opportunities and higher salary will be all yours You won’t stop growing as a professional Which is seen as a great and ambitious destiny for many if you prefer the quiet and comfort of your own home? It might mean you will find something to work at without even going to the office Blogging painting baking the best doughnuts in the world you name it By the way if you are a young adult watching this remember. There is still Hope you will get a mole between the eyebrows They keep developing throughout our lives But mostly during childhood and teenage years as we grow older. They might fade away Between the eye and the eyebrow the area between your eye And the eyebrows symbolizes your home people who have a mole in this home area are friendly and outgoing Individuals who at the same time like taking the leadership role? They are interested in many things and succeeded all of them or most of them upper lips If you have a mole on the upper lip you must be Cindy Crawford if you are watching this and you are not Cindy there Is a second possible meaning and probably a more realistic one you are an excellent communicator So you have like a brilliant friends you pay great attention to your look and diet? And you are ready to spend a lot of money on both because they mean so much to you Cheek bone Are you among those who have cheek bone moles click like if you stand with us This beauty mark promises you quite a lot of money You will earn it all yourself as you will most likely have a very well-paid and important job You might become a president like Abraham Lincoln for example He had a mole on his face that we can still see on the $5 bill One weird thing about it is that the mole seems to be on the opposite side of his face We have all seen his famous picture from 1864 which inspired the Bill image right it turns out it is not the bank note, which is reversing his face But the original photo the mirror image is the result of using old photo technology? Ok enough history for the day. Let’s get back to exploring our present and predicting the future Chin Those who have chin moles are everyone’s favorites. Why because how can you not love a person who is caring and affectionate add? responsible and full of enthusiasm about work And you get a superhuman that superhuman also loves to travel and explore new things Why not do it when you can easily adapt to any environment? Here If you happen to have moles on your ears it means you can hear much better than others And it will get you far in life Just kidding It is a sign of a lucky Individual if you just started looking for a mole somewhere on your ears and found it test your luck Buy a lottery ticket, and if you win, you know whom to thank for it Next Most people who have neck moles are not particularly excited about them It is like a permanent pendant You never asked for right? well finding out its meaning will Probably make you change the way you feel about them all if you have one on the front of your neck you will run into A huge fortune when you expect at least of all If you have it on the opposite side of your neck the back of it You are very satisfied with what you have and you know how to appreciate it not bad either Back Those who have moles on their back always have a back-up plan Note the pun However that plan might not involve you be careful with them trust But verify you know check out every detail before making any important agreements Arms Our moles are very widespread and it’s a good thing it makes us happy to know there are large amounts of polite and trustworthy people in the world This is what it indicates if you have moles on your arms or at least one mole there You will be happily married if you are already married But are not particularly happy at the moment look at your arm moles and change your attitude towards things a bit The palm of your hand a Mole inside the palm of your hand is a good sign for those who love money What did you just say who doesn’t well some people value simple joys of life and spiritual things more or so they say But anyway never running out of money sounds like a good fortune to most of us having ambitions and achieving your goals as a strong leader is not bad either a mole on the back of your palm indicates good management skills especially when it comes to financial matters So you will not only have much money, but you will also know what to do with it good stuff Feet Having large moles covering most of the body is very rare only 1 in 200,000 to 500,000 people can boast or not really unless you find it very pretty of that It is also very rare to have moles on the spinal cord and the base of the brain moles on the sole of your feet prove that you are someone who loves to travel and try new things including Food you have many friends and like to be the center of attention Your job most likely encourages you to do that so you are a good leader taking care of things professionally If you have twin moles on your sole or any other part of your body It means you’re a complicated dual personality you like to question things and to look at your options You will think twice before taking any decisions it Is not only the location of moles? but also their shape and color that matter if You have round moles and prefer keeping things calm and peaceful. You are sweet and good to others and like to look for compromise Oblong moles promise their owners some good fortune in the future You will make it yourself, so it promises some hard work involved, too By the way the shape of your moles is not the only thing that can tell a lot about your personality Here is a link to another awesome video what your eyebrow shape can say about your personality Back to the good old moles if yours are light color it is considered to be a sign of good luck Dark almost black moles symbolize the obstacles you will have to overcome on your way to success It all ends well though no worries Finally achieving something you’ve been fighting for feels more rewarding than just being given it, right When we speak of dark moles we have to mention the health aspect as well Many people believe they are dangerous and indicates serious diseases like cancer. It is not always so Moles can deepen throughout our teen years or during pregnancy, but it is a good idea to get them checked by a doctor anyway We hope you enjoyed this very unusual personality test it thumbs up if you can relate to it Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our fun updates join us on the bright side You

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