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How to start identifying ideas for your business

October 17, 2019

One, something that you already find as a
problem in your life. That’s a problem in your life most of the major businesses
have started with solving a problem in their personal life okay they buy some
general examples I could take the example of even Facebook for that matter
and in facebook the problem that the book was facing was it wasn’t getting a
girlfriend he wanted to stop people with his knowledge
so there’s no better way of stopping them when he smart he created that and
then wanted to everybody wanted to stalls so now the good knock and I start
peaceful everybody one of your Facebook page
stop if people are pure instead enough that’s the so it would be anything as
simple as that to list a couple of open writer lady Travis wasn’t that is that
Ryan Travis wasn’t Paris he was in Paris for a conference he wasn’t get gaps he’s
a he’s a typical talker he wasn’t getting tabs so he and the other person
that he met at the conference they said hey we need to get to the water there’s
no gaps what do we do that’s the problem the game that we started working on a
problem how about we take a nap we just slipped over pattern which was
what are the gaps around me and I need a click of button you get a gap
question you have a question oh so solve problem now for all those who have
multiple I guess in your head is what I have for you is an idea especially when
you make the journal start driving a tiny make a diary and list out all the
problems that you face on a daily basis some of the problems it’s possible to
solve it that very day could be anything not yet it may come out very brave
my shoes are to be needed they start writing down those problems and start
solid again and if you want to begin to interpret ours you have to be creative
problem-solvers once you start a company his my biggest
piece of advice to you once I started out me that’s where shit gets a beauty
you can be in this room right now have my little ideas do you go to lightly
pump it please chew a bunch of investors reason investment all new stuff all of
this is the easy part the tough part is when you actually
start selling your product to the market that’s why it would be a little lower
and if you don’t have the aptitude to solve the problems even with enough
funding there are enough examples even with enough funding companies it so
first thing first you need to have the mindset to start attacking the problems
every single day you see a problem you solve it you need to get in that mindset
and as soon as possible one what’s that gonna do to you
is this going to give you a lot of ideas that event is done some of the ideas may
the negative act later in the future some of the ideas you may be open you
may be able to apply in your own business sector style
secondly instigate the SEC they are divided so that tomorrow when you baste
with multiple challenges as you build a business you have that opportunity would
say hey this is not do not divide identify the problem that is this is
something that is stopping my toes and then you start attacking and it starts
finding a solution okay that’s one

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