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HOW TO MEAL PLAN | Tips to save Time, Energy & Money

August 11, 2019

Today I want to share with you another
of my most productive habits that helps me to save time energy and money of
course I’m talking about meal planning so if you would like to know more about
how a meal plan and prep to help me reach all of my productivity goals stay
tuned hello my Charmed Ones and welcome back
to my channel for another video and if this is your first time with me I’d like
to say welcome my name is Alexis but I’m also known as miss trenchcoat all across
the Internet I’m an online entrepreneur who designs
themselves productivity tools strategies and skills to help you manifest success
with less stress so if that sounds interesting to you I’ll leave some links
down below in the description box where you can check out more of my work online
and feel free to download some of my latest free productivity tools over at
the charm shop comm ok so if you’re wondering what meal planning is I’m
gonna give you a rundown of what it is my process and the tool that I use to
help make my meal planning and meal prep a success every week so meal planning is
essentially the process of pre-planning out your meals or your menu for the week
all of the food you are going to make or eat in a week or up to a month so I know
there are some people who do menu planning for like a quarter at a time
personally I go week by week I know that some people do monthly as well because
the grocery shop monthly for like a big family and that might be just what’s
best for their schedule so do what works for you I just do weekly personally
because I do think that when you’re trying to plan for a large period of
time sometimes like tastes change and cravings change so on a week to week
basis I will plan my meals out for the week and I will also do a weekly grocery
shop and a weekly meal prep now the concept of meal prep is a little bit
different than meal planning although for me they go hand-in-hand
like I don’t do one and don’t do the other so I would recommend doing both or
doing some form of meal prep if you’re not gonna be like me and do all of your
meals on Sunday like I cook all of my meals on Sunday breakfast lunch and
dinner and snacks well usually snacks are just things that
I kind of have just ready but breakfast lunch and dinner is already pre-made
portioned out put into the refrigerator properly stored and then eaten
throughout the week okay so I think that that’s probably a really good overview
just a nice general overview about what meal planning is and what meal prep is
now I’m going to answer some frequently asked questions so I did go ahead and on
Instagram I asked my audience if they had any questions about meal planning
but I can answer for them so if you’re not following me on Instagram make sure
you do so at miss trenchcoat so you can follow along and behind the scenes of my
productivity life and business and get previews for content like this that are
coming out so let me go ahead and read you through some of the more interesting
questions that I think pertain to a meal planning or meal prep so someone asked
how do you freeze meals individually so I personally don’t do freezing of the
meals right so there are some people who in their meal planning in their meal
prep they actually do what is known as freezer meals which means that they prep
a meal to a certain point and then put it in a freezer safe container and then
put it in the freezer to store so that they can bulk create meals and take them
out of their freezer defrost them and cook them as necessary now personally
that’s not what I do I don’t really necessarily think I need to do that
mostly because like I said I don’t like to plan for too far in advance for
myself because my like tastes might change and like what I’m craving might
change and also I don’t have a very big family to feed right so like I don’t
have children I don’t have like a lot of people that I’m responsible for cooking
for so I do find that a lot of people who do freezer meals are people who have
a lot of mouths to feed and so it’s easier for them to save time
and money by bulking a lot of meals that then end up being
frozen but like I mentioned before I make all of my meat meals for the week
so once I’ve prepped all my meals for the week I will store them in the
refrigerator in proper storage containers and that’s another question
that I was asked as well was how do you keep your food from spoiling when you
cook once a week and then you eat it for the rest of the week now like I said
before I put everything into the freezer and I practice a really good food safety
practices right so when I make a big batch of something for dinner let’s say
I make like a shepherd’s pie right it’ll be in a container like in a casserole
and I will have it properly like stored with like a Tupperware sort of lid on it
and then throughout the week as I’m eating that I will take fresh utensils
and I will scoop out the amount I need and then just reheat that I think some
people might think that they just like reheat the whole casserole and then put
it back in the fridge and then reheat and put it back in the fridge but that
will cause food to spoil I just make sure that my meals are properly stored
right and as much as possible there in containers that are either either
individual or things where I can easily portion out what I’m going to eat for
example this week I have chicken parm I made like a whole bunch of individual
chicken parms and then they’re stored in like Tupperware refrigerator containers
and then I take out like one or two and nuke them in the microwave and that way
everything else stays good so I know a lot of people get weird about the
subject of food and are afraid like if you leave something out or if you leave
something in the refrigerator that it’ll go bad that’s never been my personal
experience right if you leave a gallon of milk in your refrigerator obviously
it’s gonna spoil after a certain period of time but I also keep my refrigerator
always set on a very low setting so things are a little bit colder in my
fridge which means that they spoil less often and also something that ends up
causing food to spoil like something like dairy products like milk or like
cheese’s is because you might not be using the best practices of hygiene when
you are going to you know use those ingredients so if you were
to drink out of your this is just kind of gross like a milk container right I
hope I’m not bursting anyone else he’ll leave me a comment if this is early
verse but if you drink out of a container right of milk let’s say and
put it back in the fridge right that will end up spoiling much quicker then
if you’re someone who takes it out and pours it into a glass the way that I
might right and the reason is is because your mouth has bacteria you’re putting
it on the lid of that you know gallon jug or whatever it is and then what
happens is that bacteria multiplies and it mixes in with the milk and that’s
what causes food to spoil right so once food has been properly cooked okay and
this is just my best knowledge my experience once I’ve properly cooked
food and then store it and then execute it proper hygiene for making sure that
I’m always using like clean utensils and not leaving it out of the fridge for too
long for it to like you know maybe get warm again right because something like
my chicken parm if I were to leave that out for the afternoon in warm weather it
could absolutely spoil faster right but it has been fully cooked right so if you
are not going to leave you know as long as I’m not leaving the chicken out like
on a surface right it’s always going from safe container to plate right
things like that just using common sense and really good hygiene practices I’ve
never had food go bad in fact I sometimes have extra food and it’ll go
into like two weeks even things like I make these bulk egg whites that are just
like the Starbucks bacon and Gruyere egg whites and they’re so good and I can
swear those for two weeks like no problem
they’re egg they’re kept in the refrigerator I take out the amount that
I need and then I heat those up right and again maybe my refrigerator is some
sort of miracle from God or something like that I think it might just be a
little bit colder than the standard refrigerator is but I’ve never had a
problem with food spoiling in like a short period of time right yes
absolutely I’ve left things in the fridge in the back in the Tupperware
container for heaven knows how long and they’ve turned green right like it
happens but not after like a week or two absolutely that’s never happened to me
personally another really great question I got was the
it’s time to go grocery shopping so obviously at the time that you have to
go grocery shopping is going to be dependent on your personal schedule but
I find that earlier in the morning or later in the evening are the best times
to shop personally I end up going around dinner or right after dinnertime on
Fridays you guys no one is at the nursery store five o’clock and like 6
o’clock 7 o’clock on Friday like they’re just not it’s so empty so that’s
personally when I do a my grocery shopping so that I can meal prep on a
Saturday and if something goes over something goes wrong I still have Sunday
to also meal prep because I am someone is very vigilant about making sure all
my meals are done before the start of the week so I personally like going eat
later in the evenings on a weekday but you could also go very early in the
morning and you’ll be fine as well also look into any sort of food delivery
services I know a lot of grocery trains actually have like food delivery I’m
thinking like is it cooked Peapod by giant might do that also a lot of
grocery stores will actually you can actually send them like the list
I guess maybe online of what you want I have a girlfriend who does this and she
just drives by and they load the bursaries into her car and she pays for
it obviously but she tells them what she wants they pick it for her and that’s a
major time saver as well so if you’re someone who feels like grocery shopping
is a pain maybe you have a lot of kids maybe it’s a pain in the butt to bring
them to the grocery store I can totally understand what that might be
overwhelming look into either the delivery services or the ones where the
grocery store will actually pick the food for you and package it up and then
you just pay and leave right so I definitely would recommend that as a
time saver for grocery shopping another question I got is how to make sure that
you have a lot of choices throughout the week so that you’re not making the same
food over and over so obviously I think that depends on what your personal
tastes are now I personally love to make a bulk amount of meals like I said
before this week I have a whole bunch of chicken parm
that’s like ready to go and that’ll be a meal for like at least 3 nights on my
menu plan and I have no problem with eating the same things over and over
if you’re someone who has to have something different for dinner every
night then absolutely just menu plan and make different things
now something else I do want to bring up as well is that something to save time
and money that makes it a little bit easier for the process so that you’re
not making like seven individual dinners is a lot of times we all like to do if I
feel like I don’t want the same thing every night for dinner which very rarely
happens is I might pick like one or two meats like or proteins because it
doesn’t have to necessarily be me but you pick some proteins and then you can
adapt different variations of that protein so for example I could buy
myself a big batch of chicken breasts right like a bulk thing of chicken
breast I could turn at those chicken breasts into chicken parm I could turn
them into chicken cordon bleu I could turn them into like an orange
chicken I could do a barbecue chicken like there’s so many different ways I
could do like a chicken like like a taco sort of like southwestern tex-mex sort
of seasoning there are so many different ways I could treat that chicken but I’m
still buying one meat in bulk maybe right for the whole week
but I’m flavoring it differently and then maybe adding on different likes a
few different side options so that you know you maybe you have like one
asian-inspired night when Italian night right one like French inspired or you
know European starts inspired night so whatever that you know is for you right
you can always take one protein and then style it a few different ways that’s
something that I will often do as well especially if I’m trying to save money
because there’s nothing better than having to buy like one big bowls of
something and then you can just season it different ways and it feels like
you’re having a different meal here’s a really good question I got that a lot of
people end up asking me it said how do you keep it interesting when your meal
planning so when it comes to the topic of like meal planning meal prep I think
a lot of us are curious to see what other people eat because when it comes
to the things that we might personally eat unless we’re like spending a lot of
time researching new recipes and are someone who likes to cook or dabble in
the kitchen you most likely make a lot of the same meals over and over and over
again and I can totally see how that can become boring right
and maybe what you make over and over every night might be different than what
I make so you want to see like what I’m doing maybe it’s helpful for me to see
what you were doing because we want to keep it interesting right we want to
keep our food choices fresh the thing about meal planning though is that just
like not meal planning right the only way you’re going to be able to keep your
recipes interesting is by putting extra effort into choosing recipes dabbling in
the kitchen learning new ways of cooking right there’s a difference between the
process and time this time management strategy really of meal planning and
meal prep and the idea of becoming like a better chef right or someone who’s
able to cook better or has a repertoire of different meals that they can cook
under their belt I’m definitely in the same boat as you guys I am someone who
will eat a lot of the same foods and it does feel boring right but the point of
meal planning isn’t necessarily that I’m trying to turn myself into a gourmet
chef even though I will say I’m much luckier than many people are I grew up
in a family that was excellent cooking very often I can just come up with
recipes and cook things like on the fly which is really awesome for me but
that’s secondary to the process of time management and the process of meal
planning and prep right although I might be good at coming up with like a new
recipe for myself and dabbling in the kitchen the point of meal planning is
not necessarily to add interest to my food the point of meal planning is to
save new time so it’s always going to come down to you spicing up your meal
prep in the kitchen or your recipes in the kitchen by doing your own or
researching maybe watching television shows watching YouTube videos and
someone who asked me as well where I might get recipe inspiration from I like
a site called so all recipes is a place I think they do have
a app as well so if you’re someone who’s looking for new recipes I like that
website because you can choose by like meat like meals by like categories and
meats and like dietary preferences and things like that so you have a lot of
different ways to search for new meals so let’s say you have some extra check
you’re like I’m looking for like a new way to style this chicken breast to make
it more interesting for me you can go there search chicken breasts you’ll be
able to find some new recipes to test out but I like all recipes as a really
good reference for recipes like I said I’m someone who normally just I can
literally just like kind of whip things up in the kitchen but every now and
again you need like a recipe to work off of and sometimes I’ll use their recipe
is usually to reference to make sure I’m doing something right sometimes I just
don’t remember if I’m doing something right and I just need to check so I like
all the recipes for that another question I got is how to plan for a
single person and this is a two-parter so I’m gonna start with how to plan for
a single person versus a family I guess now I think that if you are a single
person or if you’re someone who has family I think you have an idea from
maybe cooking meals for yourself or for your family how much people eat right
and the dietary restrictions that you might have in your family versus your
own personal dietary restrictions right so when it comes to meal planning for
yourself you can absolutely meal plan for yourself and you’ll just create
portions that work for you versus if your meal planning for a family you
might need to take other people’s dietary preferences in mind you might
need to take you know in in mind different quantities of food that you’ll
need to make so that’s really the only difference between meal prepping for
yourself or meal prepping for like a family it’s just I guess like the
quantity of food that you’ll be making and the specific recipes that you might
be making and then the second part of that question actually had to do with
like meal ideas that did not involve pasta so um this is again one of those
things where like I know that I am very lucky that I’m someone who has been
raised around cooking and food a lot that I know how to cook a lot of
different things but obviously there’s more to eat out there in the world than
pasta in fact although I’m very Italian I very rarely eat actual pasta I either
use a pasta substitute like a spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles or sweet
potato noodles with one of those like spiralizer ‘s you can make your own sort
of noodles or there are other things to eat then just pasta right so like meat
and veggies potato hose soup really the sky’s the limit here so I
think this is just an example of maybe you might be in a rut with the sorts of
foods that you are skilled at cooking so you may just want to maybe take a gander
at all recipes and try building up your skill because again the skill of cooking
really doesn’t have very much to do with the topic of meal planning it’s kind of
like two different sorts of realms here that we’re talking about but if you are
someone who feels like they’re out of recipe ideas definitely check out the
site like all recipes and get some inspiration another question I got was
what are some of my easy go-to meal ideas now I’m not actually gonna answer
this with actual meal ideas I’m going to answer this with the philosophy that I
take for my menu planning and meal prep all of the recipes that I make right I
am although on the very skilled cook right I am incredibly lazy and I like
things to be very simple very minimal so all of the recipes that I make for
myself breakfast lunch dinner snacks etc are usually like only like two to four
ingredients and then you add maybe seasonings right so I think the most
complicated thing I’ve been making recently is are those Starbuck eggs
lights that I mentioned before I am thinking about filming the process it is
really time consuming because it is a multi-step process to like do a fake
sous vide because I don’t want to do real sous vide so yeah even though I am
a really good cook like I do know how to cook more complicated meals and like a
different variety of meals everything I make is very simple it’s usually like a
protein a vegetable it might be in the winter soups I make a lot of things that
are like Italian like a chicken parm a sausage parm and eggplant parm literally
the same recipe like with just three different proteins or main ingredients
in there and you have like a different variety of food I do also like to cook
with an air fryer and a slow cover so this is also a little bit of a tip for
you productivity wise if you’re someone who has a lot of meal prep to do if
you’re interested in this topic when I do a my meal prep my oven is one unit of
cooking and I make sure to use like those really big pans that actually
maximize the space in my oven so that I can actually put
food everywhere and I also will usually use at least one other cooking device so
it might be my air fryer it might be my slow cooker if you’re someone who has
one of those instant pots you might be able to use your instant pot and create
some meals and then store them but essentially that is how I actually get a
whole bunch of cooking done in a very short amount of time it only takes me
two hours to do my meal prep for the entire week and that’s what my oven
going and like I said like a secondary cooking item going as well okay and next
I want to talk to you guys about the tool that I’ve been using to help me
streamline this entire process and if you have not heard yet I have put
together my own master meal planner so this is a dedicated meal planner with
inserts to help you do everything for a year 52 weeks of meal planning and a
recipe organization so that you can streamline this entire process with the
help of one tool so right now I’m going to go ahead and give you guys a
walkthrough of the master meal planner show you how to use it and how to
integrate some of these ideas that I’ve shared with you okay so now I want to
walk you through the spreads and how to use the master meal planner a 52-week
meal planner and a recipe organizer okay so the first portion of this meal
planner are the master meal lists so this is where you can go ahead and list
out all of the meals that you are able to make and categorize them for
breakfast lunch dinner snack or dessert okay so we have this categorization we
have a list first of all just so you can kind of remember when you’re doing your
menu planning what meals that you like to cook and things like that and then we
categorize them so when you are going to do your menu planning you can actually
just kind of like search down a row and see which ones are ticked off and know
that okay these are breakfast these are lunch these are dinner these are snacks
or desserts makes it so much easier for you when you’re doing your meal planning
to just have everything in one place but not feel the need to like have to keep
everything broken out now you do get I think 10 pages of these
masterless so that seems to be a lot of room for some people I’m sure but the
idea for you is that you would be able to create lists based on categories that
you might need for your life now as you can see here I have some pages filled
out for myself just like meals that I make and they’ve been checked off but
let’s say you’re someone who is part of a family and some people might have
certain allergies to food right so maybe you have some gluten intolerant
individuals that you also have to cook for right so maybe you will make like a
meal list for everyone who is like non gluten-free and then you can make
another list for gluten-free or you can keep individual lists for people in your
family that you might cook for or keep your recipes organized by any sort of
category like vegan dairy-free nut free whatever things might apply to you you
have plenty of room to add to these meal lists and categorize them as you see fit
so like I said you get plenty of pages of that and then you get to the weekly
meal plans so here you can see I’ve got my meal plan for the week now on the
left side of the spread what you actually have is a grocery list so the
intention for me is that you can make your grocery lists here while you’re
doing your menu planning your meal planning and you could just take this
whole book with you to the store and you could check off your groceries and you
know what you’re making and you also have recipes in the back you know so
that you can keep all the information for what you need for each of your meals
in one place it makes it so much easier I really wanted this to be not just a
yearly meal planner for you but something that really helped make meal
planning and meal prep really easy and for me there’s nothing more inconvenient
than having to go searching for recipes on things so I like the idea of having
it all in one place so obviously here you’re gonna get 52 weeks of meal plans
with a grocery list and I think this bursar list is big enough for most
people to be able to add all of you know the food they need to purchase the items
they need to purchase for a given week and this is the area you will have for
your meal planning so you can see we’ve got this broken out by breakfast lunch
dinner and snack snack can also be dessert whatever you consider that and
then it’s broken down by Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sunday yes it’s a Monday start but feel free to start at whatever day works for
you if you’re someone who plans for a Sunday start or something like that no
big deal now you have enough room here to list out each meal for each item of
the day and you even have the ability which i think is really good these are
pretty big boxes so let’s say that you do your meals and maybe your children’s
meals as well and they might eat something different than you you can
totally just create a division in the box and put like what you’re gonna eat
here so associate dinner let’s say the kids are gonna have pizza and nuggets
and you’re having filet mignon mm-hmm this is actually my you’re gonna put
honey but for the week but that’s just to give you a little example that you
could you know very easily just divide out these if you need to make a more
than one meal for yourself or for someone else and there have to be
different so you could easily divide these up so these are plenty of room to
list out the menu plan for your a week like I alluded to you earlier at the end
of this book you also have recipes here we are okay so you have a dedicated
section where you can put your recipe is right and here I’ll show you a blank one
first so we have like just a simple recipe spread here and a note page in
keys in case you need some extra note areas so I’ve already like I said
already started kind of filling this out for myself and the intention here is not
necessarily to copy over all of your recipes into this book right because I
think for many of us we might remember our most frequently made recipes anyway
but I think this is a great place to organize recipes that you kind of just
always like sort of forget the ideas for or maybe new recipes that you want to
try out an example that I have written here is this keto muffin or keto bread
that I make for myself I always forget how to make this doesn’t matter
how many times I actually do it I always forget so I have the ingredients here
the steps for how you actually make it and then I also have variations on this
recipe that I do so I use this basic recipe to make like an English muffin I
can make like a cinnamon sort of like sweet muffin for like breakfast or a
snack I can make a chocolate muffin I even do like a lava cake sort of a thing
with this recipe with like cocoa powder and caramel sauce so there’s a couple of
different ways actually not once I even made like Red Lobster cheddar Bay
biscuits with this recipe too like there’s so many different ways I should
write that in actually so I don’t forget the cheddar Bay biscuits yeah so this is
one recipe that I can do one two three four five at least five different ways
I’m sure there’s even more ways by eating well you know adding fruit or
something like that but so the idea here is like I said again not to necessarily
copy over all of your recipes but for things that you know that you’re making
a lot and you may not remember what goes into them a lot of times you know it’s
great to have the ingredients here so that when you are doing your meal
planning you have an accurate list of what groceries you need to buy right and
if you’re not sure you can always just refer back to the recipe again so the
idea is you can actually take this with you to the grocery store and it’s very
helpful because let’s say you go to the grocery store and let’s say you wanted
to make chicken parm but you’re looking at the chicken options of your grocery
store you know like oh actually that’s not gonna work I don’t like these
options or maybe you don’t like the sale or whatnot
you could then switch that to maybe like sausage parm or eggplant parm right and
then you don’t have to worry about it right because you are able to easily
just switch things up substitute things as necessary
you’ve got your recipes on hand so you don’t have to stress about it right you
don’t have to be on your phone in a huge grocery store trying to get connection I
don’t know about you do you guys get connections on your phone in a grocery
store because I never do so it’s always important for me to know what I’m going
into the grocery store for because I can never pull up recipes on the go so now
moving forward I have my entire meal planner
that I can actually just take with me to the store make it really easy just kind
of like sit this in your cart check things off as you go I know many people
are gonna really like that aspect of this meal planner so that is the master
meal planner I hope you find this to be an excellent tool to help you to
streamline your time management when it comes to a meal planning and prep like I
said before meal planning and prep has helped me not just save time and energy
but also money I think overall it is one of the best productivity strategies you
can actually execute on so I hope this tool helps you to really learn and
master this process and make it second nature so that you are able to plan and
prep your meals easily for your family your life whatever your needs may be so
that is how I a meal plan and prep and a walkthrough of my new tool the master
meal planner and I will leave a link down below where you can pick up your
own master meal planner or feel free to give it as a gift to someone that you
know is very busy and can use the idea of a meal planning and a meal prep in
their life I would love to hear about how you were using it so please make
sure to keep in touch with me send me some pictures on Instagram if you’re
using the planner shoot me an email leave me comments down below I’d love to
know how you’re using it and how it helps to save you time energy and money
as well if you have any questions about this process make sure to leave me a
comment down below and if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give it a
thumbs up and feel free to share it with anyone you think will find it helpful
like I said before for more of the behind-the-scenes of my productivity
life in business make sure you’re following me on instagram at miss
trenchcoat and if you’re not yet subscribed to this channel what are you
waiting for hit that subscribe button for more awesome videos by me and until
next time bye bye

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    P.S. I have a number of cookbooks and keep a running list of recipes in my planner.

  • Reply CiCi Joseph June 26, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    I'm so glad its available on Amazon UK- just ordered it. Gotta support my girl! <3 (and I also need to get my ass in gear again, I've gained back like almost half of what I lost last year since we moved here)

  • Reply Lynne Kasell July 5, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Great ideas. I had a hard time staying with you the whole time. I wish you had changed up the video a little in the beginning. (i.e. a picture of the meals you mentioned, a short clip of you doing the prep, etc. You look great, but since I am a visual learner I did better following you after you brought out your meal planner book. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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