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I Got Threads Injected Into My Lips | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

December 4, 2019

The reason that I’m using a curled thread
versus a straight thread is I want it to give a little bit more balance and a little bit
more definition, a little bit more of a lift. Hi, my name is Lexi Donato and I’m getting
a lip thread lift done today. I live in Los Angeles. I own a brand called LDLA, also known as LD
Los Angeles, and we’re all about empowering women and making women feel beautiful in their
own skin. It’s no longer about a beauty standard
to look like someone else, it’s more about redefining your own beauty. So why not have a lip thread lift? Because if it’s something that you’re comfortable
with and you already love yourself, it’s just going to enhance that overall feeling. And so that’s why I’m doing this. I’m Dr. Shiela Nazarian. I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly
Hills. I’m basically a plastic surgeon influencer. It’s kind of like the Oprah’s list of plastic
surgery up in my office. But if I was speaking to somebody and they didn’t know
what plastic surgery was, my answer would be that I help men and women regain their
confidence. People joke that plastic surgeons are therapists
with a knife but we’re really not. For some people, if there’s a lot going on
at home or they have a lot of stuff happening on the inside, no matter what I do on the outside, they’re never gonna be happy. Giving people the gift of confidence has ripple effects in their lives. I’m not just affecting that one person, making one person comfortable and feeling great about themselves, that’s going to affect everyone around them. So I’ve had a little bit of lip filler in
the past. So really, I want to see the difference. Ideally, I want more volume all around my
lips, and just have it be mostly even and shapely. I found out lip threading through
the internet. The first time I heard about it, I thought
it was, you know, the threads that you use to remove hair. Turns out it’s not. Lip threads are also sometimes known as the
Cupid’s bow lift. Now that’s because this area up top where
you have a peak, a dip, a peak and then it comes down is known as the cupid’s bow. So a lot of times people flatten out there
or they lose definition. So by placing a thread here and a thread here, it’s kind of giving people that bow shape
back. I one hundred percent will demand numbing
even if she’s like, “we’re not going to numb you today.” I’m going to be like, “No wait, you’re numbing
me.” You see how you got that little line right
there? Mhm. And you have a little bit of a line right
there, too? I call that a lip in a lip. So my goal for you today, and let me know
if you’re on board because if you want fullness in the lip, I would use in an HA filler. Ok. I would use like a dermal filler. But if you just want that border sort of filled
in a little bit more border definition, I think that’s when the threading comes in. That’s what I want. I think it’s perfect for you because you have
full, beautiful lips. We just want a little bit more definition
to fill that lip in a lip, and also to give you a little bit of a more defined border. When it comes to certain types of procedures
I need the patients sitting, but when it comes to lip threads, I want to make sure the patients
are super comfortable. So I’m going to lay Lexi down in a reclined
position to make sure that she’s as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. First, I’m going to numb Lexi’s face. The lips can be a little bit sensitive, so
giving them a dental block with some lidocaine, some local anesthesia is really going to help
her not feel pain when I get started on the threading itself. I know. Okay, good job. Now I’m making a small hole at the corner
of Lexi’s lips, which I can use to place the threads both in her upper lip and her lower
lip. Right now, I’m placing the thread into Lexi’s
upper lip and really making sure that it’s in the perfect location to give her that lifted
cupid’s bow and a defined border. Now I’m going to thread Lexi’s lower lip to fill in that lip in a lip, that little
indentation that shows that she’s had some deflation in the last few years. Even though we call it lip threading, this is not something you would use to sew your clothes up at home. This is actual suture material which is sterile, very similar to what we use in surgery to sew wounds together and that has predictable long term results. Lips give a certain youthfulness and a sexiness
to the face. So if you look at a person’s face and they’re overdone with their lips or look
unnatural out of proportion, that’s not a good lip, no matter what shape it is, how
good it looks in a close-up shot. What you want is a lip to compliment the rest
of the face, but not to distract from looking straight into someone’s eyes. It looks so good. It looks really good. Oh my goodness, it’s so natural. When I looked in the mirror for the reveal,
I feel like I would have wanted a little bit more volume, but I found out
that that’s not what the thread does. So that’s okay and I love, love, love my lips
now. I think my power is a lot more pretty. Lip fillers I find in the lips lasts about
three to six months. The lips are red for a reason. There’s so much blood supply in the lips and
that helps break down filler faster, unfortunately. Lip threading may last a little bit longe r because as the thread is dissolving, you’re actually building some collagen around it So, while you definitely need to maintain it, I think it’s kind of additive a little bit, that collagen build. As the lip deflates you start to get this little indentation along the inside of your lip And when patients walk in that’s how I know, wait a second, their lips actually used to be bigger so for me to increase the volume is not to make them look different than what they did five or ten years ago t’s actually just to turn back the clock a little bit and take them back to what they looked like actually themselves when they were younger When I had filler my recovery period was super long and super dramatic. My lip looked lip duck lips. And that’s what’s really cool about the lip thread, you see the results right away And super minimal bruising I only had a tiny little bruise on my actual
lip just the next day. And really with lip gloss, you couldn’t even
notice. When I was placing Lexi’s lip threads, I wanted
to make sure that I was being as gentle and precise as possible. I think one thing that has led me to be a
really great threader and also injector is that I treat every needle
like a knife. So just because I’m not using a knife and
I’m using a lip thread or I’m using a needle, the same respect for the tissue and the skin
needs to be maintained so that you get the best results and the least amount of downtime. I would never get lip threading done again
just because of the pain. I love the result of it and I’m super happy
with how natural it looks. And just that it gave my lips a little bit more shape to them Doctor Sheila Nazarin was such a delight I think with any procedure, going in, it can be a little bit nerve wracking And she just has such a calming spirit about her. Despite it being very painful, she made it very very easy to be there, and to feel like you’re being taken care of. Thanks for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here, and to subscribe,
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  • Reply Gaby S December 3, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Just say you want fuller lips. You are not empowering women but getting cosmetic stuff done to yourself. Just be honest. Cut all of that other stuff. Own what you are doing. Your lip beads are not empowering anyone….all of that was unnecessary.

  • Reply audreye1202 December 3, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Is this what refinery29 is about now?… not here for it

  • Reply Pink plant December 3, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    I couldn't tell the difference even if my life depended on it.

  • Reply Giovanna Molina December 3, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    Can you guys please check out my channel, I’m trying to grow it as I started not so long ago!
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  • Reply WRO December 3, 2019 at 6:14 pm

    Could she have donated her time and resources to help others? Would that count as empowerment?

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    I think women empowerment can have many shapes and forms, but its weird to claim that your brand is being all about women confortable on their own bodies while making a video on lip threading

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    definitely redefining their own beauty

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