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I Got My Virgin Brunette Hair Highlighted For The First Time | Hair Me Out | Refinery29

February 21, 2020

I’ve just had the same color for so long, and I sent inspiration photos to my mom and she was like, “Oh, really?” I’m Justine and I’ll be getting face framing
highlights today. Before you see my hair transformation, subscribe
down below. I’m originally from Taipei, Taiwan. I moved to New York five years ago for college
and I’ve just been here ever since. Right now I feel pretty meh about my hair. Before, I would spend my summers on the beach
and stuff like that. So my hair would get a little bit of
natural highlights. But now I feel like it’s kind of become two dimensional. Last year, I was really thinking about just
bleaching all of my hair and dying it a light brown or even a blonde. And I sent inspiration photos to my mom and was like, “Oh, really? Do you think that would look good?” And so I was like, “Oh, well, maybe I shouldn’t
go so hard the first time I’m ever actually dyeing my hair.” So I feel like getting these face framing
highlights will be like a stepping stone for that in the future. So I’ll also be getting a little bit of a
haircut today. I believe the hair stylist is going to be
adding some layers in just to make the highlights look a little better. Let them shine through and make them really
frame my face. So I’m really excited to see what she does
and what she comes up with in the end. My name is Claudia and I am a colorist here
at Fabio Scalia Salon in Soho. My name is Fabio and I’m the owner artistic
director at Fabio Scalia Salon. Welcome to my salon. Nice to meet you both. So, Justine, what are you thinking color wise
to do today? So I would love to get some face framing highlights, to just add some more movement, make
my hair look more 3-D, kind of. I would do some caramel colored highlights,
especially around the face to frame it out. And then back over here, I’m just going to
go pretty sporadic, but I really want the face frame to give you that pop of that warm
color, just so that your face can have a little bit more warmth coming out as well. And so for the cut, I would just love for
it to elevate those natural looking highlights. What we are going to do, sort of like do an
under layer, which will allow you to have an internal movement
and then other level with a just a slight top layer, which will give you still that
feeling of layer. That would allow the short push long, give movement on the ends without losing that
density that we really like. Yeah. I’m excited. Let’s get started! Growing up, all of my friends had black hair,
so I was the only one with lightish brown hair and it was very much part of my identity. It’s what made me stand out. So I just wanted to have some sort of change in my life. The fact that my hair is so similar to what
I had growing up in middle school and high school, I just feel like I want to be
the mature version of myself. To achieve this look I did baby lights throughout
Justine’s head and then in the front I really went back to back with the highlights. And in between I teased up some pieces to
create a ribbon effect throughout the hair. And in that teasing I lightened that as well. At the sink, I did a little bit of a root
dab. So that’s something that at the root you just
put a little bit of a darker tone to help blend out the highlight. And everywhere else that I didn’t do that
root dab on, I put a rich caramel tone. Hair makes people feel important. I think it generates this energy and it could
be positive or negative. You wake up in the morning, first thing you’re like boom.
You look us up in the mirror and you can have a good hair day, a bad hair day. I think we are a little bit responsible of
that or we should take credit of that, right? It’s very rewarding to give somebody that experience and make their time worth it, and here in the salon, not make them afraid in
the future of hair stylists and colorists that they are going to have something go wrong. One, two, three. And voila! I absolutely love it! The color looks great. There’s little pops here and there. I feel like an elevated, adult human being. I’m so glad I did it with you guys, seriously. Thank you for trusting me with this gorgeous
hair you have. I was completely blown away. I didn’t know that my hair could ever look this good. I feel like now I match myself internally
and I’m showing the mature adult me, through my appearance. The cut is super cute. It’s not very different from what I had before,
but what it did change with the little bit of layering just really makes the highlights
pop a lot. I just love it so much. Thanks for watching. If you want to watch more videos like this,
click here. And if you want to subscribe, click here.

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    Have you ever gotten any kind of highlights before? Share your experiences with us below!

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