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I GOT LASH EXTENSIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME * full experience + before and after!*

February 23, 2020

What’s up guys welcome back to my channel So I feel very bald today because I’m on my lashes on the reason That I have no lashes on is because I took off my eye makeup and I’m gonna get lash extensions today I’m wearing my the rest my makeup. I don’t know if that’s gonna be an issue because I filmed this morning I literally woke up at like 3 a.m. To film. No, I’m honestly pretty excited I’ve never had lash extensions before and I’ve always wanted to try them but I’ve low-key been scared for two reasons one I don’t know how damaging they are and two I Am scared that I won’t like be able to do different makeup looks you know That’s that’s what the main reasons I haven’t done it in the past but I have a few things coming up where I just want to like kind of have the lashes on and like not have to Worry about it. And I feel like it’s gonna make my makeup routine a lot quicker. So That’s what we’re doing today. Honey. Booboo child. We are lash extension it up Under your eyes Really? Well, because I filmed the video this morning, so I just wiped off my eye makeup but I didn’t wipe off like my my face makeup because I Didn’t have time and I’m going to an event after this, you know, I’m like I Love that for me when I go to my event after this Do you guys love how Alyssa was on the phone when I was doing my intro she’s just listing Did you hear that you guys and then Alyssa exposing the beauty world Emmy thanks for talking because now Versus last week when I literally asked you should I get lash extensions and you were like, yeah Now you’re like oh, yeah They’re very damaging All right, I will see you guys at the Looking at me and I can’t call sir right right I’m coming for you. So be patient. Did you stay right there? Oh You guys we got our little lash extensions on I feel like they turned out so nice So what I asked for was a cat eye shape Not too long. I did like I asked for like medium to long length and a little bit wispy So I just don’t want him to voluminous and especially not to round because that rounds my eyes out so I feel like they turned out like Perfect. So the place that I went to is called lashes Deanna so you guys can check it out I’ll leave her Instagram She does really good work and they specialize on like that cat eye shape Which is why I wanted to try it there first, and it was actually an interesting process it took a while it took about like I would say two hours and you know me I was getting Antsy in there. I was kind of like It was hard for me to sit for that long. But you know, obviously I wouldn’t want somebody to like rush it either so I think it’s overall good it kind of just felt like she was like weaving in little like I Guess the extensions onto my natural lashes You guys probably have like a better perspective actually on what the process was than I do at this point cuz obviously I couldn’t see what she was doing and I wasn’t watching but Alright so now I’m actually heading to an event I might as well just make this a day-in-the-life log because I’ve already kind of film partner my day and I want to get back into vlogging so bad like I used to vlog all the Time if you’ve been around for a while then you just sleep No, cuz I used to do literally like daily vlogs vlogmas all that stuff and I had a whole separate like vlogging channel But I just over the past couple years, you know Gotten so busy that I thought you could’ve died, but I want to pick it back up again You know, I mean, I want to get back into the vlog life. I haven’t had time to eat Too many so friendly faces I’m literally so food deprived. All right Hi, so I stopped at the mall on the way home. What time is it? 856 I have literally big offer over 12 hours, which is actually insane, but I want to show you guys what I got Well, first of all I went to press which is like my latest obsession and they had a deal 6 for 30. You save 18 dollars or something So I got some juices citrus – I got three of the greens – some actually my favor But I already drank one of them and then I got the new one blood orange bomb So I got that and then I also got a few Makeup, so I got Mac stripped down and oh lip pencils These are just kind of like three socks of my fav I also picked up a new Giorgio Armani luminous silk in the shade six just because I needed a different shape All right I love you guys. I hope you liked my lash extensions I don’t really know what to do at this point because I know I’m not supposed to wash my Like get them wet for 24 hours. What do I do? Like, how do I shower and how do I wash my face? You know, anyways, I love you guys. I hope you liked this video and Stay tuned for more. Don’t forget to subscribe Turn those notifications on turn those notifications on. Oh, I just realized I forgot something in the car Oh my god, just realize that I forgot to do something As you load in that happens anyways I love you guys Remember you are B – flips it out, and I’ll see you next video. Bye you

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    Never been this early! Love your videos been thinking about getting lash extensions but so nervous

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    LOVED your vlog please do more like these !🥺💞

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    I got lash extensions once and my eyes burned really bad afterwards? Did anyone else experience that? And is it normal? I didn’t think it was so I haven’t got them done since.

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    When I first get lash extensions, I wash my face over the sink before or after the shower. While in the shower I wear swim goggles!

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    They look so good!

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    Hello my lovely girl 😍🙌🏼💖💖💖love you queen babe always wanted to do this but it’s so pricey I got a lash lift when I went to Mexico only $5 🙌🏼😊love it

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    I want to get some anyone here who has had them can tell me if they damage your natural lashes ?? And how hard is it take off your makeup. Also how difficult is it to do their makeup ??

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    They aren’t damaging I love them… it only becomes damaging if you pick at them pull them.

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    Can you please do a video on how you would do your makeup and how to remove the makeup with the extension please.. I currently have lash extensions but sometimes it can be difficult for me to clean the makeup off. Btw they look so pretty on you so natural

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  • Reply Anna Haraguchi February 22, 2020 at 10:53 am

    I’m a certified lash technician & lashes ARE NOT damaging unless you pull on them. your natural lashes naturally fall out & if you’re doing proper after care your lashes still stay healthy & continue to grow out naturally just wanted to inform anyone who wants to know 😊 my eyelash account is @ lashesbyannah if y’all wanna follow me ☺️

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  • Reply Jasmine A February 22, 2020 at 6:55 pm


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    Lash tech here 🙋‍♀️ extensions do not damage your natural lashes IF you go to the right person and if you take care of them. If you guys plan on getting your lashes done, do your research , know who you’re going to and follow the after care!! A lot of ppl blame the extensions for damaging their natural lash but most of the time it’s Bc they don’t follow the after care.

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