How to View your YouTube Realtime Analytics in the YouTube Reports Center

December 3, 2019

Okay, so how can you view your statistics, your YouTube statistics, in real time. Since today, actually a few hours ago, YouTube gives you the possibility to view your statistics of your videos in realtime. This is awesome. So let’s see how you do that. If you go to your channel and you go to analytics, overview, realtime. So we go to realtime. You can also see here they have a banner where they basically alert you to the fact that you can see a realtime report and it shows you the last five videos that you uploaded, which, you know, is great but what if you want to see something else? Like you want to see some videos which you uploaded a year ago and how they are doing. What you can do is you can actually group the videos so I already made a group, which is a tutorial group of three videos and as you can see, if I click that group, which I just did, then I can see my statistics for the last 48 hours And so then here you can see September 18 2014, 10 estimated views in one hour, so you can also see basically when are your viewers really watching your videos. This is very good you know. You can use this as a tool to see when are they watching your videos. So this is very quick video, but very interesting stuff that YouTube is doing. So if you want to see your statistics of your videos on YouTube you can now in realtime. You don’t have to wait anymore till the next day. So these are the statistics that you can see in realtime in YouTube which can come in very handy. You can actually see what is happening now. These are videos which are in a niche which is, you know, so-so on traffic, but still. You know, here between 3 and 5, that’s when my viewers are watching this video, so also for videos that you want to launch, you can then predict when you have to launch this video. Okay? So, I wanted to show you this. Very short video, but very interesting data. the new

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