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How to Use Google Flights | Planning a trip to Europe

January 27, 2020

– So when you’re looking
to book your flight and you’re trying to figure out the best time frame and when to go, I’m going to show a little bit of how to use Google Flights. – Now she’s a genius
when it comes to planning so, grab a pen, grab a paper or your phone, get some notes out, cause she’s gonna lay down some gold here. – When you’re going to
look at your flights and you’re trying to
figure out your time frame and the cost and how long you’re going and when you’re going,
all these kinds of things, open up Google Flights
in an incognito browser, cause sometimes they’ll track your cookies and sometimes they’ll increase the cost. – Clear your cookies. – And put in like– – Grab some for yourself. (laughs) Sorry. – Let’s say you just type
in,, so when you go to
put in your Google Flights,
it’ll open to this type of pageand then instead of choosing a specificcity in Europe, just type Europeand it will open up the glorious map view.– [Chris] That’s beautiful.– [Ellen] It’s gorgeous.– [Chris] So what is this about?– From this map view,
click on the little dates
and instead of specific
dates, click flexible dates
and you’ll be able to choose one week,two weeks, a weekend
in the next six months.
Choose flexible dates, let’s start witha two week trip, flexible
dates, in the next six months.
Click done.Now, currently, we are based out of Tulsa, so our home airport is Tulsa and that’s what it automatically filled in with. Tulsa’s not a hub, surprise, butthe airports that were the cheapest for usto fly into in the next six monthsare Reykjavik, Madrid is also cheap, $658.– And these are round trip prices. – These are round trip prices, sothat’s a starting point.– Now, let’s say you
lived somewhere like L.A. or New York or Miami, someplace more– – Or even, basing out of Tulsa, what I would actually do
is I would type in a hub and look at the prices for that and then get a connecting flight. So, based out of Tulsa, it’s really easyto fly in and out of Chicago.So I’ll put Chicago in…to Europe.Whoa, look how much
cheaper my flights get!
So, $353, round trip to London.– Now, the point of this
is it’s much cheaper to get a ticket from your small town into the big town to get the cheap ticket from that over to Europe. – And these are round trip tickets, so let’s say you are wanting to do the open jaw ticket like we are and you just want to
get a gauge of how much things might cost. – So, we started off with
an open jaw itinerary, which basically means,
you fly into one airport, then you travel around a
bit and then you fly out back home from a different airport. So, for us, we flew into London and we flew out of Rome.– So, instead of round
trip, you click one way
and it just shows trip
in the next six months.
So, a one way ticket
from Chicago to Europe
in the next six months, one waycan fly into London for $180,you can fly into Munich for $183,Amsterdam, a little bit more expensive,over to Madrid, $209.It just opens up a lot of
options for you, let’s say–
– Let’s go to the cheapest place. – Yeah, so let’s say the cheapest is,we’ll go with London.– [Chris] Let’s go to London.– [Ellen] And, then you
click view your flights
and it automatically shows
you the cheapest date,
but click on the date
and all of a sudden now,
I can see the prices of
things all around there.
So, I can look and see like,okay so what are prices
like in March, February.
They change, they’re a
little bit more expensive,
$290, $260.– [Chris] And the green prices,those are representative
of more cheap tickets?
– [Ellen] Yeah, those
are the cheapest price
within that frame of view
that you’re looking at.
So, let’s say like we leave on March 29th.And click done, Chicago to London,and I see $160 on Norwegian,
leaves at 9:00 p.m.,
it’s a non-stop flight.So that’s how I would
choose a one way ticket.
– [Chris] And that little plus oneon the right of 10:30 is sayingyou’re arriving the next day.– Yeah, you arrive the next day. That’s how I would choose my tickets and then to look, coming back, I would look, let’s say I want to go from, I’m going to travel and go around, do a bunch of different things. – Let’s leave from Rome. – Okay, so let’s go from
Rome, just like we just did. So, actually Rome all airports,back to Chicago and we were leavingon March 29th before, let’s say,well, let’s look and see how
long can our trip can be.
– Yeah, what’s the
cheapest ticket coming back and then that’s how long our vacation is. – Yeah, so in this case, the cheapest onecoming back is the 23rd, so–– Let’s do it.– A three week trip and if
you can’t do one that long, then you can look and see,
okay it’s about two weeksand I would go back and play
around with my other dates
and see if I can find a cheaper one.This is like the opportunity for you to play around with your dates. – Go back and forth between the start date and the end date. – Exactly, and play around with the cities that you fly in and out of. I keep a notepad that
I actually write down all my options. – All the permutations of it. – Yes, I take screen shares,
I have a whole folder of travel screen shots on my computer. – Now how many options do you go through before you pick, oh this is the best one that I found. Like, it’s not going
to be one or two times. How many times do you usually do it? – I’ll go through like, five
to six different permutations of the flights, a bunch
of different options and you’ll kind of get to the point where it’s oh, there’s a
10 dollar difference, meh. Or, it’s like, I don’t want
to have a 10 hour layover or something like that so, you weigh those pros and cons. – I told you, she’s a genius. I hope you can see how choosing your flights really determines how long you go and where you go. Here’s an easy way to see how cheap plane
tickets can be and how they can help you determine
where to go your first time in Europe. {snapping}
Give it up! That was good! That was good! Isn’t she great? I like her.

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