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Hp to KW, Capacitor KVAR size calculation for motor, Hindi

December 14, 2019

Today topic, Motor horsepower, power factor, How to calculate KVA, KW, currrent and their relation, I will give1 example, for both ghe 1 and 3 phase motor, 1st, we will calculate single phase motor, then for 3 phase motor, this motor is single phase, 230 volt, PF is 0.8, PF should be known, and Hosepower is 10 HP, single phase motor, may not be available for 10 HP rating, sinle phase motor are in small rating, but 10HP is taken just to explain, this motor, is of 7.46 K watts, for KVA calculation, this 7.46 KW, devided by PF 0.8, it comes 9.3 KVA, this 10 HP motor is of 9.3 KVA, this current, flows here, this is watts, here, we have not taken KW, we took watts 7460, if you take KW, then current answer will be in KA, it will zero point some thing, difficult to understand, current comes 40.5 amps, full load current here, will be 40.5 amps, KVAR will be calculated like this, Here I have taken KW, such that, we get answer in KVAR, answer will come 5.6 KVAR, Means, 10 HP motor, having 0.8 power factor, at full load, will draw 40.5 amps current, and 5.6 KVAR reactive power, will flow, here, this 5.6 KVAR is to be removed, we add capacitor to remove this, now if you connect a capacitor, we will connect here, between line and neutral, I will tell precautions also at the end, you must learn that also, see, I connected a capacitor here, calculated value was 5.6KVAR, but I connected only 4.5KVAR capacitor. this is because, that motor power factor will be changing, with load and RPM both, if you connect full size capacitor, and if requirement comes down, then over voltage will be there, so we connect little less KVAR capacitor, Further, this calculation is done in KVAR, I did not told you capacitor micro farad, capacitor for PF correction, are defined in KVAR rating, we do not order in micro farad, for this use, buy micro farad value, is also written on the capacitor, so you need capacitor of 4.5KVAR, 230 volt, 1 phase, Now, I will explain calculation for 3 phase motor, this is 3 phase, 400 volts, this 400 volt, is voltage difference between 2 lines, 400V is not between line and neutral, PF is 0.8, this motor is also of 10HP, here also, calculation is like earlier, KVA will be 9.3 KVA, this calculation is like earlier, but here, calculation for current is different, current will be equal to, power is taken in watts, to get current in amp, IF you take KW, then current will be in KA, difference between single and 3 phase is, here root 3 is used here in 3 phase, voltage is also changed, from 230 volt to 400V, so we get 13.5 amps, so here, in all 3 wires, 13.5 amperes current will flow. KVAR calculation is done like this, we get 5.6 KVAR, this is same as in single phase motor, because load is same, horse power is same, so KVAR also will be same, PF is same, voltage is changed, so current also changed, but power is not changed but fixed, here what will we do?, calculated value is 5.6 KVAR, but we will not take full value, we will take less value, say, we select only 4.5 KVAR capacitor, so 3 capacitors are connected, total is 5.6 ( 4.5 selected)KVAR, sinle phase value will be 1/3 of this. because 4.5KVAR is sued, so 1/3 will be 1.5 KVAR each. so you have to use 3 capacitors, 1.5 KVAR each like this, when you order the capacitor, if you connect capacitor yourself, then supplier will give 3 separate capacitors, or 3 assemblled in single unit, this you have to discuss with supplier, so you have to connect, 3 capacitor of 1.5 KVAR each in delta connection, delta connection will cost less, star connection will may be costly, this is as per my experience in my projects, may be changed now, you must enquire cost for star & delta both, what happens? these capacitor will have a film inside, that is available for 400 volts, if they have to make 230 volt capacitor, then also they have to use 400 volt film, 400V capacitor will be sold as 230 V, so it becomes costly, Precautions, KVAR requirement, changes with load and RPM of motor, so PF will go on changing with fixed capacitor, to avoid this problem, we use automatic power factor controller, over correction will generate over voltage, if you connect fixed capacitor, and if load comes down, so there will be over compensation, and over voltage will be there, so solve this, either you use automatic controller, or, always use less size of capacitor, than calculated value, so over voltage problem will be less, if PF is not know, then measure PF at full load using a PF meter, then calculate KVAR, 5th, delta connection will cost less, star arrangement may be costly, this is as per my experience, 6th is, 7th is, use automatic PF controller, Automatic PF controller, will solve many problems, and PF will be good for differnt load & RPM, other wise PF will go on changing, as PF will change with change in load & RPM, today, we will close now,

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