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HubSpot CRM Tips – 5 Free Tools for Sales

September 30, 2019

Looking to spend more time selling and
less time in your CRM? Let’s talk about five free HubSpot tools that every salesperson should use. A CRM can be an amazing tool, but it can also
be a big pain when it comes to keeping information up to date
and tracking all of your data. And that’s a shame because a CRM should
be a tool that’s used to manage relationships and help you sell more effectively. So let’s take a look at these five free tools in the HubSpot CRM that will help you do just that. First up, the meetings tool. Stop with the back and forth emailing. Are you free on this day? No. Are you free on this day? No.
How about this one? The meetings tool connects
directly to your calendar and once someone books, they’ll get into your CRM as a contact
so you can follow up and track activity there. Second, email templates. In reality, most of the emails we send are just different versions of the same thing. Introducing yourself for
the first time, scheduling a meeting, following up, or even sending a resource. With the templates
tool you can build out common messages and add personalization tokens to step it up a
bit. Plus with HubSpot CRM you can select those templates right from your Gmail or Outlook
interface. Third, email scheduling. As a sales professional you need to maximize the time you spend with your potential customers. That means you should n’t be spending your peak
times managing and sending emails. Instead with email scheduling features in HubSpot
you can batch emails and schedule them to send at a time that’s best for your prospect. Fourth, pop-up forms and collected forms. Okay, so this one’s a bit more marketing focused
but it’s unreal. With collected forms, now known as non-HubSpot forms, HubSpot can pull
in website inquiries from any existing form on your website. With pop-up forms website
visitors can grab your free resource, whether that be an ebook, video, or cheat sheet through
a pop-up, drop down, or slide in box. That pop-up form captures the contact info and
puts them directly into your CRM so you can follow up. Five, custom fields. While many CRM programs have custom fields,
we don’t see many people using them like they should. Custom fields allow you to drill down specific information that you need in order to move
a sales opportunity forward. For us, we have a field titled biggest marketing challenge, which allows our sales team to tailor their follow up messages to speak to this hot button. That’s it! If you’re new to the HubSpot CRM and want more tips like this, head over to
our blog. If you don’t use the HubSpot CRM and want to give it a try, drop us a line
and see if we can help.

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    This Kyle guy sure knows his stuff!

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    Gotta love that meetings tool!

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