How to use the Asana integration with Time Doctor

October 7, 2019

So this is a short video to explain how the
Asana integration works, and the other integrations. So you simply go to the Integrations Page,
which is under Settings and then Integration Settings. And you click on ON. And it will
pop up, pop up which shows you the Asana integration. Good, now I’ve done that popup and it’s already
integrated. And so now all I need to do is to go to the Time Doctor Pro – and we recommend
you use Time Doctor Pro for the integrations instead of Time Doctor Lite. And then you can simply
wait for the integration to appear on the list or you can sign out and sign in again.
So I’ll just do that. And now you can see the Asana folder is appearing here. So any
tasks that are from Asana will appear here. So I’m going to Asana here I’ve create a test
task and that task when you click Sync will actually show up on your Time Doctor Pro account
here. You can click on the links here. So you can click on the link of the project to
go directly to the Asana task that you’ve got there. And that’s basically it. That’s
how it works. If you don’t have the Time Doctor Pro, you can simply go to the Time Doctor
download page which is at And that will show you where you can download
the Time Doctor Pro version. Thank you.

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