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How To Make A Guy Make Date Plans With You – Ask Mark #57 Ft. Jermia

January 14, 2020

Mark: What do you do when you’re a planner
and the guy you’re seeing isn’t, how do you communicate to your ex that even though you
want to be friends, you’re going to need some space first and how do you tell a guy that
you’re not up for something casual before you go on the first day? Welcome to Ask Mark. It’s week number 57 I’m here with beautiful
Jermia and we are at holy wow! Gorgeous Venice Beach. Jermia: Venice Beach. Mark: This place is incredible. I love it. Live from California. Ask Mark. Well, live for us. Jermia: We’re live in California at this moment. Mark: Not live for you when you watch the
video. Let’s get onto some questions, shall we? The first question is from, imstacey with
her amazing Neverhood avatar. She says, great video once again, Mark, thank
you. Could you please make it, make a video about
how to deal with a dating scenario where a man is not planning dates ahead and just says,
“goodbye, good night” at the end of the date. It kills me when they do that. I’m a planner and I don’t like uncertainty,
but the majority of men I’ve dated don’t like planning ahead. And I said, is he letting you know later in
the week are not lifting a finger? And she said he either lets me know right
before the weekend or doesn’t lift a finger at all until I contact him and start giving
him blunt hints. But I would be up for another date. I love it when they start planning the next
date on the date or in the middle of the date at the end plus continue to do so in the future. I know this happens naturally when a guy’s
into me, but sometimes some guys just don’t like to plan ahead regardless of their level
of attraction. This is a great question. I love this question. There’s a couple of elements you’ve explored
here, Stacey. So there’s kinda two things we’re thinking,
Jermia, do you wanna kick us off? Jermia: Yeah. So at first you kind of need to establish
whether or not this guy is just a poor planner or he is a little bit disinterested. Mark: or a lot disinterested. Yeah, Jermia: Yeah. So it depends if he’s, you know, initiating
contact during the week. Like he, he’s still talking to you regularly
and it’s, you know, shared amount that like if you’re contacting him just as much as he’s
contacting you or if it’s always you consistently initiating and then it is, you know, towards
the end of the week when you’re finally like, come on, like what are we doing? And that’s when he’s like, Oh, you know, like
haven’t made any other plans. So cool, I’ll jump in. That’s completely different to a guy who’s,
who is, you know, initiating halfway, like, you know, kind of matching your investment
level and he’s just not good at planning and we’ll still talk to you. And then finally when he’s able to kind of
be like, alright, cool, let’s commit to something. So… Mark: is there an emotional momentum there
throughout the week and he’s just a bad planner? Or is there nothing there throughout the week
and he only plans stuff at the weekend, last minute when you contact him? Two totally different scenarios. So the second scenario is easier to deal with
where he’s not that into you. You kind of know what to do there, but in
the first scenario, planning, what do you do? How do you assess it when a guy’s genuinely
into you, but much like myself tends to do things last minute. Even with people that we know we need to see
tends to get organized last minute. This someone like Stacey’s a planner. Jermia: Yeah. Well, what you want to be doing is trying to
meet each other halfway if that’s possible. You need to assess how kind of big the gap
is. If you’re like planning kind of months in
ahead and he’s planning like day before, it’s going to be a bit of an incompatibility that
it’s probably not going to be something that you’re able to really work through, but if
the gap isn’t too much and he’s willing to meet you halfway and you’re willing to make
him halfway, there’s definitely something you can address working through. Mark: Yeah, that’s where you can have the
conversation. Assuming it’s not too far. Hey, we obviously like each other. I’m a bit of a planner. I know you like to be a bit more spontaneous. Can we meet in the middle? I’ll, I’ll be a bit less, you know, I’ll try
to be a bit less planny with you and maybe you’d be a bit more planny with me. If the emotional momentum is there, you can
have that conversation just fine. You will have to watch expectations, Stacey. Certainly planning the next date on the current
date is it’s not going to be compatible for a lot of guys, so you will have to meet some
guys in the middle. Now, the other thing you can do is you can
teach the guy what you will and won’t accept in your life by basically showing your standards
with your actions. i.e. he says, “I can’t prepare this early
in the week.” You say, “that’s cool.” You book out your weekend, and then when he
says on Friday, Jermia: well sorry, I’m busy, like you didn’t
give me any dates. Mark: If the guy’s really into you, he’s going
to learn his lesson Jermia: and like, Oh wait, I want to hang
out with this girl. She’s busy. I’m going to try and make times and get in
there earlier next time. I’ll planned stuff good. Mark: All right, beautiful. Next one is from Jen, and Jen says, hi Mark,
I’m so glad to have found you and all of your videos are great. They have really helped me change myself within
myself and over the last week I’ve had an ex that I really do still love, but the fact
is since we split, I’ve made great mistakes really by just staying friends with him and
now we like friends with benefits. We both said at first we wouldn’t go down
that road, but it happened, which I know I never should have. Looking at the videos you do, he probably
does not respect me anymore. And he is the one that always stayed in touch
with me and and not let me go. There’s been many times where I’ve told him
enough is enough in the first place and he believed that I would walk away completely,
but I guess he does not now because I’ve never stuck with it. This is really common, Jen, really common,
but I think it would be best if we were not to be in touch for some time. I think I agree Jen. So how would I go about just saying to him
that I really want some space, so no spending time together or talking without telling him
to fuck off and basically being a rude bitch. Um, don’t get me wrong, I still want to walk
away, but uh, it would not be easy. Please help me. Jermia: It is a really hard situation. Obviously you guys are still in relatively
good terms. You’re still kind of sleeping together. So it’s just a conversation that you’re going
to have to have with him. As hard as it is. Just have to kind of say, look, I know this
is hard, but like I need to take some time for myself just to clear my head of all this
kind of stuff and you know, have time to get over you and cause I don’t think this is healthy
for either of us. And you know, I’d really love if you could
support me in that by not reaching out to me while I kind of get over you. Mark: Come and be vulnerable. Ask for his help. Hey, I’m struggling right now. As Jermia said, I need this space. I need to get over you. I need for you to not contact me for a while. Jermia: It doesn’t have to be the end either. Like you can still have a really nice kind
of friendly, mutual parting and then eventually when you’re both over each other and living
your lives, you can still be friendly and amicable. Like it doesn’t have to be on bad terms. Mark: Great question. Love it again, great questions in the moment. Uh, we’ve got Julia, it’s the last question
for today. Julia says, I finally asked an old friend
that I met online over two years ago to meet up in March. Both have been busy with work and live three
hours from each other and his first response was so positive. This will be our first time meeting Unfortunately
had so many things going for us in the past, uh, going on for us in the past that when
one was busy, the other wasn’t, et cetera, vice versa. But, I want to make it clear to him that I’m
not wanting to have sex and just hang out as I rather intimacy with someone I deeply
care about. How should I tell him? Jermia: Yeah, we have a great video on this
one and you know How to Tell Him That You’re Not Going to Have Sex With Him, so have
a check out of that video that we’ve got on the channel already. Mark: Yeah. The easiest way to do it is to keep it playful
and, and kind of like that way you don’t feel bad. He kind of gets the message and he still sees
you as a high value woman. Mark: Yeah. You can search How to Tell A Guy You’re Not
Having Sex With Him. Will be right up the top there and that’s
for the ends of dates. Jermia: Yeah. Now that’s when you’re already on this one. You’re already on that day with him, but I
have a feeling you may want to tell him before you get there. That way you don’t have to worry about it
while you’re on the actual date itself. You can super easily to send him a message
like say the day before, say “Hey, like really looking forward to tomorrow. Just FYI, I’m not into like the casual thing. So if you’re still happy to meet up, that’d
be amazing. And I’m really looking forward to the date.” Mark: Yeah, fantastic. Fantastic text. I really have nothing to add to that. Um, the guy’s going to get the message with
that. And if he meets up with you, he’s basically
agreeing to those terms. If you don’t get time to send that text as
Jermia says, you can do the playful approach at the end of the day. If he asks you home, you can also do the series
approach. You can say, “Hey look, I’ve loved tonight
not really looking for something casual, but if you do want to meet again and get to know
each other, you know, I’d love to do that.” Obviously the other thing as well, make sure
if you are looking for something non casual and you want to build towards something, don’t
make the first date at home. Make sure you meet somewhere in public so
you can then go to those playful or more serious lines at the end of the day. Mark: Beautiful. Thank you for watching. Hey, don’t forget to join the Facebook group. Jermia is in there. Brett is in there. My amazing master coaches. I’m in there too when I’m not spending time
answering the comments on here. We’ve got a whole community going in there. It’s amazing. You guys are doing the most amazing job in
there. Yeah, these guys are great. Don’t forget to hit that like button on the
video, the big red subscribe button with the little bell as well so you get the notifications. Leave your comment question below. We’ll answer it in the next few weeks and
thank you again. We’ll see you next week. Jermia: Bye! [Music]

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