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Howden Uptime Virtual Reality | 360 video

February 14, 2020

Howden has built a unique digital
solution for gathering interpreting and analyzing real-time rotating equipment
data. Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, we provide our customers
with critical data offering them a radical step forward in managing
equipment operations and optimizing performance within their process. Our Uptime software uses real-time
analytics to provide a unified view of the equipment’s operational performance.
This data gives the user a unique insight into how the equipment is
operating and gives them the power to predict failure before it happens. This
reduces unplanned downtime and increases the availability and reliability of the
critical assets. The Howden Uptime solution is an
intelligent system that supports true predictive maintenance strategies. With
Uptime enabled on your equipment you can significantly extend the
maintenance intervals in your plant whilst minimizing the risk and impact of
non operational and emergency repairs, reducing your overall total cost of
ownership. Uptime provides a real-time assessment
of your equipment performance and compares the operational performance
against the original design principles. This unique Howden digital twin gives
the operator the ability to bring the equipment operation up to its best
efficiency point optimizing the plant and process performance this delivers
energy savings and reduced environmental impact. One of the many benefits of uptime is
the use of our state-of-the-art augmented reality technology. AR
enablement transforms the experience of owning and operating this process
critical equipment. Using a smart device you will be able to view the equipment
in 3d with live data points showing the operating condition and performance of
the critical components. Using AR technology we can provide our customers
with product training and self-service capabilities at their fingertips. Uptime will also provide you with instant access to asset documentation,
inspection records, service history, and training materials. It provides the
perfect integrated approach between Howden product experts and your
equipment operations.

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