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How to log your work time in a timesheet

October 7, 2019

This is Clockify,
an online timesheet app that lets your team
log their work hours. It’s super simple and quick. All you need to do is log in, select what you’ve worked on, and enter the time in the correct date column, and you’re done! At the bottom,
you can see how much time you’ve logged each day and in total
for the whole week. Here you can navigate to other weeks. When a new weeks starts, you can quickly load the activities
from last week and just fill in the time. In addition to work hours, your team can also
log their paid time off, vacations, unpaid leaves, breaks, or whatever else you need. In addition to the timesheet, you can also use a time tracker. There, you can track time using a timer or add additional information to time logs. You can mark time as billable, specify start and end times, and
add notes and tags, which can be very useful. For example, you can add
an “overtime” tag to a time log and later see
everyone’s overtime. This brings us to Reports. As soon as someone logs time, you’ll see it in Reports. Summary Report lets you see time broken down by activity, user, and other criteria, as well as
time period like, day, week, and month. If you just want to see time that matches a certain criteria, you can use filters. Next, you can share reports with others. You can download the report in Excel or PDF, or save it and share
a link with others, like accounting,
HR, clients, and so on. There’s also the Weekly Report, which lets you see time broken down
by each day of the week like in a timesheet, and the Detailed Report, where you can see all your team’s individual time entries. If an entry needs fixing, you can edit it there directly. Once all timesheets are in order, you can lock them. Once locked,
all time is considered approved and no further changes can be made. You can use Clockify in a browser, or install it on your phone or computer. That way, you can log time from anywhere and access
all your records no matter
what device you use.

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