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How to Stay Consistent on YouTube in 2019 – 6 Tips

December 1, 2019

so you created your YouTube channel
started pumping out some videos and you’re starting to lose motivation and
wondering how you can stay committed and consistent on your YouTube channel hey
guys my name is – Neil and welcome back to shore social where I help you
increase your YouTube views subscribers and revenue in today’s video I’m going
to be going over six really helpful tips to help you stay consistent on YouTube
in 2019 before we get started guys make sure you are subscribed and hit that
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forget to read through the description guys I provide a lot of free resources
down there that I would hate for you to miss out on one of the most important
aspects of your YouTube career is setting goals but making sure those
goals are actually achievable and trackable I often see a lot of youtubers
setting goals that seem really far out of their reach so what I highly
recommend you do is set a goal that is super achievable even if it feels like
it is too easy to achieve this will help you stay on track as well as make you
feel a little bit more successful when it comes to your youtube channel because
you will be taking off those smaller goals don’t get me wrong you are still
allowed and you probably should set those really high goals as well but you
need to break those down into smaller goals that you can then track to proceed
to that higher goal so when it comes to trying to be consistent on YouTube you
should set goals to say that you’re going to record a certain amount of
YouTube videos per week or per month and try to stick to that I highly recommend
if you are gonna start to do this that you set a goal to upload one video a
week this of course will vary from person to person there are a lot of
people that are a lot more busier compared to some other people as well so
make sure you find that middle ground of a goal and a consistency that you’re
comfortable with staying – and really trying your best to stick to it if you
do go ahead and choose to upload a couple of videos a week it also gives
your audience the idea of hey this person’s going to upload at least once a
week at this time on this day so I’m going to be waiting for that new video
tip number two is batch recording and editing batch everything what I mean by
batching say that you’re going to upload one video a week sit down once a month
or once a week and record at least two to four videos at a time so this
will include your scripting you’re searching for video ideas and SEO to see
if they’re actually going to work and then sitting down to record and then
edit and to go even as far as uploading working out all the SEO creating your
thumbnail putting in a playlist doing everything beforehand so when it comes
to that day that you need to upload it’s already done for you I do have to say
getting into the routine of batching a couple of videos a week is going to be
difficult if you’ve never done it before what I recommend is using tip 3 reserved
time you need to physically block out a period of time let’s say once a week or
once a month to specifically sit down and script record edit upload do your
thumbnails do your SEO in that one block of time it may seem like a lot at the
start but once you start getting into that routine of things it’ll be awesome
just take in mind that you don’t need to always sit down for one blocked out
period once per month or once per week you can sit down for a few periods per
week or per month to get all of your batch recording or all of your batch
scripting out of the way a lot of the time parents or full-time workers you
won’t be able to sit down and block out 6 hours of your week just to do that so
block out maybe 45 minutes if you can every couple of days or so just to get a
script out or to finish editing a piece of the video or anything that’s going to
help you stay consistent on YouTube another really important thing is to
utilize your downtime how many times you find yourself on YouTube researching or
making up excuses to say that you are actually doing something that’s going to
contribute to your channel or your career or your goals I know I do it we
need to make sure that we are realizing what we’re doing and making that time
more valuable a great tip that I actually got from a fitness mentor was
that it’s easier to do the things you find the hardest in the morning so that
means waking up in the morning and excluding or blocking out that time to
do the things that you know you won’t want to do later on in the day even
though YouTube too many people seems like a dream job
you will burn out eventually so if you can gather some spare time to push
through the the harder aspects of creating videos the more better off
you’re going to be with your mental state and to stay consistent on your
channel tip number five is probably the most important you need to treat YouTube
as a marathon not a sprint you’re not going to wake up after
posting one video and it be a hit you need to commit to the mindset that it is
going to be quite a long lengthy process even people that make the viral videos
and viral hits it is a one-off thing and a lot of the time their next video isn’t
a viral hit which can lead to a lot of disappointment and becoming just overall
D motivated to continue posting YouTube videos and continue to putting the time
into your YouTube channel you need to commit to it being such a long process
but worthy it’s like the saying if you implement something easy in the short
term it’s probably not going to be worthwhile in a long term whereas if
you’re implanting something that’s a little bit harder and and more passion
is put into it in the short term it will eventually progress into something
amazing in the long term so think of your YouTube videos like that if you’re
willing to script and put all the effort in and research your topic and create
just amazing amazing content in the short term because you’re putting such
hard work in in the short term it will progress into something great in the
long term many people do get demotivated after a couple of months of being on
YouTube we’ve seen it you make new year’s resolutions – hey I’m going to
start my youtube channel I’m going to commit to this and then you burn out
because you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for many many creators
have been lucky but prior to them being lucky you need to go through and have a
look at your favorite youtubers because they put in the hard work they put in
the hard work and now they’re reaping the rewards and for the final tip guys
it comes with the process of just being a youtuber and being consistent and
staying on top of things speeding up your process or workflow
once you get the hang of writing scripts and you know researching different
topics and editing and recording your b-roll and recording your videos and
creating thumbnails eventually those processes will start to speed up because
you’ll start to master those skills but I can say do not become
comfortable with your skills there is always room for improvement so keep an
eye on all of your skills and notice when you seem to be slacking or when you
start saying that’s good enough just keep in mind there is always room for
improvement and a good way to do it is to keep an eye on your competition see
if they’re improving on different aspects or different skills that you
could probably incorporate in your channel and not only your competitors
people you look up to in the same niches you take a look at what they’re doing
take a look at their content their thumbnails how many views they’re
getting what type of content they’re uploading and when and take it into
account into your own channel well guys that’s it for me I hope this video was
really really helpful for you if you think I missed something
make sure you leave me a comment down below guys this video is actually not
scripted at all I have some dot points there but I wanted to give it a go just
to see if I could come up with some good things on the spot I recommend you give
it a go if you want to watch some more content of mine guys click the videos to
the left and I will see you in the next video see you later

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